Has anyone done MBA in Canada

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Dear CD Members, i wish to know if anyone has done MBA from a Canadian University, and how was the experience, is it worth to do MBA here in Canada.

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few students are doing PG in global enterprenuership and marketing management from Humber college, lakeshore. If you wish you can get in touch with them.

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Doing a MBA from a Business School is not a golden ticket to a successful career in Canada. Your past experience, education and the specific industry will be the major determinants of what kind of career you will have post MBA qualification.

A few months back, I was interviewing candidates for a junior level position which paid around 50-60K and had 4 Richard Ivey Graduates applying for that. Now, Richard Ivey is ranked as the top B-Scool in Canada and it costs close to $60 K in tuition. All of them were white,Canadian born and educated with 5-6 years of solid work experience. One person had three degrees - B.Pharm from U of T, CFA and MBA Finance from Ivey.

In my previous company, a really smart desi guy who had done his BE from India and came to do MBA from Richard Ivey was lamenting that his first job post MBA was a 35K entry level position, because he did not have the relevant "Canadian"experience. The most this person was able to progress to was a 60K job (compared to the 100K plus jobs that you keep on hearing in the media) and ultimately got married to someone from the US and left Canada.

Not to discourage you, but this is the level of competition you will face in the market today and the ground reality of the job environment.

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