Which atta do u use?

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Swarna Atta is the best... it is 100% whole wheat and no maida in it. Super easy to make and soft roti's as well. Also you get a 10 lbs bag for 5.99 only here in Vancouver.

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Originally posted by ThisisJK

Swarna Atta is the best... it is 100% whole wheat and no maida in it. Super easy to make and soft roti's as well. Also you get a 10 lbs bag for 5.99 only here in Vancouver.

I remember the 22lb bags used to be $5.99 a few years ago. Then it became 20lbs and later $12.99

Oops.. I just went off-topic... ;)

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I use SHAKTI Atta, contains Whole Wheat + Soya Flour (found this combination very healthy) & Price for 22lbs (10kg) is $9.99 at Costco..

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I have been using several atta's here in India and recently I have tried organic atta also here in Delhi. Chappatis were fine and soft if you eat asap but will be very dry once kept for long. So, what I could make out that if you atta is a whole wheat atta or an organic atta, it will make your chapatis little dry and chapatis made out of this will be difficult to consume next day. Atta with mixture of maida or something else always keeps your chapatis soft.

I also remember eating chapatis at my grandparents house in Punjab long time back when I was kid, chapatis used to be little dry.

So, it is you who has to decide if you want to eat whole wheat atta or atta mixed with maida or something else.


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I use Patel's chakki atta. It is not cheap but it is bhalia special quality and whole wheat.

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I think all 'chakki attas' available in Canada are mixed with maida, so it is better to use Shakti brand(red packing only) which is mixed with soyabin flour as mentioned by Ashedfc. It is little bit expensive around 12 to 13 dollars per 20 LB pack.
However, if you want a cheaper and healthier option you can also add one table spoon of besan and one tbsp of wheatbran to any branded whole wheat flour before making a dough for roti or chapati. This is suggested by a registered dietician. This is very useful as it includes protein, dietary fiber and other lots of nutrients which is good for overall health.

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I was looking for the 'knead flour' keywords and this thread came up .. The last post is very interesting and makes sense to mix bran in the flour while kneading ..

Not sure if the flour recommended a few posts above (Shakti) is available @ Costco anymore but I came across a brand which sells stone ground whole wheat atta -- ADM and it would be in a brown inconspicuous bag ..

Whole wheat is better than All Purpose and Stone Ground Whole Wheat is better than whole wheat ...just in case people are interested to know or check out.


( Though unrelated and from another thread , it was interesting to note that using boiling water while kneading as well as adding some oil keeps the rotis eatable for the next few days )


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