How many suitcases one need to carry for such large amount?

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-10-14 20:00:13

Originally posted by Nightmare

However, I urge CD members who are sincere in understanding intricate international tax and banking laws and how the international finance takes place, they should talk to a lawyer or CA, if they do not have expertise.

I hope in the end India gets some money back.

So a simple question .... did Modi G know about these "intricate" "international" "laws" before or was he became aware after he became the prime minister.

Because he was "thundering" a few months back that each and every "poor" indian will get 15-20 lakhs just like that ..... ..... Modi's own voice

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Finally the name list is itself a diversionary tactic. When any crime is committed, the first thing done by the local police is to line up some of the suspects involved, remove their dress to the minimum and make them squat on the floor at the local police station.

Instead of us the victims going after the wealth, the entire wealth will find its way back by itself. It is the responsibility of those who took it outside to bring it back. Otherwise, they are unfit to be our citizens and thrown to the seas.

If Modi is the great leader he is touted to be, he must do the same with the illegal wealth mafia


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Modi G must on an emergency basis take steps to neck out the Chidambaram in his Cabinet. Like Chidambaram, Jaitley is a Supreme Court lawyer, lives in Delhi for decades, cannot win an election on his own, have an anti-people bias,but always takes the Raja Sabha route.

Jaitley's recent decision not to join the 51 countries in unearthing illegal wealth is another feather in his cap. In a week of demoralising SC action against the money bags, the BJP government assured them, as a symbolic gesture that it is always with them and as much anti-people like UPA by raising the LPG cooking gas prices by about five rupees.

For all the 18 hours a day hard work Modi would do bring good name to his party and for the development of the nation, Jaitley a mole of the money bags, would hijack the same for the benefit of those patronising him.

Like a Harish Salve, who is a sworn in do-gooder for the corporate bigwigs, Jaitley too could have taken the lawyer route. May be he is not that good an advocate, but as a politician, he is doing immense harm to the people of the country by his not unearthing illegal money stashed abroad, but in reality helping to bury it still further deep.

In no time BJP is going to take the UPA route, their ministers and bureaucrats, revel in corrption emboldened by the fact that all corruption money will be their keeps for ever.

Ultimately the BJP's good name is gone forever and along with that people's hopes.


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Modi's speech in All India Radio
Yesterday in his speech from AIR, Modi has promised the people that he would bring back every paisa of the money stashed away abroad. Given the simple life style of Modi and his immediate family members we do wish to believe him. But we are not sure whether his Finance Minister also share his intentions. When people who did the 2G, Coalgate and other scams or NPAs through PSBs are confident and are guaranteed to get away, only more such scams will be perpetrated and there will be no real development for India but which is Modi's main agenda.


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What BJP has a power to do. Would they - a million dollar question:

1. Make their MPs more accountable in their day to day dealings.
2. Make Bureaucrats more accountable, and ensure things get done without a single bribe money. No bribes, paybacks from Corporations, no black money accumulation. Things will thus get done in a record time and as per the book under constitutional rules/regulations.
3. Axe MPs that have criminal backgrounds - announce by polls with clean candidates in these constituencies.
4. Having done all of the above, make/amend laws that severely punish officials/MPs that are caught with bribes/cutbacks/paybacks.
5. Computerization of all Govt. records, digitization of archives, and a queue system for a general public.
6. Status update of individual public concerns and requests - online and via. snail mail (for those don't have access to internet).
7. Conduct top-notch training for public officials in terms of providing quality customer service and their day-to-day activities.
8. Aggressive Police reforms.
9. Open quality educational institutes/schools in rural India as well as provide clean amenities to village folks. Make English compulsory right from KG.
10. Spearhead a top level committee of highly efficient Ministers/Bureaucrats to foresee and grant infrastructure projects. Make them accountable and keep it clean of any influences. Involve CAG right from the go.
11. Make sure all Govt. employees/Public officials come and leave office on time.

What BJP doesn't have power to do:
1. Control international pricing/rate structure of goods and commodities.
2. Bring back black money - I admit they do have a power, but requires an intent that's lacking.
3. Punish corrupts, scamsters from UPA era. They won't do it as it's 'quid pro quo'. BJP needs to secure their future too, in case UPA miraculously (I doubt) does a come back in 10-15 years.
4. Keep RSS at bay. Tame the right wingers - VHP, RSS, BD, and their ilk.

So, it's doable but requires intent and a larger than life Gut.

On another note, here's an article in The Hindu that rightfully reflects my emotions on the 'Swatcch Bharat Abhiyaan', and its mere shoshabaaji, without a concrete steps to how it can be achieved institutionally:

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Regarding Swachh-Bharat scheme of Modi, think that the media is stretching it too far.

Modi is right when he first wants a cleaner clutter free environment, which is first of the Japanese 5S. Nothing more, nothing less. Instead of just telling the people, he had himself taken the broom and demonstrated. For a Prime Mininster, we must admit that he did a very good job of sweeping the road unlike other celebrities who did it only for the sake of a photo session. But Modi can do only that much. It is for the people to take the cue for their own betterment.

As rightly mentioned in the Hindu article, people keep their own property clean and well protected. When it comes to a facility which they must share with others, they should be doubly careful. But in reality, our people are not only careless, but if possible they will not hesitate to use the public place for commercial purposes for their own profit.

For BJP or any other party to tackle the problems mentioned in items 1 to 11, the problem of illegal wealth hoarding, which creates and ensures poverty forever, must be tackled.


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The SIT set up by the government as expected by the discerning public has found no money in 289 of the over 600 accounts as per Business Line dated November 7th.

Having sat on the list for so many years, to have found some money in any of the accounts
only should have surprised Jaitley & Co.

The SIT people should have searched the account holders lockers. The a/c holders would have some rotten kcihdi or upma or dokla for the SI team.

Modi & Co need not keep cheating the people of the nation about''development''.

Development in UPA or BJP dictionary means only loot the nation's resources from the sky above to earth and below and stash the ill gotten wealth in tax havens.

In fact, the solider serving in the Siachen knows this more than anybody else. When Modi kept ranting in his winter suit about how big sacrifice the soldiers were making, the dead pan expression on the soldiers faces surrounding Modi told it all.


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