Hindu shaadi in a temple in the GTA

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-05-12 12:42:40

Hi. I need to get married in a temple in the GTA but don't go to temples very often (my parents are religious and insisting on this).

Can you guys please recommend a place that does quick, unfussy hindu weddings which are still 'traditional'? Phere, mangalsutra, sindoor... the whole works. I found out the Richmond Hill temple does a 15 min marriage but that is very unlikely to satisfy my dear mother. Anything more comprehensive than that would be great. I have no interest in decor, party rooms, room for 100s of guests at the pooja etc. so those things are not a consideration. Any recommendations?



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I have been to one marriage in Laxmi Narayan Temple on Morning Side. It was few year back. You can check with them.

They did it similar way as you desire. Party was outside in a banquet hall.

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Call Hindu Sabha Mandir - Gore Road.

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you think if your parents will endorse 15 minutes, instant-marriage ! convince them you can have "chutki-bhar-sindur" type marriage that can be done in few seconds ....

rest you will have all the time in your life ...for ALL YOUR IMPORTANT WORKS ,,,



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if you don't believe in all tradition, cluture and meaning of marraige as per Hindu rules, than do not spend or waste your time to do whatever you said in your post.

"unfussy hindu weddings which are still 'traditional'? Phere, mangalsutra, sindoor... the whole works"

I suggest tell your parents clearly that you do not believe in this kind of procedures and tell upfront that my Body will be present but my soul is not agreed with all this kind of procedures.

Save your money and use for your Honeymoon.......

BTW, Congrats for marriage....

2 cents from myside...

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My Marriage was done in 40 minutes that too in India without many of the relatives around. No Sehra, no ghodi, no band, no Doli, no shagun, no exchange of goods and gold, just exchange of rings, prayers , feras & kanya daan. I wore my best suite though :-) !

My parents and close relatives are very very traditional and smitten with 'what people will say' syndrome but I coerced my way through as I do not believe in many of the illogical procedures and compulsions of marriage ceremony. (no, it was not a love marriage ;-)).
My parents were surprised later that every relative came to them and praised the way marriage was done. Its been 12 happy years and still going strong...

If you do not believe in fussy procedures, do not do it because 'others' want it that way. Do the most logical thing, and be proud of it for rest of your life !!

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Absolutely, these fussy procedures are a absolute waste of money.. (rather give the same money to the newly married couple to start their married life)..

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