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TORONTO, Aug. 23, 2011 /CNW/ -

The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) has introduced a new online resource to help investors better understand equity trading in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

\"IIROC's Guide to Trading on Equity Markets\\\" is an interactive education tool designed to teach investors about the mechanics and rules of trading, choosing different order types and how orders are executed.

\"One of IIROC's strategic priorities is to enhance investor confidence in Canadian financial markets. It is important for us to create tools like this general primer to help investors better understand how the markets work,\\\" says Susan Wolburgh Jenah, IIROC's President and Chief Executive Officer.

\"This web-based tool was designed to help investors make more informed decisions and it contributes to improving the financial literacy among Canadian investors.\"

The guide will benefit both new and experienced investors, investors who trade with assistance from an investment advisor and self-directed investors who trade through an online brokerage. Each of the guide's six lessons has an interactive quiz for investors to test themselves.
One risk that became apparent during last year's May 6th \\\"Flash Crash\\\" was the widespread use of \\\"Stop Loss Orders.\\\" These types of orders have been traditionally viewed as an effective way to protect investors from trading losses in a falling market. On May 6th, however, these orders contributed to some of the deepest price declines experienced as a result of investors failing to set a limit price on their stop orders. The guide therefore focuses on helping investors understand different order types and the risks associated with each of them.

Investors will also be able to learn more about:

1.Trading on different marketplaces, including stock exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs);
2.The benefits and risks of using different order types such as Market, Limit and Stop Orders;
3.How orders are executed and filled, along with the associated risks;
4.When trades may be cancelled or varied, or when a regulator will halt a stock;
5.IIROC's role and the rules that protect investors; and
6.An investor's obligations to avoid manipulative or deceptive trading, when conducting short sales, or when the investor is an insider.

IIROC's Guide to Trading on Equity Markets is available on the Investors section of the IIROC website at:


Investors can also find other valuable information such as choosing an advisor, making a complaint, options for seeking compensation as well as IIROC's regulatory role.

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Very interesting topic, well done :)

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