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India Discussions

One belt one road initiative of China - A toughest test for Modi

dhaval: India has already started to counter CPEC, with Japan. India and Japan are planning on various infrastructural projects in Africa, Iran, Sri Lanka and South East Asia. Japan, along with India, will
zindabad: +1. Also China has its own internal issues which most of the world does not know . China is united under present communist military rule but can't sustain it for ever . India under democratic system is grown stronger in all aspects . I can see in future Pakistan will become issue for china .
Garvo Gujarati: Quite interesting observation. Rothschild family does control almost all countries in the world. Up to what extend that's a thing to debate. I really don't read too much into Trump's visits, but his choices are definitely noteworthy.

MCD Elections - Any better deal for Delhi ?

Garvo Gujarati: Tell us more!
san-hugo: LINK :-)
zindabad: 😡इतनी तो केजरीवाल की इज्जत भी नहीं
Blue_Peafowl: Difference between Bhakt and APP supporter: Bhakt - yes we vouch for modi but we dont mind criticize him for some of his policies. We like Modi for various reason , especially Nationalism - APP:
Garvo Gujarati: Statuary warning: Watching a TV debate having any of above is injurious to your health. ;)
zindabad: No . Since beginning I have serious doubt on Kejru's intention . The kind of gimmicks he did after launching APP confirms my doubt . I believe that there should be strong government at Center . Kejru's all actions are against that .

Sonu Nigam wants to sleep !

Garvo Gujarati: True, It's easy to play with people's sentiments when it comes to religion. However low enforcement's are required too when people don't listen.
san-hugo: Supreme court banned loudspeakers from 10 PM to 8 am. Religious institution does not care and people support these institutions. Gundagardi hai bus....
Garvo Gujarati: There must be a "no-noise" time. Anything that is making noise beyond certain decibel should be banned during the periods of say 11.00 PM till 5.00 AM. That would cover fireworks as well. In
febpreet: Not just 'restricted', but an outright ban. The sound shouldn't come outside of their premises. Plain and simple.
Confused_Canadian: As long as people makes religion their friend and logic their enemy this thing will continue. Not just Mosque all religion has to be restricted in using loud speakers. After certain time there should not be sound pollution regardless of religion.

This TV show is transforming India - Fatah Ka Fatwa

RaOne: Can anyone here please explain what Luckysaab is trying to say in the underlined part? I read the text above three times but couldn't understand what he is getting at.
luckysaab: You are not increasing awareness of your fellow Indians but promoting hate and misinformation about Muslims. You are creating divisions. India doesn't have religious problem we only have corruption and criminals.
RaOne: Lucksaab, There has to be a rationale response to talk about. I am too busy to argue with someone who keeps crying victim with no desire for introspection. LINK Also,
luckysaab: If you can't defend then shout takiya or fallacy. Next anti-islam post ... <LongLiveCanada>


Latest Replies

Landlording Precautions / Tips

icame: Legal or Non-Legal has nothing to do with the tenant or lease. That's more to do with City By-Laws, House Insurance purpose, Property tax, Fire Code . A totally separate issue. If you don't have a lease and they don't move out, what are you going to do ? They can claim that they have paid you rent
san-hugo: The lease agreement primarily act as a deterrent and an advance notification to the tenant against any unlawful act. Plus it establishes the relationship between the tenant and landlord. There is no risk. After the signing, you do not have to submit or register it anywhere. Also signing the lease process gives you opportunity to check the credentials of the tenant and collect their identity etc.
Full House: Keeping the Common areas as clean as possible.. Such as the Kitchen, the Entrances with in and the Laundry Room and any place that you also use and determine the days and the times also that they should chip in is a must. The First and the Last is also common in a lease. So, collect the two separate cheques for that and cash them also. The Common Areas and the Common Kitchen is like a single family unit.

Muslim prayer issue reaches boiling point at Peel board meeting

rahul_singh23: Google and read about - Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Zuhdi Jasser and Asra Nomani. Some people want to follow all aspects of religion - multiple wives, sharia law court, girls are covered from top to bottom, tons of kids and wives are like baby manufacturing factory. Yes there is female genital mutilation in US and Canada.
Blue_Peafowl: Isn't the reality , where Muslim wants the sharia-and-caliphate in the world ? Unite all muslim, run Jihad, kill Kafr here is one of the scholar moderate educated professor view , that too here in Toronto: LINK
luckysaab: Seriously how dumb can you be to say that Muslims vote as one vote bank? What are the chances that 2 kids born from the same family, grow up together in the same house, reading the same books... and then grow up to think the same way? I never knew that Islam is this powerfu! and can unite Billion+ people together and vote the same way.

Is Income Tax Filing mandatory on soft landing?

Tony Arora: That is true, possession of a SIN card does not establish the residential ties.
Tony Arora: Greatly appreciate Mr. ICAME for your helpful responses and sincerely express my gratitude.
icame: As far as possible tell your parents not to bring a penny of their hard earned money in Rs. from India into Canada. Keep that as a safety net in India. Canada has no right over that money and has nothing to do with it. But whatever they can get from Canada over here, try to take it. Its paid for by immigrants like you, who have been looted by Canada.
icame: Some of the benefits available to Seniors are OAS, GIS, Social Assistance, ODSP. Also Take quarterly HST credits and monthly Ontario Trillium Benefit ( OTB ) also. Make full use of the FREE medicare in Canada also, so if they have prescription drugs, surgeries, operations get them done in Canada.
sudesingh: These days a SIN is issued at the airport when you land, so not applying is not an option. But having a SIN does not mean you have residential ties.

Apply for citizenship????

zindabad: Good to know .Anyhow I am victim of old 4/6 rule as I just completed 4 years.
Full House: Good news comes in BUNDLES. Here is something Nice to hear about. It is for those who want to get their CITIZENSHIP a little EARLY. "A bill to change Canadas Citizenship Act has finally been passed by the Senate with amendments, bringing the legislation closer than ever to becoming law. As
zindabad: Thanks Full House . Please post updates if you get any in future .
Full House: Recently I have come to know that they are processing these Citizenship Applications in a short span of TWELVE Months. Some might take a little longer. So, to the best of my knowledge, the first phase of the initial process will take TEN Weeks. So, if you wait for that duration you might see it in the e-cas website. LINK

Discussion on article: THIS IS HOW YOU SUCCEED IN CANADA

san-hugo: Excellent Post ! My uncle in village in India is so happy there, he will be miserable in Geneva, Vancouver, or even country Denmark. Personally, I never regretted leaving India (even after doing very well there). I am glad I am here , having a ball of time. Barring little struggle in the first year , its been smooth ride.
rahul_singh23: Now days its easy to get info about cities, cost, housing, job availability, weather and more. Never bring whole family without a job offer or you have lot of money to spend. I never trust 100% all the time in these UN ratings, best place on earth, safest cities, best schools and many extreme socialist
GlobalIndian: I have no sympathy for the adults in that family, they got all they desired for being utter slave-minds and abysmally myopic, but I felt sorry for their kids. They probably deserved better. There is no real story in that post. They could simply say "we were doing very well back in India but life

Newest Posts

Faced with terminal cancer, mother fulfills lifelong dream of earning PhD

groupbuyebox: Very heart touching accomplishment: Faced with terminal cancer, mother fulfills lifelong dream of earning PhD LINK Precilla Veigas was more than halfway through her PhD in medical science when she got the grim diagnosis in September 2015. A rare form of abdominal cancer had spread through her body. Doctors told her she had six months to live, a year if she was lucky. Veigas had a teenaged daughter, a husband and a sprawling family in India. She was also engrossed in pursuing the academic goal shed been dreaming of for most of her life. Colleagues at the University of Toronto raised the possibility of medical leave. I said no, Im not going to do that, I want to finish it, recalls Veigas, 44, who says despite the shock, staying focused on her research made her feel clearer and stronger to deal with the medical nightmare that was about to unfold. Difficulties come in life, you cant turn away from them.

Vacation in pei and Nova Scotia

gktaurus: Planning a vacation this summer in PEI and NS for 10 days with family. Looking for some Ideas about the attractions and must see places though I did search various travel related sites, trying to get some feedback from those who visited. We will be travelling from Calgary and would like to fly to NS and back. Appreciate all the feedback. Thanks


Full House: Canada has long been, and continues to be, a land of immigration. Since Confederation in 1867, more than 17 million immigrants have come to Canada. EDIT. : LINK NOW..Intolerance Threatens India's Universities. India's leading institutions face drastic cuts in resources and shrinking space for intellectual freedom. CREDITS are provided at the bottom of the article. (Copy and Paste) Higher education in India is going through a critical phase. The country has witnessed tremendous growth in the sector since independence, and now has 750 universities, 35,000 colleges and 30 million of students. But none of its best institutions have managed to secure a place in the list of the world's top 200 universities. This is particularly worrying as some of India's leading institutions are now facing drastic cuts in employment and resources.

Visa Rejected under SPP category for SEP-2017

bhanuchopra22: Hi, My visa got refused on 14th April based on the following grounds: -You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including: -purpose of visit -Other reasons:-Your proposed studies are not logical in light of one or more of : previous studies and work experience, academic record, level of establishment in your home country,language abilities and your future plans. I applied for information technology solutions at Humber college for Sep-2017 intake. Previous background: 10th -78% passed out in 2007 12th (PCM) -72% passed out in 2009 Degree/Graduation- B.Tech in Computer Science- 59% passed out in 2013 Backlogs -10 Work experience-3 years as Senior Systems Engineer /Business Analyst current working as consultant in leading CRM company. Please advise.:confused:

Egyptian denounces some jurisprudence in Hadees

RaOne: .. Video: LINK

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