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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 22-01-05 11:46:32

Orginally posted by rugrat

wat to do.... my hubby is from here... and the worst thing is that we live about 45mins away from really miles from anywhere...but we ocassionaly go to toronto. so i am in desperate need of friends and decent pass times......
where abouts is your wife from???
how does she like it here???

My wifys from the Wembly area of London, got alot of people in that area and some in Kensal Rise and so on,,what about you...My wife likes it here but at times does miss her emmidiate family, but we got many relatives here and here cousins and a big community here also, and Toronto has alot of Desi stuff toooo, can't compare to London, but we're getting there, with movies in the big AMC cinemas and Cinesphere, instead of those crappy India cinemas like woodbine...

Well we may be going there tonight,,if you wanna join us...??? or maybe another wife might like it with you...

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 23-01-05 02:14:02

Orginally posted by Veej
Thanks for the input, I'm planning on going there with a few freinds this Saturday.......

Yah let me know if its better now. In the worst case if they dont have any crowd at all, or closed down due to that, its close to all the other clubs in you can always change plans.

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