Any experiences with Interview at Abu dhabi

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 16-03-05 03:29:34

Interview at Abu dhabi
hi friends from UAE and gulf

Today i got the news from my consultant about an interview is required for me and will be scheduled in next month in abudhabi canadian embassy

Any one previously or recently faced interview in abu dhabi canadian embassy.
please share your experiences with CD. It will help me to prepeare for the interview.

can some one share with me what are the things i need to take care. I got some instructions from my consultant to prepare, but here on CD lots of Gulf based people around, who can guide me in this regard.

thanks in advance


Hi to all...

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I had someone who attended the interview in A/D in 2001. All u need to do is keep the copy of the application and the related documents in original in the same order. The million dollar questions as usual are why do u want to migrate to canada and how much money will u be carrying. The duration ranges from 15 mins to 30 mins. Pls ensure that u and ur spouse dress up in formals as I doubt if they expect to c someone in any dress apart from a suit for ladies. The final statement will be, u r thro and will receive ur forms thro an agent or if u have applied personally, they will hand over the same to u immediately. U can question them in this regard too as they dont consider it an offence

Good luck to everyone

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-03-05 00:30:50

Thanks balaji46
If dont mind can you please clarifiy my doubts .

It is little unclear for me about

1. As per your post \"me and my wife both need to wear suit
( kind of must)

2. \"forms thro an agent\"
you mean my immigration consultant, becuse i applied through consultant in uae. Then the forms will go to my consultant, he will send them to me or what?

3. \"u can question them in this regard\"

again i am not getting your point?



Hi to all...

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1. The western outfits are a kind of must. They prefer suit or skirts for ladies (as 99% of the canadian market wears those kind of dresses)
2. If u have applied thro the agent, they send the result and forms to them who will then forward it to u. The agent will send u a small sheet containing the probable questions that u might be asked.
3.Upon the completion of the interview, u will be asked if u have any questions. In case of success, the interviewer will tell u the result and that the medical forms etc will be sent to ur agent

Good luck to everyone

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Hi Prince

thanks for info..


Hi to all...

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Did your interview over? It seems that it has not taken place yet. You posted this thread on 16.03.2005 and it means more than 2 months.



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