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Please share your experience of camping with family , overnight stays, RV renting , cottage etc.

Also any suggestion on camping grounds around GTA or bit away from it?

We been on day trips to great bend, tobelmory and most of the villages, beaches and lakes around, looking now to spend weekends away from the hussle of city life. Suggestions/experience welcome.

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Try jackson's point. No RV renting but cottages only.
Compared to India / Canada, it is not that good but it is very very affordable.
Check it out.


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I've camped with the family a few times at MacGregor provincial park near Port Elgin. About a 3 hour drive from GTA.

We've always rented a Yurt, which is a cross between your fabric tent and a proper cottage. It gives you the "camping feeling" without the trouble of setting up your own tent. It has futon style bunk beds and can sleep up to six adults I think. The Yurts rent out fast though, they open up about 6 mos. in advance and rent very quickly. Each Yurt is on a campground with a propane bbq, firepit, one car parking etc. Very self-contained

The park has a small beach, hiking a boardwalk etc - lots of fun especially if you have kids. There's a little store where you can buy firewood and other basics.

And the beach nearby in Port Elgin makes for a great day trip. There's other attractions around there too. A 2 night stay has been sufficient for us.

The best part? Looking out at the night sky late when all the campfires are out. With the low light pollution it is a sight to see - great experience for both adults and kids. I would highly recommend it.

Are you there?

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Are you there?

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Last year we did camping at Killbear park. Brought a tent, chairs, propane stove and tanks, cooler box and a life jacket (wifey not a good swimmer). Walmart has a nice 6 person tent kit for 100$. We brought a 3 person tent for 2 ppl. I suggest a big 6 person tent instead of smaller ones. In night, we got a bear visit. We thought of remain calm and let it go. Our tent is quite small so we ran out and slept in car. Bear visits are quite rare.

Since camping involves overnight stay and cooking, We carry lot of things. Better to pack your car a day before and start early. Parks will be huge. Take your bikes. Canoe / Kayak rental stores are available at most of the parks. If kayaking is not an option, Walmart/Canadian tire has a small air filled 2/4 person boats.

Campground reservation are from 2pm to noon next day. You can reserve it online. For smaller groups, sites at middle of the ground are better. Corner ones are bit scary. Showers and toilets are available at most of the camp grounds.

Campfire wood should be brought at camp ground and costs around 10$. We are not supposed to bring it from outside due to pest control. 'Bearproof' ing of food is important. We didn't concealed our spicy smelly Indian food and it attracted Bear.

Killbear has many beaches. Not much crowd. We didn't cover all beaches in 2 days. Planning for Killarney this year. RVing not in my budget. I feel it a bit expensive here when compared to US. I spoke to couple of operators and they quote around 800$ for 1 week.

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Thanks guys , that is indeed a summer-full of info. !!

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