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GLOBALBUSINESS123: Blue Peafowl, appreciate your advice and thank u very much.
Blue_Peafowl: To be honest : i don't think you should go into PC or IT if you have not worked or experience. There are so many of them with general knowledge , this field required expertise to success. And Y I
GLOBALBUSINESS123: Tks, Blue Peafowl Education: Grade 12 Work Experience: 20yrs as Customer Service Rep with Industrial products manufacturerdistributor Looking for hands on training in repairing PC, Laptop, Cell
Blue_Peafowl: If you dont mind telling us what is your education and work background ? And Why you want to do PC repair training ? something in mind for long term or just looking for easy job ? it will help us give you right advice.
GLOBALBUSINESS123: FullHouse, thank you very much.

Indian Bank : FACTA declaration

Many: Thank you Pendse Saheb.
pendse: NRO/NRE account guys, irrespective of which country they reside in. They should only be sending it to US citizens, US Green card holders & not NRI's in other foreign countries. So ignore the letter. When
Many: If I don't comply with the FATCA requirement (sent by my Indian bank); Can the Income-Tax guys stop my Refunds? Thus far I get refund for the TDS on my NRO deposits after I file Indian I-T returns.
Full House: We do not have any Pan Card nor any AAdhar card or any other card there in India. So, they are now trying to fish for S.I.N. Card. Just give them my SIN Number. They don`t know the difference any way.
RBO: OFF TOPIC : Recently I got request from ICICI bank to update PAN card information to issue a TDS certificate...It is a joint NRO/NRE account. Cross the fingers hope not getting all additional request

Moving Back Permanently -Is it worth Shipping products (Container) to India

poorme: Is Gora Master not better than your an unknown but Gora father. Your super English and attitude towards other fellows is a TESTAMENT to that.
poorme: Hope you are not posting from , otherwise Mr Know it all will hunt you down.
sarvjits: :up: :cheers:
pendse: Are you driving a cab in Canada ? In India , I have people like you working as my maids & servants. While you are serving your Gora master. No wonder you are jealous, your childish post is a testament to that :D
poorme: You must be really very very lonely to answer your own queries. Wait till CKB replies next to GI and than ShobhaDe contributes further. You are more of a joker than anticipated. Keep it up. Dont forget to go and cry in your moms lap.
pendse: Yup, the weather is warm & so are the people in India. Plus you are equal in India, no racism & discrimination & you are not treated as a Second class citizen to the Goras. You are one of them in India.

OCI-Moved back home - What formalities are needed for Tax non residency ?

Smiley: We never filed Canada taxes after 2008 . We do not have any income from Canada other than RRSP and Bank accounts ( NR witholding Tax at banks ) ..
pendse: You still file 2 tax returns every year though, right ? (Since you still seem to have partial ties to Canada). One is US with IRS and another one in Canada with the CRA ? I have no intention of filing one with CRA hence I don't think I can keep a house in Canada
Smiley: 1) If you have a house/condo , it can be rented out . You do not have to sell it if you do not want to 2) change your DL to the new country DL 3) Get a job in your new place and move out 4 ) You
gloria1211: Hi,
cdn_dude: - File your tax return for the Year 2017 from wherever you are - mentioning your departure date from Canada in the "Information about your residence" section is what you need to do - if you left Canada in 2017.


Latest Replies

Brutal Reality of Nikah Halala - Sting operation run by Aaj Tak TV

RaOne: ... Even legendary actress Meena Kumari had to go through a Nikah Halala ! She asked "What difference is left between me & a prostitute?" See more details here: LINK
RaOne: ... Video: LINK Report and video: LINK

(Indian Pension Question) PR soon to be Citizen

pendse: Yes. No need to tell the Maharashtra gov. about OCI & Canadian citizenship. Also don't close their resident Indian bank account in which they are getting the pension. Don't bother telling Canada about their Indian pension, otherwise they will cut it from the OAS & GIS they receive over here. Complete all formalities like PAN card, Aadhaar card as those can be used as ID's in India.
kasmodiya: Hi All, My parents are Canadian PR and will soon be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. :confused: Question on mind is :- As currently they are entitled to Pension in Mumbai (retired teachers from Maharashtra Government) Once they accept Canadian Citizenship and OCI from India, will they be still entitled for full Pension (Basic + D.A.)?

Selling property in India and bringing money to Canada - Need recomendation

pendse: Does he own a house or Condo in Canada ? Or is he renting in Canada ? If he owns a house in Canada, then he might be liable to pay Capital gains tax on the property he owns in India. He will have to pay those taxes in Canada. Never tell Canada, you own something in India. These cheapos don't need to know that. Best is to bring the black component in small tranches through havala.
kabutar12: Thanks a lot, this was very helpful. We will get the evaluation done for the time when he landed and also the time he sold. You rightly pointed out that prices have come down in India, so he is planning to show it as a loss. Now when he sells the property in India, only 25% of money will be given
rajcanada: In an all white transaction, it can come through regular banking channels. You will just to need to find a CA and ask him to prepare 15CA/15CB for repatriation of funds and funds can be wired to your Canadian bank account from India. A good chunk of it in the range of 20% will be held though as TDS in India (NRI status) until returns are filed in India.

Linking adhaar to airtel

rajcanada: You have to go to India and visit an Airtel center where they take your fingerprints and link it with Aadhar card.
Full House: Here is a web link that says how to do it. Hope it works for you. If it does, please confirm the same to us under this. Thanks. FH. LINK -
Indian: If some one knows a way to link adhaar to airtel mobile, could you please share? I don't have a plan to visit India in near future. Has the GOI given any provisions for people living outside of India? Thanks in advance!

Good Driving School

reddevil: This is one of the good schools here. Their rates are very standard. They also pick and drop. Being summer and a lot of them wanting to take such a lesson through them, they all get strapped and you may have to adjust your timing to suit theirs. Also you must be able to get additional practice lessons for Parking etc., from some one that will help you get settled here.
Full House: This is one of the good schools here. Their rates are very standard. They also pick and drop. Being summer and a lot of them wanting to take such a lesson through them, they all get strapped and you may have to adjust your timing to suit theirs. Also you must be able to get additional practice lessons for Parking etc., from some one that will help you get settled here.
reddevil: Can somebody help me out..With good driving schools. I don't want to end up at wrong place. Sincere Thanks
reddevil: Hello Everyone!! I recently got my G1 and would like to take lessons for G2. Could you recommend good driving school in downtown/midtown area. I have no past driving experience so would like to take complete course. How long does it take (avrg) to finish completet course? And wat would be the fees for the same. Thanks for your time (:

Newest Posts

Patio Stone

smiley1: Looking for any reasonable place to buy patio stone for my backyard around GTA area.

Joke: Religion & Louis Vuitton bag

RaOne: ... "Religion is like a Louis Vuitton bag. Feels like everyone has one, but for some unknown reason they all think theirs is special." LINK I think my mother tongue has a crude but better analogy: Moreover there are idiots who think that only theirs is real and everything else's is fake. The tweet below compares religions with genitals. LINK

Joke: Rage against men using urinals in public toilet

RaOne: ... Ha ha ha....ROFL LINK

Joke: Everything you wanted to know about Babri masjid issue in 2 lines

RaOne: ... : Tarek Fatah LINK

200 Refugees entering Canada everyday from the US! Wake up Canada!!

RaOne: ... See the following 13 minute video what our papu's policies are doing to this country. LINK

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