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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 05-09-17 18:34:36

Hi ,
I am preparing to apply for OCI .

I went through the check list and found that list of supporting documents to be submitted in photo copy ( i.e. Landing paper , marriage certificate etc.. ) . I called BLS call center and they mentioned that You have to submit " notorized " copy .
I do not understand why they need notorized copy ?? One of my firned says that we have to submit " Original landing paper "
Its confusing . Why we have to submit original landing paper ? I just submitted photo copy of original landing paper when I applied for canadian citizenship .
What Indian consulate will do with original ??

CDs please share your experience and guide me

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They compare the Original landing paper with the photocopy to make sure the photocopy is not fake.
Then they return the Original landing paper back..

I think the Canadian Passport they immediately return it over the counter after verifying it. The rest of the original documents they return after a week or so. You can either pick them up physically or ask them to courier it to you for a charge.

When you apply for Canadian citizenship, Canadians have access to the Canadian data base, so just with the photocopy they can log into the Canadian system and see if its fake or not. So photocopy is enough no need for the original.

Indian embassy has NO access to the Canadian database, so without the Original they can't make out if the photocopy is photoshopped or manipulated or fake or not. Very easy to make a fake one.

I don't think any of the photo copies have to be notorized as long as the originals are submitted with them. Sometimes they just ask you to Self-Attest the copies and sign the copies in front of them that's all.

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You have to take all the original documents along with self attested photocopies with you. Marriage Certificate is different as some ask you to notarize it. The Originals will be returned back to you within 2 to 4 weeks via courier only. Depending on which location you go the staff behave differently lol. Be prepared to make 2 to 3 trips atleast. The first trip they will check and definately find an error and make u come back again. When they point an error, take a piece of paper and ask them to write down wat they need so u have it as a proof with u next time u go. I went to the Brampton location for renewing for my kids OCI. Good luck.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 07-09-17 11:43:24

Thanks Pendse & Samna for feed back. I check on BLS website and it is not mentioned that we have to submit original landing paper nor notorized . It is mentioned as submit " photo copy " . Any how I have few more days left before I apply . Mean time yesterday I sent email to Indian foreign minister and requested that " submitting original landing paper " should be reconsider . Only self attested copy is enough . I received reply from foreign minister's office and my concern is forwarded to one of their official . I am waiting for that officer's reply . I am sharing email address of that concerned officer to whom we can raise our concern / complain directly : His name is Sunil kumar and his email address is : so.oci at mea.gov.in

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I have recently submitted oci application for my son at Toronto BLS center. I submitted all the required documents in original except Canadian PP along with self-attested photocopies. I also submitted notarized marriage letter in original. They returned all original except notarized letter in 7 days via courier.

Marriage certificate (if spouse name is not in passport) then submit a notarized letter.

All other documents - submit original plus self-attested copies. No need to submit notorized copies here.

Also, page 2 of the Toronto Checklist specify the requirement for submitting original plus self-attested photo copies.

Please attach the following documents mentioned below in original and also bring copies of the same on LETTER size paper.
All photocopies have to be Self-Attested: Write on the photocopy “This is a true copy of the original” and sign and date it.

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Thanks Seenimesh .

Check list for Vancouver is different than Toronto .. Please check BLS website and click on check list for Vancouver .

Any how I will follow Toronto one and submit documents as you states .

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