Supreme Court of India is corrupt

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 08-05-13 23:24:55

Normally, I do not listen to Karan Thapar as he is a Kangress stooge and a manipulator. However, this is an interesting video which clearly establishes that the Supreme court is corrupt and is accomodating even more corrupt MMS.

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We do not know about that but all of them are now going on a vacation and enjoying their holidays.

They will come back on July 2nd after the vacation and after their tooth picking will deliver the judgement on the validity of NEET i.e., Post Graduate Entrance Test conducted LAST YEAR (!!!) for admission to the various Medical Colleges all over India.

This single entrance test would have been very useful for the undergraduate students, as otherwise they would have to write nearly 40 different examinations for various hospitals/medical colleges all over India, just in a space of a few months. Each college has hardly a few dozen seats. The latter also ensured the victory of money over merit and gave opportunity to all corrupt practices by the individual institutions.

But the "private" medical colleges and "minority" institutions went to the Supreme Court that their "rights" were getting trampled. No guesses for whatever their rights are.

But the mango men do not have their right for good health and attention from meritorious professionals. Their children, the under graduate students, not being Bollywood or Kollywood VIPs, will not have their right for their case to be heard fast track.


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