Detail of Family members in PR application

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-05-04 00:18:33

Hi Everyone,
In page 2 of PR application form I need to fill the "Details of Family members"
and photo for each.

my question:

1. Do I need to include my Parents / Sister / Brother here
it is just okay to skip this page if I'm single ( i think we need to fill only spouse and children info here but would like get confirmation from experts)

Thanks for your help

Member since: May 04
Posts: 16
Location: USA

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-05-04 18:44:20

Mr. Massood please help... I understand this is a simple question but appreciate your help on this.

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Massood Joomratty, LLB(Hons), LLM" target="_blank">Your Canadian Immigration Lawyer" rel="nofollow">LINK

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