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desi in ottawa   
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Just a suggestion.

As you may observe, most of the real estate agents have their own website. Some of them are still not on the web. Talk to some of them and see how you can help them market their properties thru web. Thousands of Canadians log on to check out information on the property before contacting the agent. Check out some of their websites. May be they want fresh ideas or work out a little less expensive. I know some charge based on per property and some charge based on each page for a property (a single property can have more than one page).

It comes down to $$$$ and service. Let's be realistic. Under cutting is an option/possibility.

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Most agents who are a part of the big real estate firms like Royal LePage or ReMax have their websites on the company portal.
Their personalised web sites adhere to the layout and general standards of the main company portal.

I don't how much flexibility they have in customising their own portals, different from the company portal.

In any case, the real estate business is not that high-tech [yet].
Most home buyers prefer the personalised experience and service of getting in touch with the agent over the phone, meeting in person and then going out to look at properties with the agent.

Also, most agents are not very techno-savvy....some of them can't even do their email properly :o
(No offense to any techno-savvy real estate agent here).

That said, what would be really cool is to integrate some type of GPS-based and virtual reality based experience for real estate properties.
A user should be able to zoom-in and zoom-out to a property similar to products like MapPoint and Keyhole.
They should be able to view what's around, what are the transportation routes, grocery stores, etc. in the area.

They should also be able to take a virtual tour of the property.

It is another matter how many real estate agents can and will pay for this kind of support :)

"Mah deah, there is much more money to be made in the destruction of civilization than in building it up."

-- Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind"

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