Frustrations of a movie-crazy guy

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Just rambling about things I do not like.

I am avid fan of Hindi movies. I like watching movies in theatre, not on a 21" screen on a pirated VHS cassettes. The experience of watching a movie in theatre is quite different - a fact very well understood when I watched "Mera Naam Joker" in theatre, after I watched the movie on VHS.

The problem is, west-end GTA has only one theatre that shows Hindi movies - the Albion one. But first of all, it is too far from Brampton where I live. And that theatre reminds me of the Indian theatres in 70s. It is so antiquated. The seats are uncomfortable, the screen is small, the ambience depressing (The last comment applies to entire shopping mall). The people who work in the theatre does not seem to be enjoying their job. (I still envy those ushers who get to see the movies in first show). The most funny thing I felt was, that theatre also sells popcorn and nachos just because other multiplexes do. I wonder why can't it Indianize and bring more desi food than just samosas.

Cineplex Odeon at Square One used to screen Hindi movies, but not anymore. Now, if i want to watch "Veer Zaara", I have to drive either to Albion or to Oakville, where a multiplex is showing that movie.

Wondering, that which strong presence of Asians in GTA, why can't multiplexes make profit out of Hindi movies. Brampton has lots of desis, but none of the 3 multiplexes show Hindi movies.

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Hindi movies are worth $1 only.....

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Orginally posted by torontodesi

Hindi movies are worth $1 only.....

What is that supposed to mean?:rolleyes:

If you are trying to start a debate of Bollywood v/s Hollywood, we can have a separate topic for that


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I mean to say there are not many people who would like to pay 10-14 dollars to see Bollywood movie. They are worth only $1. And I don't think any theater can afford to show hindi movies for $1. The best altenative is VHS.

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