Zenbanx offering $1-Rs55 rate ($250 limit)

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 26-07-15 23:28:18

Edit: Though the USD promotion is no longer valid, Zenbanx is offering $1 - Rs. 55 exchange rate (for upto $250) for sending money to India on September 30

Zenbanx.ca is a new online bank where you can keep money in 5 different currencies (Article on thestar here- http://goo.gl/6M8EOI ). They offer better exchange rates than most regular banks and unlike other such services, support INR. This means that you can exchange money into INR and use their debit card in ATMs in India at a very low fee (support for POS outlets very soon) . You can also exchange into USD and use in many stores in the states for free of cost. They are currently running a few good promos worth getting into.

1. $10 referral bonus. Sign up using a link from an existing member and set up your account and both you and I will get $10 credited into our accounts. (Though they have Android and ios support, you can do everything with a computer as well).

2. They have a 'Exchange CAD to USD on par' event on August 3 where you can exchange upto CAD250 to get back the same amount in USD. Considering that CAD is at a pretty low point, this is a very good deal and you can profit by around $75. Then, you can just convert the amount back to CAD and take out the money out of Zenbanx OR keep the money in USD and use it on your trips to the US.

Since the company is very intent on expanding customer base, they will do such events quite regularly. The last one was on Canada day and I could successfully make exchange into USD at par, exchange it back to CAD and remove it. The bank has no annual/hidden fees.

I'll try to answer any questions you have though I don't have any affiliation to the company.

Edit: Advertising links removed. You definitely seem like promoter of Zenbanx. Please don't go to lengths describing your experience as a consumer. You might as well tell the total cost to users with respect to bank fees they can expect while trying to convert at your bank

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Can MODs please confirm if referral links are allowed on CD? Would that not be similar to marketing. The link provided by the op is a referral link.

New member..1st post...well done !!! :clap:

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Yes. Please confirm. I'll remove immediately if not allowed.

;) Long time lurker. First time poster.

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Whoa ..

Is it just co incidence that you posted with in a minute of SS' post ?

Or you really are a long time lurker .

Either way this is promotional and against Charcha's norms (if you respect charcha)


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Lol. I hav signed up for email updates.

I've removed the link. Should be fine now right?

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Forget about Banks - they are all Sucking our money :) :)

Lets start our own system with CASH and Barter - like old days

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

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Just to give an update on this old thread, Zenbanx is offering $1 - Rs. 55 exchange rate(for upto $250) for sending money to India on September 30. The $10 promotional bonus for new accounts still applies.

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