Travel became very unsafe in India

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yes...imagine the amount of people being transported daily by those trains in of the biggest network on the world...

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Travelling in India by train is really a great fun.

Unfortunately, they are making it less fun by not investing / using technology for passenger's safety.

The compartments are very poorly designed long back and they never really made any changes. People can't get out easily in emergency situation. Leave alone emergency exits. People can't even get out from windows as they are fitted with iron bars for so called security.

A subway train in Canada has a better emergency exit system than a long distance trains in India. Same applies to Buses.

As TK rightly suggested, if we travel by train in India .... we need to avoid AC compartments which will become death chambers if some thing goes wrong. Day time journey is best also will be fun.

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Originally posted by Gurram

Recent accidents .....

*Five killed as Mumbai-Dehradun Express catches fire in Thane
* Nanded-Bangalore express catches fire in Andhra, 26 killed
* Forty-five passengers killed in blaze after fuel tank caught alight on road between Bengaluru and Hyderabad

I will be scared to travel locally during my next visit to India.

he he he ...... better you should not travel at all . Why are you so scared ? You should not worry about the things which are not in your control . Of course you can take extra precautions and care to be on safer side but don't be scared of all the negative happens in the world / India. Recently I went to india , I took rental car without driver and drive this car by myself for a month .I drive on highways , in big cities in small towns and in villages . Of course you should change your driving habits . In India you must look at all sides and drive as traffic sense in india is zero. I never face any problem in traffic.
About railway it is safest journey in india . I travelled in trains since I was a child and enjoyed the journey . Travelling in second class is a great experience , It is good place for public interaction . When my child grown up sure I will let him to travel in train to know India.

Now a days Kejriwal is a hot topic in CD .. I don't support Kejri as he is congi agent but I like his one statement while refusing to accept security cover ... He said that No body can touch you before your time and no body can save you when your time ends .
So don't be scared and enjoy your life.........

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