Indian education system good or bad?

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I wanted to start a discussion on this topic when I first read this post from biomed,
but I did not get a chance due to work load. Also it was not wise to start a separate discussion on that thread, so I thought of starting a new thread on this topic:

My sole purpose of immigration was my son’s education, I don’t have any hesitation in accepting, that purpose has been solely defeated because of poor standard of education (schooling) in Canada.

I am very keen to know what makes many people to think that Indian education system is good.

Is it because of following reasons:

1) Higher-level courses/subjects/topic taught at lower level class as compared to foreign
2) Students bags are loaded with tons of books.
3) Teacher's teaching quality.
4) Students are loaded with home works and never get a chance to develop other skills
5) What about the donations which you have to pay.
6) what about the extra cost and effort required for IIT,Medical entrance exams.

Few questions to answer:

1) What about kids balanced development and extra curricular activities.
2) Student having intelligence by birth does well and becomes all-rounder.
What about the student with average IQ? Does the education system help
to increase the IQ level?
3) The average students depressed and finally crashed by the education system

There are lots of difference in India itself if you will see the different boards like State Boards,ICSC,CBSE etc.

May be the developed countries education system has been designed to develop their new generation in a balanced way. Even if we feed that the education level is not good at lower leve, but the higher level education are good in America.

If you see the latest ratings then you will find that most of the universities under worlds top 20 are Americans.

We in India don’t have even single college under world’s top 20, except IISC. I feel that our kids will have more options, they can study in America, Canada or even India which will be bit difficult and expensive from being in India.


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Weve talked a bit about this...the others can speak for themselves but Anilkg's, BL's and my views on the subject are in this thread(scroll to the bottom of the page).

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