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Full House   
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Let me ask you a very nice question. I know you are here today and you are going to retire some time in the future. Everyone will ask you will a Million dollars help you retire in luxury with all of the comforts? Please don't answer this question as yet. Hold on to your answers for a little while longer.

One thing is for sure you are now working and you will be earning your INCOME Now and will keep going forward till you come to a juncture when you find that it is time to retire. When that happens you take stock of what your ASSETS are and see if it will last you in your retirement with a comfortable living style, which is the one that you are used to.

All of you, including you yourself have seen that the cost of everything has gone up considerably and we call it just that. "The cost of Living". If it progresses at the same pace, will the funds that you have saved, would it provide you with a standard of living that is what you know now as your standard? I am sure you will do even better. You also know that if you fall short at a later time or a period when you are no longer capable of doing any PHYSICAL Work OR steady EIGHT Hours, then, you are just working PART Time to keep your head bobbing above the water level and moving on smartly to maintain a standard of living. You see this all around you and you also find that you cannot help it, even if they are your near and dear ones. WHY?

As I said, you are now working well and comfortably making a great living. That is one such way of generating the revenue. AND, If you are rich and an OWNER, you can get others to work for you and generate the revenue. ALSO, you can make the MONEY Work for you, silently, and only if you know how and it is that METHOD that I am interested into and it is in this avenue where there are many different possibilities that one can learn and generate a decent income and living and it is that is what I would like to introduce to you here and get you to learn the same in a very thorough manner. It will be brought to you in such an easy method and the same could be done in your leisure time and get to know it so thoroughly you can start to teach everyone that you know how?! Start to do the same at home with our spouse and children because it will be the way of the world from here on end.

NOW, "Make this the FIRST DAY for the REST Of your LIFE"

Everyone who is attending to this website and gets to know the materials there in will end up as a MILLIONAIRE and when you cross that line, Throw away all of the fears and apprehensions out of the window and say that you can NOW RETIRE Comfortably. Because, once you are a Millionaire you will always stay a Millionaire! AND, just to remind you, there are "More Millionaires in India than you can shake a stick at"*.

Think of the start of ones' career..: The thrill of Graduating out of an Educational Institution in Flying Colours.. Then getting leads to find a suitable employment and preparing your CV and applying for Jobs, getting set for a Job Interview with a set of new clothes and a pair of new shoes and in a few cases a good Two wheeler or a Four wheeler and rising up early to get all of this to gel and fall in place etc., are the BASIC Preparations that one surely goes through and gets to accomplish it, some how. AND, if there is some one to let this all happen by providing you with a slight pull and all of the Financial Help, then, you are a BLESSED one.

Where am I going with all of this? This is just to tell you that everything that you want to start always cost money and you all are doing all of this and I am only pointing this to you in a subtle manner.

Nothing comes cheap. But what you will get to know and understand here is all because you will be the one who will be contributing to it, in your own way and make it a great success.

So, here we go.



*"Where it Originated from, can only be a conjecture. It is from a Shepherds's walk. One possibility is that it has been put forward, and derives from the counting of farm animals, which one might do by pointing one’s stick at each one of the animals in turn. So having more than one can call for "A shake one’s stick at, or tally, so, it would imply a great number. This doesn’t fit the early examples, though, which don’t have any idea of counting about them. Another idea is that it comes from battle field, in which one might shake a stick at one’s vanquished enemy. This could possibly have led into the early usages."

What is Black and White Read (RED) all over? Of course the News Papers. How do I know? I know it because the shop keepers used to make a small pouch to dispense his wares in them. In some cases, he made a cone and filled it with pea nuts and/or candies too and ties it with a small piece of twine and then again, when I hit the beach, I could buy Fish and Chips wrapped with it. But there were others who read each and every word in the NEWS and then they discussed and fought over each Editorial. All we had then was White News Print and Black Ink. Guess where they got the INK from? Of course from India. It was Indigo as the base till Carbon Black was substituted. Nothing in Colour till about the mid Nineties.

Any of you remember having stood in a line up, starting very early in the morning and trying to be the first in the line up? If you did, then, DE-MONITIZATION sure made you get your BIG ones into small ones for the daily use. And, I am sure you must have looked at the Bank Entrance a lot of times and said to yourself " when will they open this door?" It was written there on their door, on the LEFT side the time of Opening and the RIGHT side of it, the time of Closing.

So, in the old days of News print, before the coloured pictures appeared all we had was a BAR and Open, High, Low and Close to show in a BAR CHART. And How did they accomplish all of this?

With a Horizontal Line and a Perpendicular line. (90 Degrees to the Horizontal). There were TWO Axis to it and one provided with the TIME and the other the PRICE. So, it was called the time and Price Charts.

Here is a link to a few of them. Please get to know them. The others though might play a role when we view a few of the News Channels, I would only ask you to get to know the LINE CHARTS and CANDLESTICK Charts

To be continued..





I used to call the Long Legged DOJI.. THE Ricksha-Wala. The figure looks like one who is stuck in the Traffic.



For those who want to advance in FINANCES and its STUDY and have the Aptitude and the time and can spare a few bucks..: HERE IT IS. Please see if it is suitable to you..:

Please keep in touch.


If you have time..:


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Full House

Originally posted by febpreet

Thanks FH. I am venturing out to this as well and doing my research these days. The above resources would gracefully add to my knowledge mix :).

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A lot of questions at one shot :p
I'll address a few here:

Originally posted by prince77
Two things are concerning flat rate of 10$ for every trade

This is the standard fee for most bank-based brokerages such as RBC DI, Scotia iTrade and TD for small to medium sized accounts.
Only the discount brokerages like Questrade have lower fees.
The only way to get lower fees from the bank based brokerages is to perform a lot of trades per quarter (100+) and/or have a large account size (typically $750K - $1M).

and a quarterly fee of 25$

I believe most bank brokerages will waive the quarterly fee once your account size exceeds a certain level, for e.g. $50K

Can you guys give me the pros and cons of using these fellas? would there not be a quarterly fee for these?

Both are private, discount brokers.
They have lower commissions than bank-based brokerages.

Part of the reason is that they are purely trading platforms and do not offer many of the research and analysis tools that the banks offer.
Tools such as analyst reports, sophisticated charting software, indicator-based alert, access to IPOs, etc.

They also have far better access to liquid markets, esp. for options.
For e.g. with TD and iTrade you can execute 4-legged option trades either on your own or through their trading desk - no such flexibility exists on the discount broker platforms.

How much would be the commission per trade

Basic fee is $4.95 at Questrade.
However, Questrade is a non-ECN broker, therefore, they have ECN fees in certain cases.
This could add another few $s to your trading commissions.

Also, they pass on ADR agency processing costs to the account holders for dividends and distributions.
IOW, there is a small fee "leakage" with these discount brokers over time.

Personally, I'd be a bit concerned about having an account at very small, private brokerages like Virtual Brokers.
Questrade may be okay, but keep in mind they are a relatively small private broker compared to TD, RBC etc.

"Mah deah, there is much more money to be made in the destruction of civilization than in building it up."

-- Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind"

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Welcome back Pratickm...:cheers:

Initially I thought some old thread had been brought to the fore - but nice to see you back amongst the desis...:clap:


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Originally posted by hchheda
Welcome back Pratickm...:cheers:

Initially I thought some old thread had been brought to the fore - but nice to see you back amongst the desis...:clap:


Thanks Hiren...I was driving by to see what's cookin' and saw a few interesting threads.

Good to see some old timers still around.

I'll try and keep up.


"Mah deah, there is much more money to be made in the destruction of civilization than in building it up."

-- Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind"

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