South India will implode

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elmer fudd   
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I'll probably get slammed by board elders for raising this very important but neglected topic. South Indian population is imploding.

Considering the fact that lower birth rates lead to higher standards of living and depopulation may actually turn out to be good for the environment under current lifestyle scenario, it does not seem to be an entirely bad thing.

However, lower birthrates should be evenly spread across the country and across communities for it work effectively so that regional tensions can be avoided.

The late Bal Thakarey was not entirely wrong with the basic premise(ironically who began crusading against south Indians for low population but disproportionate economic outcomes).

Only that, his violent methods and his demagogy were unsettling. Of course, Thakaray would have invented the problem out of thin air just to further his Maratha cause. ;)

Instead, the brain dead south(add Punjab and Haryana to the mix) is choosing demographic suicide by design, possibly aided by external agencies. Remember the Club of Rome from the 60s? Population replacement rates are similar to that of a highly developed Sweden!!!!!!

All it will do is to ensure more outflow of UPites, Biharis, Northeasterners , Rajasthanis, etc into south. Just as they are quietly changing the demographic fabric of Punjab and Haryana.

Western India is barely holding on for now. Gujarat and Maharastra are at least maintaining their current population repalcement ration(2-1 or greater.

Even left wing commentators are catching on. I am not trying to be a divisive Indian clinging on to regionalism but statistics don't lie. Another important ingredient would be growth of Islamic sections of Indian population. Another demographic time bomb in the making.

A slightly chauvinistic, lefty southern commentator:

A more detailed study.

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All this is happening at a time when Indian Rupees a a currency is getting devalued.
It has reached a point where Rs 10 note has no value (I mean the purchasing power is lost). Poor (or even average working class) can't afford a normal lifestyle.

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