Lord Ganesh on Sandals

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American Eagle Outfitters, a clothing retail chain in North America is marketing flip flops (slippers) with Lord Ganesa on its soles. It is clear to all of us that our Hindu religion and Indian culture is shaping the fashion and music industries. While this may open peoples' eyes to the beauty of India and our great Hindu religion, we must make it clear to the fashion, music, and marketing industries that there are certain restrictions that they must adhere to. Clear guidelines must be made so that these firms do not further defame the character of Hindus and the Indian culture.

Boycott American Eagle Outfitters clothing line. American Eagle Outfitters has degraded the Hindu religion down to mere flip flops. The clothing retail chain is marketing flip flops with an image of Lord Ganesa on its soles. Hindus are adherents to the third largest religion on this planet. With nearly 900 million Hindus across the globe, that’s 1 in every 7 humans, Hindus have the potential strength to tackle and overcome all geopolitical issues.

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I don't know what angers me more. The fact that AE screwed up royally by disrespecting Ganesh, or the pages of flame posts on that site. Are some hindus really that fanatical? Geez.


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This happens often. While ago somebody designed toilets using Saraswati and Shiva.

The point is why people do this? May be they like the publicity they are getting by our opposing.

Or they simple attracted by our great colorful Gods and without knowing the implication trying to commercialize it?

A Proud Indian Canadian

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 23-05-03 22:37:36

American Eagle Outfitters Apologize for Lord Ganesha flip-flops

This thing also happened for Catholics too.

Jesus sandals ditched by Danes


This happens often. While ago somebody designed toilets using Saraswati and Shiva.


I don't understand what were thinking when they design this stuff? It makes so MAD....

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Well, Americans aren't exactly known for reverence.

The toilet design looks malicious and intended to hurt religious feelings. I don't think the AE sandal design was intended likewise, but was offensive nevertheless.

Full points to AHAD for organizing a protest and drawing an apology.

Are you there?

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