PR Application - Question around work permit dates

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-10-12 13:22:36

I am applying for my PR under CEC Category. I have been working in Toronto for the last 2 years under the same employer.
I have a concern regarding the letter my employer needs to submit confirming 2 years of employment

Here is my concern:
I was originally on a work permit for the first year. Then i switched to a new position (within the same company after one year). My employer applied for work permit in the new position and received the new work permit.
However, they moved me to the new group 1 and a half month before the new work permit was approved/issued.
This one month period was more like a transition period where i was mixing duties between the old and new group.
However, officially i did start my new position one month before the work permit was approved.

Should I state in the employment confirmation letter, that this period was a transition period? Or should i not mention anything (hoping that their attention is not drawn to the one month discrepance between start date for new position and new work permit issue date)?

Can someone please advice?

Thank you

Member since: Oct 12
Posts: 2

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-10-12 18:51:25

Can someone please help?
Thank you

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