Sryia following the Libya way..

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Only difference is this time around china and russia will veto UN resolution for use of force

Russia has a naval base in Syria port city of tartus and hence it may not be interested in regime change

There is an organization called 'Stop the war coalition' in Toronto

They used to routinely demonstrate against war on Iraq (which was ruled by a dictator Saddam Hussian ) and Afghanistan (ruled by another dictatorship - Taliban)

It is interesting to see none of those activists demonstrating against war on Libya or about war on Syria.

As a friend of mine once said the 'Stop the war coalition' is funded by Sunni Islamist groups .

Not sure how far its true but their silence on certain wars while speaking in support of dictatorships like Taliban makes me think whats happening to Toronto.

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"Arab spring" is a liberal hoax- nothing else. Essentially liberal media used "useful idiots" the world over and created a false impression that the regimes that replaced dictators are better. Liberal media knows that {useful idiots" have a very short memory and they are right about that. Just look at Iran. When "tyrant" Shah of Iran was thrown out, the "progressive" regime that replaced him has now turned in to a most dangerous rouge state which sponsors terrorism all over the world. So much for the "progressive" regime. Libya and Egypt are Iran of years to come. However, by that time "useful idiots" would have forgotten how they took to the streets to cheer the rise of "progressive" regimes in these countries.

Essentially Syria represents a civil war between Sunni majority and Shia rulers in Syria. Both have resorted to inhuman and barbaric means to kill each other. Picking side in such a war is as useless
as deciding to commit suicide by a bullet in head or a consuming poison.

It is far better to watch the show from sidelines.

Note: The term "useful idiots" was the term coined by Lenin who was very contemptuous of those "progressive intellectuals" who supported him and who were the first amongst many who were liquidated by Lenin.

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Well, what ever happens outside Canada is one thing, but to see hundreds of Canadians who seem to be supporting dictatorships under the disguise of 'stop the war coalition' seems little dangerous to me.

Its not a coincidence that this 'Stop the war coalition' protests only certain wars.
Why they never organized a protest against war on Serbia and eventual break-up of Kosovo?

They seem to be supporting any war that helps spread of Sunni islamist government!!

Too sad that Canadian federal government is trying to take sides in a conflict that has no benefit for any canadians

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Only because this one has the potential to trigger World War 3... as being predicted by several reliable sources.

elmer fudd   
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Syria is (or was) a stable, a relatively modern and a multicultural(Sunnis, Shias, Alawites, Druze, Christians, Yezdis etc) country that is being ripped apart and raped by foreign interests(mainly western). Even Al-Qaida is being enlisted to help.

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