Housing apartheid ?

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Recently an advertisement for house in Bombay has created a huge outcry in media because it said that "No Muslim".

As usual, IBN-CNN beat up BJP. One consistent problem with BJP spokepersons is that they cannot speak fluent English nor with confidence. Lol!

I attach the video link.


What do you think about the case?

I certainly believe that a person or group of persons have right to form their own community and admit or deny admission on basis of certain traits or characteristics or religion. For example,

I may not like to live with gay people or people practicing a certain faith or an atheist. The right to individual liberty cannot be abridged. Housing is private space and I do not want anyone to encroach upon my rights or rights of like minded people. For example, if a group of certain like minded people form a housing society and declare that we would not sell house to a person of Indian origin, I would not mind it at all so long as they are explicit and open about their conviction and make it known publicly.

Housing is not the same thing as making services and goods available to public. Nor is that discriminatory so long as options are available to the person excluded. For example, if it is decided that no person of Indian origin can stay in GTA, it would be discriminatory but making it unavailable in a housing colony is not.

On the other hand, there are "social engineers" who wants to change the society and make it "liberal". One great moron V.P. Singh had advocated that Brahmin girl must be married off to a Dalit boy !

In my opinion the issue is not black and white. What is your opinion?

By the way, I lol the way Sagrika Ghose beat the shit out of BJP guy.

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I personally don't believe in keeping people out of housing. However, In India there are special circumstances. For example, Jain community would like to maintain strict vegetarian policy in neighbourhoods they dominate/run. I don't judge or begrudge people who choose to be selective of their tenants.

On the other hand, the landlord was being a complete a$$hole. Lazy idiots like these can be more subtle in enforcing requirements like these without blaring them out in ads or putting discretion to the wind and speaking brazenly to strangers about it.

What prevents him from politely refusing to take in prospective tenants that he does not have preference for? All he has to say is "I'll think about it and get back to you". Apparently, that's too much work for this jackass.

Don't be surprised if current govt brings out new laws with Moslem/SC/ST/OBC quotas in allocation of units in rental properties along with rent controls. Next step, forced inter-cast marriages.

Congress bas--rds are capable of this. I am distrustful of politicians of all stripes, but the liberals(Congresswallas, Lalus, Mulayams, BSPwallas)--there is special rung in hell reserved for them.

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