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SWAGAT- functional from the year 2003 is an innovative concept that enables direct communication between the citizens and the Chief Minister. In Gandhinagar, the fourth Thursday of every month is a SWAGAT day wherein the highest office in administration attends to the grievances of the common man.

SWAGAT – The online grievance redressal system helps common people to seek redressal of their pending grievances once a month. There is a three-tier grievance redress system in Gujarat: Taluka, District and State level. All grievances are reviewed by the Chief Minister himself. The review is done based on the problems solved and not on the petition disposed.

Overview: During the session

Grievances are logged in, transmitted and made available online to the officers concerned who have to reply within 3 to 4 hours.

The departments concerned then have to be ready with the replies, before 3 p.m., when the Chief Minister holds video conference with all the districts concerned.

Applicants are called one by one and the chief minister examines each complaint in detail.

The information sent by the department is also reviewed online in the presence of the complainant and the Collector/District Development Officer/Superintendent of Police and other officials concerned.

Attempts are made to offer a fair and acceptable solution on the same day and no applicant has ever left without any firm reply to his grievance.

SWAGAT relies on ICT Infrastructure, particularly the Gujarat State Wide Network GSWAN, which was commissioned in 2001. It connects the Central State Secretariat with all central ministries and departments, with all 25 district headquarters (the second tier of state government), with hundreds of district-level offices, and with all 225 taluka headquarters (the third tier of state government). A relatively simple intranet-based application was developed in order to administer and manage the SWAGAT cases.

Gujarat Chief Minister extended the SWAGAT program up to village level in the name of GRAM SWAGAT on 1st February 2011. Swagat Online program going rural has helped the rural people living even in remotest corner of the state get their problems solved quickly.

Shri Narendra Modi says, “The real test of good governance is its grievance redressal system. That should be at the root of any democratic system that people should not only be able to voice their problems freely but also get their problems solved quickly.”

Hurat Honani Murat!

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Funny just yesterday the mods were lecturing about "advertising" by "a" political party and a day later the mods themselves are "advertising" ......

I am not in touch with the political scene in India but going by the response of the mods, it looks like AAP has really rattled BJP ..... of course mods have left no doubt where they stand ....

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Originally posted by puttoo

Funny just yesterday the mods were lecturing about "advertising" by "a" political party and a day later the mods themselves are "advertising" ......

I am not in touch with the political scene in India but going by the response of the mods, it looks like AAP has really rattled BJP ..... of course mods have left no doubt where they stand ....

Lol! This Kejri troll cannot differentiation between promotion and achievements. No wonder AAP trolls live in permanent fantasy.

Swagat is operating since 2003. Kejri, after his failed Darbar, has now adopted the similar model. THAT is fact.

Kejri making claims that he slashed power charges by providing subsidy is promotion. Any stupid could have done that. For example, Diggy the piggy would have done it with more élan.

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The moderator is a hard core fan of BJP.'And his stand is totally unacceptable.

This is what you can expect from BJP and their supporters. Selective, Be selective in their approach, pick and choose. First pick some negatives from other side, beat them ,once done then you are the king, do what you want to do.No body will question you for few generation.

Congress has lot of negatives, but between the two congress looks angel.Yeddy proved in Karnataka, They cannot be open about a debate with AAP. Ban the thread on flimsly ground, then ban people on various grounds. simply because they can.No moral compass necessary

Before I get banned, let me explain my personal views. During 1977 emergency we strongly opposed congress, we too were a part of various protest,some of my friends who later got into BJP, I see them today doing well in business thanks to political contacts and some of them admit there is no difference between congress and BJP.

AAP is a revolution, It only shows how much people are frustrated, however people needs to give them some time before jumping into conclusions. Regarding AAP's freebies, sometime its necessary to get the support of the masses. In a way that too is corruption, but as long as AAP does not go BJP and congress way, and sincerely towards its end goal, everything is fine.

Finally mature political parties should stop capitalizing on race, religion,colour etc. Only issues should matter, that being said one law for all

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Without going into the discussions of a post being pormotional or who is posting, The motive and the idea behind the SWAGAT online redressal grievances of common man should be welcomed. its a Noble cause and every govt , every state should implement such a system. AAP has recently learnt a lesson of such kind and have realised SWAGAT like system more effective than janta darbar.

Such promotions (or even advertisements) should be welcome in any forum because the intent matters more than any other frill. It brought something good into limelight.

For me a promotion or advertisement is where there is only personal gain of the poster. All other posts related to common well being/ public's good interest and wellfare should be 'promoted' to be posted.

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