construction cost of the house in India

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I was wondering what will be the construction cost of a house in India with roughly the same design as a typical detached house here say around 2000-2500 sq ft..

Is there any good sites where you can input area and it will give some information.

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Location in India ?.

In Kerala sand for construction is not available and has to be smuggled from Tamilnadu.

Do you want mosaic floor or marble floor?.

Do you want teak wood doors and windows or want to use fabricated metal windows?.

It is anywhere from from INR 2000 per SQFT to Rs.5000 per SQFT in major metros if you own the land.

Best bet is to find a construction company and give them a contract for the whole lot after finalizing the specifications to fine detail and fixing the square feet rate.

If NOT please take about 5 years off your life. When the RCC cement is being mixed to pour the roof there will be rain. When you have organized everything to do the wall there will be a major hartal or bandh and the shop were you have to pick up cement will be shuttered down.

My 2 cents after constructing 3 homes and 2 apartments in Chennai, Bangaluru and Mumbai stay away from direct outsourcing as there many a ifs and buts.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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