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Kejriwal Sacks his Cabinet Minister on Corruption Charges

san-hugo: Yepp, these stunts were tried by BJP 2 years back also and you are so desperate to post here 2014 videos !! Let me give you, and all other congis and BJP supporters, a mantra for winning elections that is MERIT ! elections are won on merits , not on defamation.
zindabad: Kejru is Congi agent to cut BJP vote LINK LINK LINK LINK
Fido: Some LINK Appears Delhi Police is an instrument of leashing Centre instructed high handedness ...

Kashmir issue - clashes over militant Burhan Wani leave 30 dead....

ramar2005: LINK We do not understand what Chidambaram says "We broke faith, we broke promises" etc.
RBO: New Delhi, Jul 18 : आतंकवादी बुरहान वानी की एक मुठभेड़
ramar2005: If individuals carry AK47s and grenades and attack policemen and army, what else can they expect in return? The latest is that there will be an Enquiry into the circumstances leading to the encounter. Both
RBO: worth watching both Videos about recent issue....debate On THE NEWSHOUR, TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, and panelists... LINK LINK

Modi completes two years

Fido: And obviously we dread that and hence wish all the best to the current Govt. to perform and justify the faith the electorate have put in it ...
northyork_desi: Boohoo, you wish. Not so fast Mr. You will have to be content of watching Mr Rahul Gandhi performing in parliament from opposition bench for another 7 more years. LINK
san-hugo: BJP Rule's 3 rd year in progress and as expected, cookie has started to crumble.
ramar2005: Sidhu had won the Amritsar seat for the BJP in 2004 and 2009, when BJP had to sit in opposition. Even if he was not to be given a minister post when BJP came to power in 2014, he need not have been asked to vacate the seat for Jaitley.

PC as gift

Full House: Please carry all of the receipts for the Purchases and the Gifts, if you can get the same from the person who is gifting it to you. (This is also included in the Duty Free Exemption Limits.) Please see the link below..
jrsm03.fb: My sister is willing to gift me an apple all in one PC. She lives in the US. I live Canada. Will there be any issue with the customs when i bring it into Canada on my way back from US?


Latest Replies

CD picnic on Aug 13

Full House: We were to leave on the 12th Aug for two weeks, for a short break. It was planned and organized since April. Lucky for me we could not divide and re-group till now. So there are now two groups and I am still going, but with the second group on the 19th Aug. Lv on the 20th Aug, early morning from TO. I will not miss the meet.
hchheda: FH.. I am sure a lot of CD are waiting to meet you. It will be a privilege to have you join us... though I understand the drive is too far for you. Hopefully you can coordinate with Blue peafowl and get a ride... Please land inside the picnic fence :cheers: Hiren
Full House: Thank you for your responses. Please understand though I am the OP the project has been initiated by others - only posted by me. To help keep the information current and accessible to everyone, I prepared a basic spreadsheet on google docs shared here: Mmmm..... who are they and how many? Still waiting. FH. Humpty Dumpty..

Duty free shop at Abu Dhabi

Full House: - Duty Free Allowance since 1st April 2016 for Passengers Arriving into India. LINK AMEDABAD: If you are flying abroad from Ahmedabad airport by this month end, and wish to buy some drinks, then you will be disappointed.
Fido: Cigarettes should be cheaper in AUH. Liquor I am not sure .. You should be able to avail liquor in India Duty Free before exiting the Airport ..my guess is at the same price that you would get in TOR/AUH.
mrpandya: Hi On a flight next month from the Toronto to Ahemadabad via Abu Dhabi, please can someone advise whether I can buy duty free in the Toronto or Abu Dhabi? Can i take liquor with me from toronto to Ahmadabad?? is there any problem while transfer from Abu dhabi to Ahmadabad?? Thanks Manoj

Parent Sponsorship (Medical)

Many: They approve even if there are medical problems ( tubercolosis for example). They ask the person to undergo medical treatment and submit confirmation thereto. So there is some delay but case gets approved.
Full House: Doctors don't want to break up the family. He will pass the Medicals. So, Hang in there. You only cross the bridge when you come to it. FH. I hope that they did not find anything serious. -
callingcard: Hello, Medical check up of my parent has been completed. Parents happened to be in Canada. After initial screening, CIC requested specialist report for father only. Father is principal applicant. If medical does not approve for father, does it mean that mother's file is not approved? Is there any provision to challenge CIC on medical ground if they don't approve?


rajcanada: Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this woman is too. It is probably not right for this woman to go confronting desi woman about how they dress but still I would not suggest escalating to police unless it becomes a serious issue like this woman confronting your wife again or she threatens your wife or your wife's friends.
vagg: Thanks hchheda, I replied to your PM.
vagg: I hope it stays that way but considering (you know what I am referring to) day is not far when we'll have Europe like problems as someone mentioned before.
Fido: All said and done we should be proud and happy that Canada is still a land of freedom and law. There s no harm in reporting this to the Police / media in writing. You can also ask the other 2 ladies if they wish to join in as well and the store keeper can also be mentioned to keep record of happenings.
indiarocks: This really comes as no surprise. The demography of this country is changing and changing fast. Every time you step out you see it for yourself. Go to an area you used to frequent before but have not in a while and you will seem like an outsider. This does not look like the Canada of even 10 years ago.


reddevil: Thats great So no hasel of IELTS general preparation
Full House: Here is a small break for you. It is in the upgrading of the language skills. Government of Canada, Immigration Department says that if you have got through and Graduated with your ONE YEAR Course, They will recognize it as if you fully hold the skills required in the Language course. Which makes you exempt now. Now you can heave a sigh of relief. Good Luck, FH.
Gurram: I don't know much about your back ground to advise ... but if you are a foreign graduate, with atleast one year foreign experience, has a canadian diploma, acquired one year Canadian experience ( your job title shoudl fall into skilss sets of O, A, B levels) and has good IELTS score you will be in the game under express entry and can get the invitation. You have only one year work permit.

Newest Posts


myjughead: Paying for a child's post-secondary education is a great investment in your child?s future as Canadian tuition fees and other related education related expenses continue to climb. As a result, it is becoming more difficult for many Canadian families to fund the cost of post-secondary education, especially if there is more than one child. So Ottawa jumped in with a savings plan called Registered Education Savings Plan - RESP, to encourage parents to save money for their kid's post-secondary education. What is RESP? A RESP is a education savings account registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), where an individual (subscriber) can save money for a student (beneficiary) and government pitches in by providing monetary grants (CESG, Additional CESG, CLB) and allow the money to grow TAX FREE until withdrawn to fund post-secondary education of the chosen beneficiary. When funds are withdrawn from RESP to fund the post-secondary education, it gets taxed at the hands of student, which is next to negligible.

Driving Instructor for test

AshwaniG: Hello Guys Any recommendations for driving instructor who can provide his car for G2 test scheduled in Scarborough .. TIA AG

Aloo Gobhi

bdfseo1: Hello Are you really craving for some desi aloo gobhi? Yes here is a recipe for you of aloo gobhi so that you can prepare it anytime at home easily. Ingredients: 3 medium potatoes 1/2 a Cauliflower 1/2 medium onion, minced 4 medium sized tomatoes, segmented (or a 400gm can of diced tomatoes) 2cm ginger, grated 1 tsp garlic, minced Small bunch of fresh coriander 1 fresh Cayenne chilli (optional) 2 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp chilli powder (or smoked paprika, if you prefer it milder) 1 tsp turmeric 6 peppercorns 3 cloves 2 bay leaves 1 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp salt (to taste) 4 tbs oil for cooking Method: Start by cutting your potatoes and cauliflower. I like to cut my potatoes on sharp angles, rather than uniform cubes. What you want to get a large surface area on the potato, but make sure they're about 1/2 the size of your cauliflower florets, the reason being that your cauli will cook faster than your potatoes, so keep the potatoes smaller than your cauli.

Desi Delicious!

bdfseo1: Hello Dear this one of my favorite dish ever. Even the smell Palak Paneer makes my mouth water :cheers: You can try now: Ingredients: 250gms of Paneer, cut into 1 inch cubes 1 medium tomato, chopped Half an onion, chopped 500gms spinach (I'm using frozen spinach because it's out of season at the moment, but fresh also works) 1cm knob of ginger, grated 1 dried chilli (or more, to taste) 4 cloves of garlic, crushed 2 tsps ground coriander 2 tsps ground cumin A splash of cream (optional) Ghee/oil for cooking 1 cup of water Direction: Start by cutting your paneer into cubes (if it's not already cut). Shop bought paneer is fine, but making your own gives a much richer flavour, in my mind. Warm your knife under hot water to make the paneer easier to cut. Fry your paneer on all sides in a little oil/ghee.

Canada Post headed for a strike

rajcanada: Canada Post says they have made their final offer. Union says it is an "insult." When you are in a union in a crown corporation, you can argue about defined contribution vs fixed payout pension plan while in private sector you have neither! Anyway mail is in the decline but compensated by increase in parcels from online shopping. Parcels is a competitive market though with many private players in the field. Liberals move of stopping further installation of community mailboxes is further going to add to the costs of the corporation. LINK

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