Confusion regarding NOC 4011 (University Professors and Lecturers)

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Originally posted by scanada

thanks for the reply senior desi..
i have 3 years teaching experience and my college is approved by university and students here are awarded university degrees.. please guide further


Consultants are really good and they get better when you pay them their fees. We not only give you the proper directions, we will provide you with the avenues to follow.

AND I know you want more help to get things started and rolling for you. Just for this I have established a contact for all of us here at an IMIIGRANT HELP CENTER in Mississauga, who will help you print out the forms and help you fill them out and will give you all of the fees and formalities required and the procedures to follow, with approximate times and then move on further, ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE TIME TO MEET WITH HIM !THEM at that location during the normal office working hours.

The location is at DIXIE and BURNHAMTHORPE and the contact name is :
Mr.Praveen Kalra.
Dixie Bloor Neighbour Centre,
1420 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East, Suite 315, in
Mississauga. ONT.
For details, please contact, DBNC at 905-629-1873 Extn 244

Good Luck.


The link provided takes you to a different location, but close by, so, scroll through to 1420 burnhamthorpe.

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