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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-02-05 10:25:25

Orginally posted by dp_jain


When we talk about our culture, ancient history and Hinduism most of us try to keep mum.:(

Was this an article about ‘ancient culture’ or about the politico-religious (since the 2 are so intertwined in India) scenario? Apart from the last paragraph of the column which sought to broaden the issue into culture, the entire article was basically a political comment!

‘Metouk’ you have referred to the columnist as the ‘editor of the largest newspaper in the world’. From reading the columnists website, there is no reference to this – according to his website he ‘works’ (does not say editor) for the largest circulation daily in France (not the world!).

Moderators – in the past you have prevented threads from degenerating into religious propoganda. This thread is nothing but that, and DP Jain appears to be trying to stoke it!

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I find it hard to believe that anybody with an understanding of Hinduism and its history and essence would take this article seriously OR be so insecure in their culture as to be threatened by it.

Benny hinn and Sonia gandhi causing the downfall of a time proven culture? gimme a break :)

Can a drop from a passing cloud desalinate the ocean?

btw: Dpjain.. you expect comments but do not comment on the article yourself? Why?

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Comments on Articals: Sorry No comments.
Reason??: Never comment on dirty politics and police. Just dont like these ppl.

But the title tooks interesting: "Hindustan"- A foreigner's View.

So guys u r in canada n living with goras and other ppl outside of india. Ask them wat they know abt india. My experiance abt this is redeculas. Its not different then circuit in MunnabhaiMBBS. I always try to convince them but alway fail in that. I hate when they call East indian. Even one guy ask me if india has nuclear power. how they made it? From where they got technology? one guy told me there r so many king cobra in india thats all i know. and most of the other guys think india is good at "chiken curry".
I just answer them "God bless Canada".

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Orginally posted by dp_jain

please read, comment and siscuss.


excellent link
Thanks jain,that still you are indian,
not become a Indian Gora..
most of immigrant behave with India and its culture like a foreigner(Gora people)it is really shamefull.
sonia (a foreigner)commanding on 1 billion indians because we have enough JaiChands(Gaddar)in india and out side,,who joined the British army when freedom fighters were fighting for India
who is trying to converts hidus to other religions
untill these gaddars not out from india nothing will improve

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-02-05 13:54:06

whats an "Indian Gora" ?

We will find a way or we will make one

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-02-05 14:13:28

Orginally posted by jake3d

Benny hinn and Sonia gandhi causing the downfall of a time proven culture? gimme a break :)

Benny Hinn is not as insignificant as we might like to think.

The Evangelical movement in USA is stronger than ever before.
I am sure conservatives being in office has something to do with it.

When you see a stadium full of folks going crazy over a preacher/Faith healer/Evangelist, it doesnt end there. Every 4 (or 2) years in November these same people get to vote and influence domestic and international policy.

The article above can be refuted point by point (I might do it when I get some more time).

Having said that i am against prosletization (as oposed to Freedom to practice any religion). I dont understand how changing one's religion is going to solve the problems, which are basically economic in nature. I am not sure but in Tamil Nadu there was a bill banning such activities. Dont know if it passed.

Benny Hinn lost his weird hairdo, but gained in popularity and influence.

I once made a mistake, but I was wrong about it.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-02-05 15:20:00

Orginally posted by mercury6
Benny Hinn is not as insignificant as we might like to think.

The Evangelical movement in USA is stronger than ever before.
I am sure conservatives being in office has something to do with it.

This evangelical movement is highly fractured even in the US. Try asking some republicans what they think of Hinn and you will get assorted viewpoints :D . Many of them not very complimentary to hinn.

That being said, this is India we are talking about. Where people will go pray to mount mary church on wednesday and the next tuesday they are in the lineup at the siddhivinayak temple. In hinduism there are no conflicts in praying to the many forms of god. Most hindus are not fanatic about everyone having to follow their customs simply because there are so many and any addition is assimilated into the mix. I think this attitude is the inherent survival mechanism within hinduism.

There is nothing that Hinn can do that the various invaders and visitors have not tried through the ages. Even after british and muslim rule lasting for centuries an overwhelming percentage of the population choose to remain hindus. The current efforts in converting may prove even less effective since it cannot be enforced like a cpl of centuries ago. Seriously did anyone look into how many converts hinn has had in india...i would guess its not very much.

I think that a big reason for all this is that hinduism fulfills the spiritual needs of most of its followers via its religious and cultural aspects. Its not very easy to shake such deep and time tested foundations(going back more than 7000yrs). Even converts to most other religions retain facets of hindu culture in their daily life.

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