People required for TV Serial in Ontario (pls. pass it on)

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-07-12 10:14:05

Hi Santoshi,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Santoshi, please make a note that this is going to be a joint effort from everyone who would be involved in this. Once production house makes money we all are going to make at the same time. It is about 5-6 thousand to produce a 1/2 show on TV but we are not asking to invest money from anyone except their 100% commitment and hardwork in this project. Hopefully, there is definately going to be a good start for this project...

Please ask your nephew and your friend who is into documentary film making to send me their resume with their work links at



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-07-12 10:22:45

Hi Bhootnath,

Can't give you too much details but it still has not been shown/telecast so far..

Would be in English/Hindi languages, about 3 middle class working families, and their day-to-day life, a modern outlook, not typical in-laws soap type, thats all I could say..

We need people from all age group...



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-07-12 10:52:05

Thank you for your patience goodgirl, was just trying to create humor. Best wishes for your project!

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-07-12 10:56:57

Production is important; but equally important is marketing...
so you gotta lot of work to do..
Best wishes..

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 18-07-12 14:08:57

All the best. Good to know that its not a typical in-laws soap. Hope its also not like Metropia (Omni TV) where all kids of a desi family is gay.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 18-07-12 15:33:28

Thanks Ashedfc..I worked in marketing for 14 yrs, so know how imp. it is.

Pokiri -- I never liked stopped watching it a long time ago....


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 18-07-12 22:39:57

Good girl

There are a quite a few retarded baiters in this forum who have no business other than making snide comments , finding faults, making unwarranted and useless suggestions..

Best to ignore them and get on with ur work because by engaging in a discussion with these people u will just waste ur time and give them entertainment.

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