Thats really sad!

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Former Miss India Nafisa Joseph reportedly committed suicide in her Mumbai flat late on Thursday, according to TV reports.

She was 25. Nafisa was reportedly suffering from depression.

Though it is yet unclear how she died, initial reports suggest it was a case of suicide.

Nafisa was reportedly alone in her apartment at Bandra when she died. She was rushed to the Nanavati Hospital in a "critical" condition.

Nafisa won the Miss India crown in 1997 at the age of 19. She had worked as a model and also as a VJ for a music channel. She was also involved with an animal rights project.

According to people close to Nafisa, she had been unhappy about something for some time, and had stopped socialising.

Nafisa was to get married on August 28 this year to a Bangalore-based businessman.

Nafisa hailed from Bangalore, and had been modelling since the age of 13.

The beauty queen was also an avid animal lover and an MTV VJ.

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Yes its really sad. I had seen her couple of times in CATS and on MTV but i just took her as any VJ. I guess we miss the hardwork and dedication behind every person. Its really sad to know that even love can be cause of death...

Manjeet Singh

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'Bahut zyada pyar bhee accha nahin hota .Agar bandhan chuhana ho to mushkil ho '

Down memory lane recall the sudden deaths of Marlyn Monroe ,Gurudutt ?? Ever wondered how come star celecreties became so much swayed with their moods so as 2 take their own lives ??

Remember the star politician daughter s death-leap from a 5star hotel last year ?? Not getting her name right now .

Elvis once rated as the King of Rock with the best looks and fame a person can get killed himself eating towards his end ..... He is known 2 eat an elephant's diet in junk food towards his end ..........

What went wrong with the Living Legend Diego Maradonna ??? who is an icon till this date . Where s the Maradonna whom every1 worshipped yesterday ...?? Ever wondered ??

There s something unexplained which lies beneath the human mind which if tickled can discomfort the person . More than money & fame its happiness which v pine 4 and it doesnt come in terms of money !!!

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Manasvi, your post touches on a subject that i often think about. it relates to the saying, "be careful what you wish for, because you just may get it".

i believe that the march of history is the story of human beings gaining more and more freedom. in ancient or even medieval times the 'individual' as we know it today did not exist: you had no choice as to your career, your wife, etc.

as history progressed, human desire became slowly removed from its 'pandora box'. societial ties weakened in the name of individual freedom, even family ties have weakened.

but is it a good thing? on the surface one would say yes. but is it really? are we not all like the bloated Elvises you referred to? living out our desires without regard to our societies, our families? watch as society falls apart around us, as serial killers and deviants unleash themselves on society in the name of 'human freedom'.

sorry, i may sound a bit conservative, but if you ask me, the so-called 'movie stars' reflect the lifestyles that the public has always secretly emulated... and look at how they end up.

when we follow our desires to their ultimate end... that end is death.

it's not a rosy picture of life... but i think it's true.

it's also why asia, where society is a constraint (but a 'meaningful' one) and the family still exists, is superior to canada where the individual reigns supreme... at his risk.

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