Need suggestions as I am in a dilemma

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 26-01-10 16:45:16

I am a mature male (now 34) who came to study at Centennial college for a one year marketing Certificate program in April 08.

After finishing my Certificate in Dec 08 got one year graduate work permit and did odd Jobs till June 09, and after June was doing a desk job/ contract /salary CAD1520/- .........till today (fired/mutual).

My reason to post here is because i am in a dilemma,

1)I did not file for PR yet,

2)My graduate work permit work visa expires on March 22nd 2010.

and I was just stupid

Now options for me,

1) go back to Centennial college for one year get visa then file then wait and study something which hardy gets any job.

2) Go to University enroll my self for a degree as an international student thinking of CGA/CMA
3)Go west to Saskatchewan / easy province (dont have anybody there ) look for a job as work visa extension and filing time is less.

4) Go back to India

Poll lines are open please comment

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Hope you are doing good.
I personally feel you should apply for a short term course and in the mean while look for a job at the same time apply for your PR.
CMA is a good thing but you have to be patient enough when looking for a job. Market is coming up now but still is not at its best. However good luck.

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all these student visa scams eventually catch and u have to go back..

why not go back now, apply for PR and come back..

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I think you should apply for Work permit renewal with a reference from your
current employer or open work permit.These days it might be tough to get permit becasue preference they are giving to citizens first but there is no harm in apply.
These days waiting period is 90 days for renewal and I think you still have some time.

Call CIC customer service and get their advice.

Good Luck,

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