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I am [32 year old -married-two kids] applying form bombay under Independent Skilled class. My self calculated score is 79. Out of which five points are for relative in Canada. The relative is my dad's younger brother who is a canadian citizen.If some one can pls tell me:

1. Am I a assisted relative? or Is assisted relative a seperate category comming under family calss? If so..can my 'chacha' 'sponsor' me ?

2. Under independent skilled category with relatives in Canada, what kind of letter is required to be sent by my uncle? besides proof of relationship...does it involve any financial undertaning?

3. In the CIC official website, in the info about who a canadian citizen can sponsor, there is one paragraph that I am not able to comprehed clrearly. I am reproducing it here. Please guide me sumone!

"you may also sponsor one relative of any age if you do not have an aunt, uncle or family member from the list above who you could sponsor or who is already a Canadian citizen, Indian or permanent resident. "

Thanks a lot.

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