Summer Picnic Year 2005

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Garvo Gujarati   
Member since: Nov 01
Posts: 3112

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 26-12-04 13:52:22

If you think it is too early to talk about this picnic, you might be right.

However if we want to book a good spot with any of the good parks we must do it on 2 Jan 2005, as most of the spots just goes away within hours of opening the booking.

What do you think guys? Should we book it or not? Last year we did it without booking and it went well. We can repeat same thing, but having a planning picnic is much better.


A Proud Indian Canadian

Member since: Mar 04
Posts: 441
Location: Mississauga-Canada

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-12-04 01:03:53

Dear Rashmibhai (GG),

First of all this new topic of yours forced me to break my silence of a while. Somehow due to various reasons, I decided to be active only when a thread religiously follow the original topic. The moment I see the original request/topic/information being murdered by various unwanted inputs, I simply stop following that thread.

HERE IS WHAT I AM IN THE REALITY. I mean full fledged, active, ALL TIME READY, EVERGREEN participant of the PIPCNIC kind of thing, and hence I promise to follow this thread till its life.

As you already know my plan, I would be landing in CANADA either on 27th Feb or 6th MARCH. So Atyarthi maru naam register kari dyo ane hukam karo mara tarafthi su seva joiye chhiye.

My hobbies are,

CHARITY (only for disableds, aged people, and poor talents)

So in the summer picnic, I can surely predict the first two acivities taking place.

Count me in....Let the ball rolling!!!!!!!!!!!



Member since: Jan 04
Posts: 418
Location: Brampton

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-12-04 09:03:30

Hi Rashmibhai,

It is a welcome suggestion and right time to count the number. However, to other members it could be little earlier. I am ready at any time. In case you need any help, pl. call me.

Live and Let Live. Together we can make a difference.

(Loans, Mortgage, Tax, Accounting, Investments)

Garvo Gujarati   
Member since: Nov 01
Posts: 3112

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-12-04 12:02:29

My question was - Should we book a spot right now or not?

Last year we did it without any booking - if we want to do professionaly, we should plan well ahead.

And planning requires more than one head.

Where are you guys? Comon and respond.


A Proud Indian Canadian

Member since: Jul 04
Posts: 274
Location: Brampton

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-12-04 12:13:25

Hi GG,

We must have a picnic and to organize it professionally we must book a spot right now. No two opinions about it.

I think you should form a small Organizing Committee of willing volunteers to follow up on this idea. Basically this OC would do all the groundwork and legwork.

Man's Best Friend :H

Member since: Dec 03
Posts: 397
Location: Mississauga

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-12-04 16:27:06

Hi GG,

that's a good idea to book a spot in advance. The Q would be wch part of GTA. I guess what you can do is run a poll on the home page with 3-4 options like Scarborough / Downtown (high park) / Mississauga or liekwise. Send PM to each and every member to cast their vote (if you have the mechanism to send this PM at one stroke ;) ). After running the poll for abt a week. At the end of the week, we'll know the most rated area where we have to book a spot.

Now as "your truly" has suggested, you could, together with other Sr members, delegate the work to few of the members. Count me in. I don't know if we have to pay anything to municipality for booking a spot. But I guess that can be sorted out easily.

Do let me know thru a PM, if you want to delegate anything to me. I have recently moved to Mississauga near Sq One, but I still feel, High Park is the most central location for every member and it is also easily accessible from subway. Some of the ideas by "VJ" are also nice. I have no doubt that summer 2005 will have more members attending the PICNIC than 2004.


Let's help each other to grow & prosper in Canada

Member since: Mar 03
Posts: 2606
Location: Toronto

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-12-04 17:10:45


I think we should book a spot and work towards getting people to organise and attend the picnic. And if the picnic spot is booked now, even if it it far from Toronto, it will not matter since we will have enough time to organise transport for those needing as well as volunteers for rides etc.

In my opinion, we have enough people who would be interested in the picnic and we should organise something out of town so that we do not mix it up (intentionally or at the last moment) with other household matters/dinner at friend's place/why not do two things at a time kind of excuses. If we go out of town, it is fun of a different nature and then we know we cannot rush back to attend to some other regular work which can be easily avoided.

I suggest something around Niagara on the Lake or Barrie Waterfront. They are both out of town but a max of 90 minutes ride.



Advice is free – lessons I charge for!!

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