Should Delhi Police be under Delhi Government?

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-01-14 01:32:29

Wish Nightmare speedy recovery and good health.

Regarding Khejriwal's ongoing Dharna outside Home Minister Shinde's office, his methods may be wrong but he certainly has some genuine issues.

Ever since he vetoed FDI in retail inside Delhi, he got himself on the cross-wires of vested interests who wants AAP government to be shot by people like Arrogant Goswami.

Firstly, Congress sabotaged the Delhi government by asking the Police to disobey and disrespect the state's elected representatives.

Now Anand Sharma overrules the state government saying that FDI cannot be turned away.

Delhi can as well come under the central government and treated as a Municipal Corporation.

Another issue is the influx of foreign nationals, residing in groups and indulging in criminal activities. First it happened in Goa, now in Delhi. Thiruppur a bustling industrial town in TN like Surat is another hotbed for shadow activities by Nigerian nationals waiting to explode. It is said the local police and administration are afraid to talk to them, let alone take action, because of the money power, diplomatic clout and mafia power they enjoy. In each case the locals have to bear the brunt and keep silent.

Our government is afraid that there will be backlash on our expatriates, lacs of whom have gone to these African countries to work there as teachers, engineers, office or hospital staff.

Isn't there a distinction between such peace loving people working to improve the economies of these countries and their own countrymen coming here without any purpose, roaming around in groups and threatening the locals.

It was one such group that the Delhi Law Minister had decided to fight against, but with no support from the local police. Therefore, AAP is only right in demanding action against them.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-01-14 02:41:12

Originally posted by Nightmare

I am schedule to undergo a very major surgery next Monday. I have been told that it is a very serious surgery and there is a risk to my life too due to multiple complicated issues. I would be convalescing for at least a couple of weeks and would not be posting on this thread. Some of the CD members would certainly wish that I never come back. Lol! However, it is God’s wish. Thanks for your words of advice.

I wish you good luck for your surgery. I am sure you'll come back successfully.

All the very best, again. Have a quick and speedy recovery.

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Wish Nigtmare Good luck in his surgery !

Translation of :
Kuddukura Kasukku kolaichithan Aganum

For the money that you take, you are required to bark ! which means that for the fame that you have got, you have to show your gratitude by barking, at the least !

Peace by Murali

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-01-14 09:34:43

Any govt in the central loves to have control over the Delhi police for obvious reasons. Delhi has thousands of foreigners including Afghans, Ugandans,Nigerians, Russians, etc, whether legal or illegal. Hafta to the police is the thing so that they look the other way from the illegal activities. People in the area had written to police number of times complaining about illegal activities, no action was taken. May be due to Hafta. Probably the money may go all the way to the top. Who does not want easy money?

If NDA comes into power, will they let Delhi police come under Delhi govt? Let's see what they do if they come to power. Modi has not uttered a word in this regard.

Also anything happens in Delhi, the Metro train stations are shut. This is too much, like the emergency we had in 1975-77. AK is right in asking for explanation from the Metro officials for the reason to shut down the stations.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-01-14 10:28:15

This is the exact reason the capitals are not in the large cities. Any such local and stupid government could ruin the image of entire country. The number of incidents happening are glorified just because of being a capital. Those messages spread across the world and so it does impact India's image.

Let Kejri suggest that the Capital should be moved to Daulatabad. Of course next day he can take an U-Turn.

Hurat Honani Murat!

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-01-14 11:55:18

But all cities have governance of local Police be it Toronto ,Ottawa or Mumbai . Because at the first line it is the local Govt's responsibility for maintaining law & order .

What AK is asking for is very valid and he is not the 1st to ask this was Shiela Dixit before him who had faced the same debacle and asked for the same .

What AK is doing is great ... he & his supporters braving all the weather & other odds against them are fighting for something which is very much due to Delhites ... law and order ...

Ridiculous are the reactions of other party leaders - They are criticizing him for bad governance , anarchy and other reasons and not stating the very obvious - there is a law and order problem in Delhi and it cannot be resolved till Delhi Police comes under its governance.

I think it is a brave good move which should be supported by Delhites as it is for them he appears to be fighting for. Highlighting the de lineation between Delhi Govt & Delhi Police the general public can understand who is to blame when law & order breaks...

And what is Delhi Police / MHA doing ... preventing people from reaching the venue so that voice of the public may not be heard ...typical Congress policy ....


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-01-14 11:57:51

Originally posted by Surti
Those messages spread across the world and so it does impact India's image.

India's image -- is it not impacted when the news of rapes in Delhi are flashed across International newspapers ??? ..


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