What is Section 377?

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How many rights can a human being can have?

As of now we have come to read about individual rights, personal rights, democratic rights, human rights. We might have missed on a few more. This is in addition to freedom of expression, freedom of choice etc. etc.

This we have come to know ever since Supreme Court upheld Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Dating back to 1861, and introduced during the British rule of India, 377 criminalises sexual activities "against the order of nature". The Supreme Court on Wednesday pronounced its verdict on a bunch of petitions challenging the Delhi High Court judgement decriminalising gay sex among consenting adults in private.

We really are not legal eagles, but the learned judges of the Supreme Court definitely are. Can shouting and sloganeering replace trials and verdicts. Don’t The Judges have any other worse job to do for they have been accused of peeping into the bedroom of people from LGBT community. To most of us, whether that community likes it or not, we have to reveal that we get a sense of fear and of revulsion bordering on panic whenever we happen to see them even in public and crowded places.

Likely that the more advanced or progressive in society, if not now, a few decades later may wish to sleep with their pet dogs, cats and chameleons. They may again want to abuse the Supreme Court Judges if they murmur against the same. The intellectuals and the activists amongst us do not get the same recognition as the Supreme Court Judges regarding their scholarship, IQ, genius etc. They do not want to miss this opportunity for getting media bytes.

The Main Stream Media seems to be entirely filled with people from that community, considering the kind of support drummed up for them. Incidentally, most of our anchors and news readers already look similar to those people. They do not have to overdo and overact on their sympathies to prove the same.

And finally, in a country of 1.2 billion, for at least 1.19 billion there are real issues regarding their own survival like poverty, price rise etc. This 1.19 feel what is against nature must be avoided and definitely never be celebrated, which precisely the MSM and LGBT seems to want.


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