Shut down OR Melt down.

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Don't want to be the bearer of the BAD NEWS. When reality sinks in it does HIT HARD.

IT meltdown: Indian tech firms plan more job cuts. It is job cuts for starters, then they will let the others go.

Report says half of the workforce would be redundant in the near future. India's IT companies employ close to 40 lakh people directly. They are one of the main reasons why Indian economy is relatively doing well. That story seems to be changing as of last week. A McKinsey report says half of the workforce would be redundant in the near future. The signs are already here.

Last week Cognizant announced a "voluntary separation programme" for directors, associate VPs and senior VPs. Some 1,000 executives are expected to go. The company, one of the top performers in the industry, is expected to eventually cut at least 6,000 jobs. "It's a bloodbath," said a Cognizant HR manager.

Read on... the link will provide more and with pictures too.



EDIT..: Now you know where the jobs have gone......

The company has already hired 2,000 American workers as part of a previous effort started in 2014. India-based IT services firm Infosys Ltd said late on Monday that it plans to hire 10,000 American workers in the next two years and open four technology centres in the United States, starting with a centre this August in Indiana, the home state of Vice President Mike Pence.

The move comes at a time when Infosys and some of its Indian peers such as Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro have become political targets in the United States for allegedly displacing jobs of American workers by flying in foreign workers on temporary visas to service their clients in the country.

The IT service firms rely heavily on the H1-B visa program, which President Trump has ordered federal agencies to review.

In a telephone interview with Reuters from Indiana, Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka said his company plans to hire American workers in fields such as artificial intelligence.

He said the firm has already hired 2,000 American workers as part of a previous effort started in 2014.

"When you think about it from a US point of view, obviously creating more American jobs and opportunities is a good thing," Sikka said.


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The greedy Corporate playing with software professional lives(Indian).Its damn political game between Government and Corporate.

TCS/Infosys/Cognizant/HCL/Wipro so called IT giants of India either losing American projects or highest hourly paid h1b visa holders from the project.simple they are losing business which affects the people working in INDIA (offshore team)

Everybody believes hiring Native workers will solve this but not most of the Americans believe computers are boring job while Indian software professionals invested their living in software.Lots of jobs opening doors for Americans workers now companies can't fill their open position with right candidates it's the real situation.

It's not melted down or bad news we have a lot of talented Indian professional its time to change the world or perspective and move to next level. Things will change entrepreneurship ideas are more needed rather looking forward to drawing salary every month.

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IT sector will go up and plus with India is we have talent .. to be a smart in IT person has to have very good mathematical algorithms skills

Indians are lucky to have strong mathematical background and which will help them.

earlier days there were not to many IT people so demand was high even for normal IT job.

Now things change even high school graduate can do basic programming , so all low level It jobs has lot of candidate and that too for cheap rates.

But high skill professional will still be in Demand - And that where we Indian comes to picture.

Also, lot of has been done with automation these days but there will be still lot of demands for high skill people.

So its melt down if you are Average Joe but if you are highly skills its still HOT

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

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I don't feel sorry for software drones at all. They made hay while the sun shined and made enough money, so don't feel sorry for them.

Lot of them are Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Electrical engineers, Automobile engineers who just went into Software engineering/IT just to make quick bucks, leaving their basic engineering line.

So basically they wasted a Civil, Mechanical. Electrical & Automobile engineering seat for personal greed and to line their own pockets.

Developing country like India needs Civil engineers to build massive infrastructure like roads, bridges, railway line. But guess what that Indian Civil engineer is doing ? He has left his line for a few bucks more to become an IT engineer in TCS, Infosys, Wipro so that he can do some software Coding for some MNC from US & Europe. And do some outsourcing work in a BPO.

We needed Mechanical engineers for Manufacturing, Factories etc, but guess what that B.E Mechanical engineer is doing ? See above. India is severely lacking behind China in Manufacturing.

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Indian IT industry is going to get a big blow in the next 5 years. The new trend it automation for IT processes – similar to what happened to manufacturing in Eighties. Existing 30% jobs will go away due to automation when all support repeated jobs will be automated.

Second impact will come from China, who will be the world leader in IT in next 5 to 10 years. They are building very strongly foundation in language and IT skills – thanks to India IT training companies who are working very hard in establishing IT training institutes and providing them the course curriculum and training faculty from India. Mark my words – what China did to Indian manufacturing, will repeat the same for Indian IT sector.

A Delhite in Toronto

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My client is a leader in consumer products in North America. The IT support work is outsourced to an IT giant in India, with a budget of over 500 million USD. The data center, which is currently located in Bangalore, needs to be upgraded as an initiative for next 5 years planning. That Indian IT giant, today, has taken a decision to move it to Hua, China. For sake of saving some money, a few hundred IT professional jobs are moving from India to China. When it comes to money, the Indian IT giants are the same as North American industrialists - ready to relocate without thinking the long-term benefits of their homeland. Trump is right on point of bringing jobs back to America - if he really intends to and if he will be able to do it. Don't know when the Indian Govt will wake up and take measures so that the migration of work from India to China could be checked.

A Delhite in Toronto

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