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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 11-01-05 19:23:11

I am doing masters and recently got a TA job at the university. But when I went to apply for SIN number at HRDC, they told me my study permit does not authorize me to work on campus.

My study permit has the following conditions:

1. Unless authorized, prohibited from engaging in employment in Canada.
2. Must leave Canada by Aug 2005
3. Must be in attendance at a university approved prsuant to the immigration regulations.

I am not clear about this conditions as my other fellow international students are working on campus without any problem.

Please advise what should I do.


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I was on study permit and I had same conditions in study permit like you have.But I got a campus job and I applied for SIN and I got it without any problem...
You need to show them an on campus job offer letter from your university employer... There may be some misunderstanding with the HRDC officer.
Tell the office to check out this link
You can work on campus for which you don't need work permit....

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I understand that I am allowed to work on campus but HRDC is saying that my study permit should state that I am allowed to take the job on campus. But unlike other international students my study permit does not say that.

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The law says students can work on campuses. You DON'T need a work permit. Ask your friends what they did that you can emulate.

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