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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 11-06-05 14:34:27

Seems like there are many Shahrukh fans on this board. Let us check your "Shahrukh" quotient.

(1) Which is Shahrukh's first released movie?

The remaining questions are in cryptic form. You have to identify the movie

(2) Shahrukh helps the heroine in question #1 to identify her father out of three probables. Coincidentally, this movie was also the directorial debut (and hopefully last) movie of an another leading lady of Indian cinema

(3) This movie is takes place in just one night. The villian (complement of Ding) plans to destroy Bombay. Shahrukh thwarts his plan with the help of the director's wife

(4) Shahrukh gets obsessed with the heroine, an air hostess and continuously follows her. The heroine, after going through a number of calamities, kills Shahrukh

(5) Shahrukh goes to Bombay in search of career. He has to choose between his beloved and his boss. This movie was a remake of "Shri 420".

(6) Shahrukh rescues the damsel in distress in a "foreign" land

(7) Movie starring Shahrukh, Anil Kapoor and Jackie. This movie was one of the biggest commercial disaster of 1995

(8) Shahrukh romances with Nagma under the supervision of big brother Jackie.

(9) Shahrukh and Raveena's only movie.

(10) Shahrukh is a "good-for-nothing" fellow, who does nothing but sing in a group, and woo Suchitra Krishnamurty. The movie features a song picturized on Naseeruddin Shah

Happy Quizzing :D

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 11-06-05 17:30:01

1.) some say its Dil Aashna Hai..but I say its Deewana with Divya Bharti and Rishi Kapoor

2.) Dil Aashna Hai... :D

3.) Villain is Javed Jaffery...O darling ! Yeh Hai India :D

4.) Badi Muhkil hai khoya mera dil hai koi usey dhoond ke laaye na...Jaake kahan main rapat likaoon koi batlyae naa..Main royoon ya hasoon...karoon main kya karoon :D aka Anjaam..a poor copy of Darr

5.) Or more likely a remake of Citizen Kane...Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman

6.) "Karna padta hai Boss...Desi Aurat ki izzat is parayi des mein bachani padti hai" :D..aka Yes Boss..or if you take Kajol in DDLJ..or even Mahima in Pardes (more appropriate)

7.) Duniya re DUniya ..very good very good, duniya wale very bad very bad

8.) King Uncle

9.) A ramesh sippy flop...Zamana Deewana

10.) and which I once answered in your earlier quiz...woh toh hai albela , hazaroon mein akela....Also starring Dipak Tijori and his swades Director..Ashutosh Gowariker....... "Sometimes Yes..Sometimes No" ...

Over to you Meghal ;)

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Khan saheb is a classic OVER-actor.
He should have remained in tv serials.

This should ruffle some feathers.:D

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 11-06-05 20:39:45

Khan saheb is a classic OVER-actor.
He should have remained in tv serials
Still he is the most popular actor in Bollywood today ....:)
SRK brandname is enough to make a film hit nowadays...personally I found nothing gr8 about KAAL but still it's a hit ...because of SRK + Karan Johar brandname

Unfortunately lot depend on the Director also .If director want to cash his overacting in emotional scenes to make a movie hit (like KHNH ,Mohabbatein) want SRK can do?:D

I liked his controlled acting in Swades and though it's a outstanding movie as far as $$$$(Return of Investment) is concerned it's a flop...

Bottom line is common mass Bollywood movie lovers want to see SRK's so called overacting in emotional scenes::) which may not attract guys like us:D

PS I am waiting for SRK /Rani/Big B's PAHELI - Director Amol Palekar,Music M M Kreem:cheers:


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-06-05 01:35:28


I liked his controlled acting in Swades and though it's a outstanding movie as far as $$$$(Return of Investment) is concerned it's a flop...

Didn't get this one? :(

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-06-05 07:55:51

SWADES is unfortunately a flop as far as collection in avarage per print (indicator of hit/avarage/flop) is concerned.
Unfortunately after 5th week it was out from most of the released theaters in Metro cities
Here is the collection of 5th week for SWADES

Now comparing with KHNH with same week collection(more than double)



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-06-05 14:45:41

I personally dislike SRK but his acting in Veer Zara was superb. Touched a few forgotten chords in me, it sure did. :)

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