student and spouse visa at a time

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hi all

this is sandy my wife is planning to do Pd diploma 2years with co-op in lambton college Canada,
i am searching in net from last week about a proper answer. i am married can v apply for student and dependent visa at the same time i know that CIC says u can but what is success rate, some of my friends said that it is very risky like 20% chances of getting visa,
i know that there are people who got rejections for spouse visa even though their partner is in Canada on student visa. so what are the chances for both getting visa, and one more thing in my case i have traveled to uk on study permit and extended it to psw after that i applied for HSMP which was rejected so i appealed the rejection in the court, but due to personal reasons i have withdrawn the appeal case before the hearing date and came back to india. in my passport the date of arrival to india will be different to the visa expiry date. I know for sure that i haven't stayed illegally bcoz i have applead my case will that give any impact on the present case. (it was in 2010 nov)

I Know that i can apply to UK any time and they can not reject me bcoz of appealed i made but we don't want to go bcoz of the present student visa rules in uk.

so can any one please suggest me that can v apply together for Canada what will be the success rate in my case. i don't want take the risk of applying my spouse student visa first and mine later, bcoz there are chances of rejection in later period also
i also heard that VOF is not encouraging the students with spouse
i hope any one can suggest me in my case

many thanks in advance

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