Toronto vs. Alberta

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Hi, I have lived in Toronto, have a fairly good job here in my field - financial analyst in manufacturing and services.

I want to move west to Alberta or BC for two reasons: more beautiful, more skiing, and Alberta has more affordable property i heard.

My wife was an interior designer by trade in India, and I know thats not the easiest job to find here in Canada. Hwoever, she is open to any 'creative' field (- whatever that means - such as environmental engineering, fashion, etc. I know nothing about these fields. I am a traditional accountant.

Is it true that it is much easier to find a job in Alberta than here? I see quite a few new imigrants here drive taxis and work in gas stations but they wer IT pros, bankers and even doctors back home ALso, whats the deal with Fort McMurray? Is it really the hottest place to be now? I need to hear a Desi's perspective on this.

My only fears: Alberta industry seems centred around oil and gas. What happens if one day the oil proces crash worldwide? I used to live in BC and moved here to TO because i found it very hard to get a job in Vancouver in 2001. Every time you relocate, its got to make new friends, understand the local scene all over again, etc....the older you get , the harder it is.

Anyway, all you Alberta gents and ladies out there, i would really appreciate a reply. And thank y uou very much in advance!

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Hi there
Yes Toronto has got no 1 city in Crime now a days so if you have decided to move to Alberta, then that's the best decision so do not hesitate to move to Alberta(especially Calgary). Advantages to live in Calgary...
1. More affordable than Toronto
2. Calgary is booming right now and 4 or 5 new big projects is coming
3. No Crime in Calgary
4. Cheaper to live than Toronto
5. No PST only GST
6. Gas prices has already been hiked in all province of Canada but Alberta has less Gas prices than others
If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask

Sandeep Shukla

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Alberta has its advantages but it is not that you get jobs easily. It might be easier to get some kind of jobs.

I have friends in Toronto who ask me to shift there.

Calgary does have the advantages of being a smaller city. However, here also I have met MBAs, etc. driving cabs, delivering pizza, newspaper delivery. Gang-war is also becoming common.

Thanks & regards.


Let's make India a better place !

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-10-05 02:20:56

Duplicate post, deleted.


Let's make India a better place !

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It does not matter what part of Canada you are in. Your being brown is your greatest disqualification.

You dont find "gora" engineers in Toronto doing labour jobs. So it is just your race which comes in your way.

Or there must be something wrong in the education system in Third world countries.

Or only the bottom of the barrell migrate to Canada.

"Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?"
"I always ask that of all my prey."
"I just like the sound of it."

Desi in Alberta   
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Racism always shows its ugly face in any corner of the world. To succeed in a racist environment, you have to have to be much better than the average person of the majority population to succeed.

Say, you have to be twice as good as the next person to be treated as an equal.

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