Fees for Power of Attorney - Toronto Consulate

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 27-10-20 22:19:12

Hi All. I am in the process of getting a Power of Attorney(for Property matter) attested at the Indian Consulate in Toronto.

They are currently only accepting applications through courier.
On the website the fees listed is: $35 and it says "C$ 35. Please Note that C$ 35 is for one seal & signature of the Consulate, if applicant needs seal & signature on more pages fee applicable will be C$ 35 x number of pages. Please specify pages in case more than one page is to be attested."

Now My POA is of 3 pages. Does each page need to be Seal & Signed by the consulate ? I wasn't sure if I should attach a fees of $35 or $105 for the process.

Has anyone here gone through the process and knows about it ?

Thank you.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-20 08:46:42

Did you try and call the Consulate to confirm?

The last page of all legal documents has a spot for signature and seal, and that's where they would sign and seal. Having said that, it's highly unlikely that you'll need a seal on each page, but hey should either stamp or initial or both on each page, which again is a standard for all legal document.

I realize your question is still unanswered but hopefully it's triggered your logical thinking process.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-10-20 14:32:07

Thank you very much for the reply. Yes, I tried calling the consulate multiple times, but no one seems to be answering the phone. Also left them several emails but haven't heard back. I also visited the consulate yesterday to get this answered & ask about some other things, but they are not open for any walk-ins.

I did see some sample POAs, and what you say is hows it done. Usually a seal and stamp at the end. Some had one on the first page too. And each page had a stamp with a signature.

I also had a look at other consulates in Canada, just to see what the standard was. I was surprised to see it differs so much. Vancouver for example only mentioned the $35, and nothing about multiple pages. And Vancouver consulate also required a signature attestation from a Canadian Authority, which the Toronto consulate clearly says is not required.

I guess, I will just submit it with the $35 draft and take my chances.

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