Honda Civic Starter problem

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 27-08-15 10:10:04

I have a 2005 Honda Civic that has had starter issue twice when the car would not start over in about 5 months or so.

Around 5 months ago, my car suddenly refused to start in the afternoon though I had used the car in the morning. Called CAA who tried to jump start and then towed the car to the mechanic. Mechanic could not find anything wrong since the car started working as soon as it landed on his door. He started the car multiple times and every time the car started without any issues.

Few days ago, I took the car for oil change and some other work and arrived at the mechanic shop. When the mechanic tried to start the car to put it on the hoist, the car would not start over. Radio, etc., was working okay, so it is not a battery issue. Then he took a iron rod and hammer and he gave a tap on the starter solenoid coil (I believe) and the car started working again. The car has been starting fine over last 3 days, no issues. His suggestion is to replace the starter with a factory rebuilt starter.

Any other suggestions?

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Go with OEM starter for peace of mind. A change after 10 years is not bad.

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No other option. Just change the starter. It is worth the peace of mind.

When in Canada, I frequently used to switch off my car at traffic lights to help the environment. After 1 year, my starter started malfunctioning and I replaced it at about $ 230 cost in 2007.


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I would suggest take another person's advice before replacing it ... Maybe a replacement can be avoided .

If I had the same issue , I would show it to Fernando @ Peel Auto Center , Brampton who once saved me replacing a MAF sensor by spray cleaning it as he said that he would first try that before replacing .....

Or you can simply replace it with OEM as others have suggested ....


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A quick question - does your car crank when you turn the ignition key or it does nothing?

If you hear cranking - that means the starter is OK - it is something further up. If there is no cranking noise, that means it is the starter or the starter solenoid, if it is available separate.

Good luck.


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Hi Raj,

the way you described issue is most relevant regarding Starter motor failure..

What your car starter does:

Your car starter is what gets your car going: it "spins over" your engine.

TAKE NOTE: if your engine "turns over", in other words makes the r---rrrr---rrrr sort of noise it normally makes when you turn the key all the way to "start", YOU DO NOT HAVE A STARTER PROBLEM.

Symptoms of a bad starter:

1. Slow turning over of the engine means Your motor turns over very slowly. Dash lights get really dim while cranking engine, battery terminals get hot, along with the entire battery cable.

2. You turn the key and nothing happens means You turn the key to start, and either nothing happens, or there is a very quiet single click . Sometimes if you keep trying it will start.

3. You get a single loud click or clunk, but no motor turning over means If you get a single fairly loud click when you turn the key to "start", but the starter doesn't "turn over", you may have a bad starter solenoid. A solenoid is just a switch which is operated by electricity. The starter draws so much power that to switch it directly would take a huge switch, like a Frankenstein movie!

I strongly suggest to go with OEM part for a peace of mind or to save some money second option go with OEM factory rebuilt one ( not a bad idea)

all the best...:cheers:

if you need any more information than PM me.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 27-08-15 16:39:11

Thanks all. Hiren, I could not hear any sound (from driver's seat) when trying to start the vehicle on those two occasions.

OEM is double the cost of factory rebuilt ($300 OEM one-year warranty and $150 rebuilt). Will see!

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