Farmer suicide @ AAP Rally : Peepli Live !

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I read 3 consecutive articles today which reminded me of the political sattire 'Peepli Live'

AAP blames Delhi Police for farmer suicide.

Delhi Police & Home Ministry blame AAP supporters.

Suicide deemed as accidental fall ?

The person has lost his life and the blame game begins ... Political party and media as always are trying to make most mileage of the issue ...

Very similar to the plot in 'Peepli Live' ... Incidentally if I am not wrong the protagonist there was also a farmer !!


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Kyaa hai dastoore duniya khudaya

Marte dam tak to kisi ne na poocha

Bad marne ke mere , maiyyat ko meri

Log sar pe uthaye jaa rahe hai !!

( What is this ironical worldly practice O God

Till my dying breath no one cared

And after my death they are

carrying me on their heads)


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Mr Gajendra was a businessman with his own political interests. After joining BJP, SP and Congress he wanted to try his hand in AAP. Apparently a plan was hatched for an attempt to suicide allegedly known only to the top leaders. After the man was stopped from suicide, he was to come to the stage and read that piece of paper (it was a speech note, made out to be a suicide note in a hurry) . AAP wanted to show the 'plight of the poor farmer' under the Modi regime. Unfortunately for poor Gajendra, the act went wrong and no one realised (they thought it's all as per plan) until it was too late.
And then began the cover ups; but now it's too late for all that as the people of this nation realise how low AAP can stoop for their political advantage.
Om Shanti for late Gajendra

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Gajender was not a farmer,he was well of and he had a minor loss this year when he did farming for fist time in his ancestral land
2.He was invited to the rally by sesodia and was asked to perform the act on a tree,and was offerd money for this act.
3.Sitting on the tree he calls his sister and inform her to watch him on TV,he also informs her that next day he will come back and they will go for shopping.
3. He was encouraged by the crowd by clapping and and to show he is serious he put the noose around hid neck.
4. He slipped from where he was sitting and the noose tightened.
5. Knowing that things have gone out of control AAP leaders ask police to help him,actually no fire force personnel was present as it is mandatory for any meeting, AAP to cover up this is now blaming the police.
6. AAP people prevent the police when they want to rush him to the hospital .
7. When he was rushed to the hospital Kumar Wiswas takes out a paper and start reading the suicide note, at that time the person was alive.
AAP as a party has cheated the people and the leadership should be arrested for conspiracy and murder

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There is a difference, farmers committing sucide due to hardship face by them and in the murder of a farmer, who was not so sufferer to make a live show of farmer's sucide.
Kejriwal for his politics can do any thing, abuse all political parties as corrupt, call names to all the MPs, blame police, burocracy and press & media but has find a very easy way out for his own intentional and deliberate failures like saying within 2 months that he will fulfill only 40% of the promises during 5 years, apology for quitting Government after 49 days, tendering aagin apology for the death of a farmer in his rally. What he not says that he has made false promises in election speeches knowing full well that he can't deliver. He quit the Govt. after 49 days to fight elections of MP in his endavour to become PM and lastly that dead farmer was brought by him only to stage a drama of sucide but he made no plans to keep the drama safe, in the hope that if real sucide happens any way tht will make things brighter for him and darker for PM of the day.
Actions tells the guilt of a man. Speaking after 2 days of the incident only establish his insensitibity, his plea to media that donot play the death occurence and wait for result of inquiry, a typical political stand always taken by each guilty politician, still pursuing his agenda to go ahead with the cause of farmers, with which he has no concern as in his State of Delhi there are only few farmers and they have not suffered as mush as elsewhe

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Now AK is playing martyr, finding that guilt of the noose is getting round his throat. After instigating the farmer in taking the extreme step, he is now trying to divert attention. At the moment, let him not worry about farmers. He has lost that right. Let the law take its course and find out the truth, whether he and his cronies are guilty or not. Let him worry about that and leave the issue about farmers to the others. AK, you are caught red handed.

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AK & his team must be charged for murder,

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