Pseudo secularism at work in India

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Case 1:

In India either giving dowry or receiving dowry is wrong/illegal and is punishable under the law.

How come Mr.Shaob gave INR 61 Lakhs + car to Ms.Sania during the marriage. They call it as Meher while I call it as a dowry.

When men and women are equal, why should the guy pay to get married ?.

Case 2:

The tamilnadu government's official symbol is the rajagopuram of the Srivilliputtur temple since independence.

As a few converted christians said as a secular country the tamilnadu government's seal should not carry a hindu symbol and now it is going to be changed to Thiruvalluvar's picture who himself is being debated as a christian convert during 50 AD.
Now there is a whole game going in Tamilnadu as to who will get the tender for the new visiting cards, stationary and other printing orders with the new symbol.

My question is why do you look at a symbol as a religious symbol but could be looked at as an architectural marvel.

If so should I start looking at Taj Mahal as an Islamic religious symbol than an architectural marvel?.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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Mehar is no dowry. In fact its meaning is "Bride Price".In the anthropological literature, bride price has often been explained in market terms, as payment made in exchange for the bride's family's loss of her labor and fertility within her kin group. The agreed bride price is generally intended to reflect the perceived value of the girl or young woman.

In fact marriage in Muslim is a contract like any other contract we do to buy house, land, car etc. Nikha is a contract and Mehar is a sort of earnest money to establlish sexual relationship. If mehar is not paid that Nikah becomes Halal/ Batil. Like in contract - consideration can be fully paid or part paid similarly Mehar can also be part paid. Mehar is to be paid in case of divorce. Ayesha Sidqui was paid mehar of Rs 15000/- at the time of talaq. It cant be suggested at this stage that Sohab Malik paid Rs 61 Lakh as Mehar. This amount will be paid on talak to Sania Mirza. and My the if it is Paki currency it would be less than half. So Mehar is contract money/ earnest money and cant be banned.

Marriage of Hindus, Silks, Christian are Sacrament. It takes place in temples/ church/ Gurdwara and muslim marriage is not held in mosque, cause it is a contract and like any contract it can take place in any place. Like in contract acceptance is must so in muslim marriage Kazi ask the girl - kabul and tells her the terms and conditions of Nikah.


Mut’ah marriage means that a man marries a woman and specifies how long the marriage will last, for example five days, or two months, or half a year, or many years.

The beginning and end of the marriage are specified, and he pays her a small mahr, and after the specified time is over, the woman exits the marriage.

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