When marrying an NRI turns sore

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For Urmila Mehra, a class I gazetted officer, dreams of walking past the Houston skyline with her husband turned into a nightmare. She married the "eligible" US-based executive five years ago. In return, he snatched away Urmila's PF money and assaulted her. Today, she is bringing up her four-year-old daughter single-handed, from her Patparganj apartment.


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being an nri doesnt make a person better or have a right to abuse anyone else.

its like living in the age of caste system.

not cool at all! and these nris who abuse their wives call themselves westernized and try to live in the us and canada, well they are failures as indians and as nris...

smile ...

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The search for greener pastures on distant shores is not new for us, Indians. when it comes to nuptial matters, the penchant for that charming richie rich NRI prince has always had girls sighing.

But the dream bubble may have just burst. Recent reports by the Delhi Commission of Women say that desertion and domestic violence faced by women married to NRIs is on the rise.

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Sorry..I am not replying to this post. But, I liked the name "abdul Narayan Desouza".

In a different forum, my user name is "John Baldev Mirza"...


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