Confused in regards to immigrate to canada

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I beg to differ . CIC is not the right place to report . If you wanna report TK than these are the right places :
In Toronto

In India

Originally posted by proud_cancuk

Please don’t call yourselves Canadian as I’m ashamed to associate myself with you. I’m going to ensure that CIC knows about this site and how people on this site are giving advice on how to cheat the system!! Will do everything I can do work with the authorities to block this and track so called “Canadians” who are trying to cheat my beloved country.

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Originally posted by tamilkuravan

Originally posted by proud_cancuk

“Great” and guys like you and me work our asses off and pay taxes here so they can come and free load later!!

Exactly my point. If you are a loser to work your ass off and pay taxes to that I can come and free load later, what concern is it to me?
It is your choice to stay and work your ass off + pay your tax.

Good luck to you.


Hi TK,

Your plan to come back later in life to enjoy Canadian benefits look good on paper. In reality, they are impractical to implement. It is possible to a certain extent, if you have an extended family here in Canada like Punjabis, Lebanese etc., who will act as a bridge in your absence.

Below are some problems with your plan:

1) The cost of your flying trips to Canada will render useless any cost savings you might have in terms of treatment. In addition, you need a place to stay, to recover, living logistics etc. If you don’t have a family here, it will make it even more expensive and emotionally draining.

2) If you ever plan to stay in nursing home here, be aware that they are like expensive five star hotels where you pay large amounts every month. They are not run on the free healthcare model.

3) Most importantly, being away from Canada all these years, you will find yourself lonely, friendless and alienated when you get here. In old age, one’s emotional needs take higher precedence.

4) Your plan works best only if you are living next door in USA. The cost of traveling and convenience makes it worth getting benefits in Canada.

5) Many Canadian citizens from Asia who have gone back have decided to permanently settle down in their country of origin and eventually abandon Canadian citizenship. Ask yourself, how many times have you visited Canada since you last left Canada?

6) Every year, the Canadian government is coming with news laws and rules that work against Canadian expatriates. I will not be surprised if the Gov. Rules that a person will lose their citizenship if they do not stay in Canada for certain period in a year.

The gist of the problem is, it is not as simple as catching the next flight to Toronto, clearing customs, availing benefits and going home. There are some many factors that will come into picture.


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sorry..double post

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To NewDes.

Thanks New Des.
I will ask the reception to put me in the next bed where you have been admitted and we can talk about desi 'mental'ity.


I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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The "push" and "pull" factors working on immigrants are soul destroying. What forces come into play to "push" you out of your old country? What forces attract you to "pull" you into your adopted country? Do these forces balance? Will this equation stand the test of time?

These are difficult questions to answer. So much depends on your own personality that it will be hard for anyone else to guide you. As you can see from the answers here, they give you such a wide spectrum as to be totally confusing for a newcomer.

In the end, the decision is always your own. Look hard and long into your own "soul"; if it tells you that you must go, then the call has come and the bell is tolling for you. In which case, prepare yourself thoroughly, and fare thee well! And God speed ye :)

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