Citizenship of Malta available for investors

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For those who are looking for acquiring a citizenship of another country for a better life, Malta can provide a great opportunity. Especially for those who have enough money. The citizenship comes with lots of benefits such as EU Passport and travelling to most of the world Visa free. The entire family can get residency immediately and citizenship after 3 years.

Malta is an island, situated in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. They have a limit on the number of applications per year. It's an English speaking country as well!

Investment Requirements

Qualifying investments is any amount between CD$ 1M to 2M (INR 6 Crore to 12 Crore).

Investment 1: Contribution

Any individual or his family member applying is supposed to contribute to the National Development and Social Fund organized by the Government and run by a board of trustees. These funds finance projects like public health, education, job formulation, social improvement, etc.

The principal applicant has to contribute €600,000 if he has proved his residency for 36 months in the country or €750,000 on 12 months residency. Not to mention, this contribution is non-refundable.
An additional amount of €50,000 is required for each additional dependent.

Investment 2: Fund
The person is required to make a donation of at least €10,000 to a registered non-governmental organization or society. It must be a charitable organization.

Investment 3: Real Estate
Purchasing a real estate property whose minimum value is €700,000.
Or lease a property for a minimum yearly rent of €16,000 is compulsory. The person has to retain the purchased or rented property for at least five years from the date of the certificate of citizenship

Residency Requirements
The individual has to qualify for the residency requirements as well. It’s mandatory for the applicant and all the dependents to hold a Maltese residency for at least one year, with the minimum investment bar is €750,000; or for at least three year with €600,000.

A Proud Indian Canadian

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