Rented Apartment - Advise Required

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-06-04 11:21:02

Orginally posted by beautysalon
how can u get out of the renewal without penalty (ie. paying for the rest of the lease)?

You're right. In strict legal terms you can't.
Orginally posted by beautysalonbtw, doesn't the "minimize the person's losses" clause apply to the landlord not the renter, ie. minimize the landlord's losses?
You question is not clear. The "minimize the person's losses" clause applies to either party, but depends on who has "breached" the agreement. The person that is entitled to claim(in this case the landlord) has the responsibility of making efforts to minimize the loss. What it means to say is, the breaching of the agreement should not be taken as a situation where the party who is entitled to claim(the adversely affected party) can sit back and do nothing accept file and fight for claim. He has to make genuine and reasonable attempts at minimizing losses. If however, despite those efforts he is not able to reduce his losses, then of course the person who has breached the agreement is eventually liable to compensate the damages.


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Thanks for all the views on this matter. My apologies for posting a late reply. After I moved out the property owner sent me a letter saying I am responsible for rent till April 2005. I wrote a reply saying that I ahd lived in the same apartment for over two years and because I was to accept a position outside of Toronto I had to move and I also cited some rules etc. There has been no reply from the landlord since end July. I presume the matter is settled. Thanks for all desis who sent in their views.

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