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We are moving to Ontario and wanted to know good place to live around Waterloo / Kitchener area, due to project work.

Can someone suggest a good place to live? Is it recommended to live in / around Waterloo, or to commute from nearest city (Milton / Missisuaga?).

Key criterias:

1. Good elementary / middle school district
2. Good Rental apartment availability.
3. Desi community and grocery store accessible, if possible..

Any suggestion will be of great help!

Thank you in advance..

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I lived in Kitchener Waterloo for 3 years .. now I live in Milton.

You can live anywhere in Kitchener Waterloo .. its all safe .. schools are good all over from what I know. Only thing is that few indians there, so there are around 6 okish Indian restaurants and 3 Indian grocery stores. However distances are not large .. you can drive to any grocery store and be there in 30 mins.

Its a nice place, very green, lots of nature. The only thing is you will miss Desi/indian stuff, so you may have to do the 1 hour drive to Mississauga for good Indian restaurants and Indian movie halls.

You can live in Milton, but doing the drive to Waterloo every day won't be easy and will cost gas money. I think your first step if you are migrating to Canada is to live near your workplace. Milton has only 2 average Indian restaurants and 2 Indian grocery stores, but lots of Indians living here. Only plus side of Milton is everything is near and you can be in Mississauga in 30 mins.

But again do you want to live in Milton and do a 1 hour drive to work everyday, or then live in Waterloo and do a 1 hour drive to Mississauga on some weekends?

Feel free to ask me more.

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of you can live in Guelph. Rent for 1 year in the area you want to settle in, it will give you a good idea about the neighbourhood, schools, tim/cost of commute etc...

Live and Let Live

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why would one live in Guelph? He is looking for Desi community and desi stores. K-W is far far better than Guelph in those regards.

The only reason I can thing of living In Guelph (when your work is in KW) maybe for lower rent, or a slightly greener/more peaceful town, but for lower rent just move to a little outside waterloo.

OP - K-W may be considered a deadish kind of city, but Guelph is definitely a dead town :). Don't go to Guelph.

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Thank you Wall-E & Chitteesh,

I am sure, this info will help me a lot..

Also, any website where to look for rental apartments & publich school with ratings in K-W & Milton areas?

Happy Spring!

Best Regards,


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Hi there,

You could find apartments ( if that is what you are looking for) by just google.
We stayed at drewlo holdings apartment for 1.5 years. About $1000 with washer/dryer inhouse, utilities paid and AC- 2 bedroom apartment. + parking underground included. The apartment I am talking is on Wilson ave @ fairway road, Kitchener. People travelling all the way till waterloo find it easy since you are close to hwy 7/8 and the mall. This building most of times has vacancy

This was almost new tower then.There are similar apartments all across the town, with a few plus or minus features and with a few $100 more. Best would be to grab a renters book at one of those boxes at gas station or bus stop to see best pricing with what options you would like to have.

Yes there are apartments with muct low rent across the town.

Schooling wise, it depends on age of kids. If you search on charcha you might find a website which profiles all the schools across Ontario and ranks them. There are atleast 3 to 4 new schools in outskirts of K-w in last few years, which have been very good for younger kids.

We do have a lot of Indian families here but mostly grouped depending on which part of India you come from..From what I have see this s usually true anywhere in Canada.

If you want a quite, less traffic, peaceful but still closer to Toronto this might be a place to be. There are a lot of job opportunities all the time for technical people here.

Email here if you need more info.

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Thank you so much sm1981, for the prompt reply.
I think, this will be very useful, as I plan my move to K-W area. I will definitely contact you again, if I need any additional information.

Best Regards,


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