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Yaqub Memon Executed .

Fido: Why I brought this up and what jolted me was that I always felt that education lifted people both economically and for understanding life better and that I also felt that more educated a person would be
ramar2005: Memons are a community from Kutch, which had their Holy Book as one "Dasavathara" and not Quron, till about the middle of last century. The former book believed in the 10 Avatars of Vishnu, the last one being Ali instead of Kalki.
ramar2005: For all these Devil's advocates, linking Modi to Gujarat riots is not "lucrative" anymore, as funds from distant lands had dried up. But still a few of them are around.
Rajagopal: Here is a basic primer to help understand what’s different about people like “Yakubs” and rest of the mankind. They believed, practiced and lived the faith that commands destruction and unparalleled

Jaitley wants India Pakistan Cricket Test Series

ramar2005: Whichever party comes to power, they must be wary of some brilliant Supreme Court lawyers hijacking people's and party's agenda. After getting thrown out by the people for the wrongdoings when in power,
ramar2005: We have to pin it on Jaitley, because of the timing or otherwise of this latest development. Being second in the Cabinet next to PM, holding both Finance and I&B, and also BCCI Vice President, he has to take credit for this 'patriotic' act.

Tata Indica EV2 vs Maruti Alto K10

Fido: What I still do not understand is that why are show room cars showing branded tires and delivered cars Chinese tires ? MUL should be having a consistent policy towards tires .... unless they allow dealers to put them per their discretion ...
ramar2005: The dealer is a reputed one for MUL cars in the city and sells only their brand. He was careful display his cars (all Maruti) on the showroom floor with reputed brand tyres. Assumed that it would be one of these which was wrong on my part.
Fido: Yes that is a good point ..Thanks.
elmer fudd: Not a car expert here, Fido, but Suzuki brands have better reputation as longer lasting cars than Tata brands, perhaps one more reason for their higher resale value. You can confirm with experts if Tata cars depreciate quicker.

RIP Dr APJ Kalam. What a man he was !

ramar2005: All great men from TN who lived during the period of Dr.Kalam were influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and Mahaperiava Sri Chandrasekara Saraswathi Swamiji of Kanchi Mutt. Simplicity, tolerance for other faiths were their hallmarks.
happywoman36: LINK Wonderful speech in European parliament. RIP means return if possible Sir. :(
lemon925: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.. You were and will always be inspiration for me and many others. May the almighty rest your noble soul in Peace.
Rajagopal: Dr. A.P.J. Kalam is a "Yugpurush". People like him are born once every century. True patriot who helped propel India into the space age. He was imparting knowledge even until the last second of his life.


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Bumper Job : Auto Body Shop .

Fido: Thanks Dimple ( & Hiren) , a. Though I have plans to go to Niagra Aug end , I don't know if I would be able to go across the border for this. If however some one knows the name of a body shop / mechanic across the border with in 30 minutes , I might speak with them and get it shipped across ...
dimple2001: I've purchased a front bumper for the Altima from Amazon. They ship to you with primer on (no paint). You can then take it to a body shop and have it installed and painted. Or, if you have the patience, you can install the bumper, but have it painted by a body shop. It would save you the markup on the
hchheda: At the scrap yard, no one will help you - you have to check the availability of your own model and color before entering. Even after finding one, you need to take whatever is available, as is or risk the $50.00 to return empty handed. It is better to prepare a list of 10-12 items you may need in future

Elections 2015 - NDP vs Conservatives vs Liberals

febpreet: Looks highly likely. I am all for it - will keep the GOP, oops! Conservatives in checks and balances. NDP doesn't stand a chance, cometh the Election day. They are a victim of their own devices.
hchheda: For the past few elections I have hardly come across any positive platforms from any of the national parties or leaders. Mostly it is all about pointing the controversial policies and attributes of the opposition leader/party. Economy was not Harper's folly, but distributing surplus cash from previous years to target voting groups with the sole purpose of winning election this year is something which I cannot commend Conservatives for.
febpreet: By the way, does anyone knows for a fact as to why Media by and large is against Harper? I haven't seen such a negative coverage of any Leader, especially on the Internet.
febpreet: Yes Vivek, this is surprising to me as well. But, make no mistake, the campaign is still in its infancy right now. Tide normally turns with just one statement, one policy, one promise, and one goof-up during the trail. Besides, we all have seen how these polls have been turning up for the last couple of years.

Filing for fresh visa/work permit

hchheda: The OP has not mentioned anywhere about fake job and visa. It is a straight forward immigration agency/consultant, they apply for PR on behalf of the applicant and charge fees for the services. There is NO commitment of job by the agency. The standard job assistance they offer is to forward you targeted job openings from Monster, Workopolis and similar job boards and charge additional fees for the service.
tamilkuravan: I always say that Australia is better for people other than those in IT. For IT people I donot know. Your technology is hot. You will get a job in Canada and may be in Australia too. For PR to Canada, it is very easy for you to fill in the form yourelf. If you qualify for express entry, you can come in one year.
mail2sujin: Hey Hi Murali, Thank you for the response. The blr visa consultancy are very much genuine. I was referred by one of my colleague who quit the organization and flew to Australia. He was helped by this consultancy for getting the visa. Some fees ofcourse and the work was done. I had inquired and found this to be a genuine one.

Wasaga Beach One Day.?

Fido: Thanks for sharing the feedback RBO :up:
RBO: Hi Fido, Port Dover - Great beach (you can park the car cross the beach) Turkey point - No idea - never been visited this place... Grand Band - Good beach Past long weekend, we visited Port Elgin Beach and Mac Gregor Provincial Park....Port Elgin beach was amazing.....water was so clean and
vivek901: Yes I liked Sauble beach as well. I recently did a overnight weekend trip. I left on Saturday morning, went to Collingwood Scenic caves. After that left around 3 to Sauble Beach which is around 1.5 hrs from collingwood. Sauble beach is much better than Wasaga for sure. I spent one night in Wiarton and next day morning went to Tobermory which is about 1 hr from there.
Fido: Past long weekend , we visited Sauble Beach , Tobermory and Wasaga Beach. Have been to Sauble Beach before also ... You can park your car on the sand :) . Clean water and good fun .. However I found Wasaga to be better for the waves one gets @ Wasaga and also the facilities .... Not sure how the Beach Area 1 -4 look like , but we were @ Beach Area 5 and it was acceptably clean ..

Anywhere with GTA that has Pain free hair threading like in India

clinton: Hope this link helps you Grace Hair Design , 4646 Heritage Hills Mississauga, ON L5R Phone number (905) 890-2590 LINK
BangaloreGirl: I haven't threaded my brows since the time I came here (1+ month) fearing the horrible pain :cry: it's safe to say my eyebrows look like a forest now. Any pain-free threading contacts in Downtown??
happywoman36: Even for me, it was very painful but last time, I had a good beautician in the salon and it was painless and no scars too. try to contact her 647-400-2134. she is good with 15 yrs experience Punjabi girl.
desi_123: bump . . .near QEW and 427
saimas9: there are a lot of people who do very good threading here .E mail me and I can give you so many nos .Vinitashah44@gmail.com
desi_123: I just got back from India and got threading out there. It was pretty amazing considering the thread they used was much softer. Actually the whole process was extremely comfortable less redness and irritation and whole lot less painful. The place I go out here is much rougher and skin stays red way longer. Anything similar like that in GTA?

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lemon925: -deleted

Canadian Desi Meet up

vivek901: It has been a long time that we have been interacting on this forum. I thought it would be a good idea to catch up. At least GTA folks can catch up at a some common place. Anybody up for it??

Few good deals.

happywoman36: LINK LINK LINK

Is Orthodox Christainity(Evangalism) & Radical Islam is Mental Disease ?



Full House: NO... It is not a dream. Please read on... Audi is making fuel from air and water Audi has begun production of a synthetic diesel fuel made from water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen. Unlike fossil fuels, which release additional carbon into the atmosphere, Audi’s “e-diesel,” which is being produced at a plant in Dresden in conjunction with the German alternative energy company Sunfire, has a net-zero carbon footprint because it is made with carbon dioxide taken from the air. It’s not the first carbon-neutral fuel, but it’s being hailed by the German government, which provided support for the plant, as an important milestone in the movement for cleaner energy. “If we can make widespread use of CO2 as a raw material, we will make a crucial contribution to climate protection and the efficient use of resources, and put the fundamentals of the ‘green economy’ in place,” Johanna Wanka, Germany’s minister of education and research, said in an Audi news release announcing the production of the initial batch of e-diesel.

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POLL : What do you think about below joke

Fido: You will be missed and we can only hope that you return back . Your contribution to CD is unparalleled .
Fido: These were more as exceptions , rather than the norm and should be treated likewise. Check one of the good ones doing rounds ( costume party ) here LINK
BlueLobster: Thanks everyone for expressing your opinions and thoughts on this topic. The anonymous poll stands at 57% NOT OK vs. 43% OK. The votes in the comments are as follows (11 not ok vs 7 ok) Good to know that this crap is not making most people's day.
irock: let me try... NOT OKKKK.... see how easy it is to just reply to the OP regarding the poll rather than creating childish arguments & ridiculing other people. Giving your opinion is important with the vote but to start frivolous arguments with
clinton: Over all I like vagg jokes . This specific (virginity test ) joke is not acceptable CD content.

Buying an Existing Business - Based on my recent experience

happywoman36: Last month, best way groceries was for sale in isligton albion for 150k. The owner is known to me. We had a talk. She said 50-70k are inventory and basement is huge used for storage. One room is gvn on rent $600 in basement. Rent for the grocery store is $4500 + utilities.
happywoman36: Last month, best way groceries was for sale in isligton albion for 150k. The owner is known to me. We had a talk. She said 50-70k are inventory and basement is huge used for storage. One room is gvn on rent $600 in basement. Rent for the grocery store is $4500 + utilities.
booradleysmart: Great post
happywoman36: Awesome! Thnx for sharing. I missed this post since I was not on the forum. Tdy coz of pandya's post, enjoyed reading it. Once again thnx for sharing detailed research done by you. :) we appreciate it.
dimple2001: I didn't buy the business :( During the due diligence process, I found a significant number of discrepancies between what the seller told me verbally and what the documents showed. The seller could not explain the discrepancies to my satisfaction.

Home Cleaning Services

happywoman36: I use this boy Godwin 1-289-218-6207. Few years back, he was my tenant and I used to pay him to keep the place clean. He is good guy frm Bangalore. I used to pay him $200 for a month to keep 3 bhk with 2 washroom clean. Now since my condo is rented to
prince77: I know one of my freind who gets this Philipino lady who comes once in two weeks takes $15 an hour
KevinNathan: I'm living in Vancouver and I got house cleaning from . They provide me a good house cleaning services with Eco-friendly cleaning products and I have a good experience with this company.
Portia: I'm sorry I don't know of any specific companies in your area. I should be clear: there could be bonded house cleaners on Craigslist, it is specifically people looking for causal or under the table work that I would be cautious of because you really know nothing about them and have no insurance to protect you if they steal from you.
cool girl: Since Mollymaids are expensive, is there any other professional company who is reasonable and trustworthy? I will be scared to go thru craiglist or anyone unknown.

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