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Modi completes two years

northyork_desi: Maybe you can start by highlighting major achievements of past Congress govts. While you are at it, please explain which of their election agenda points were achieved. Why is there a sudden urge to make govt accountable? Modi jis govt is doing well and will continue for many years to come.
san-hugo: Please highlight 3-4 major achievements without any rhetoric. No scam ( I disagree and can count many) is not an achievement. This shows rotten mentality of an Indian today. We think having no scam
zindabad: Absolutely , I am optimistic about India's future . Sure India as a nation will shine under leadership of Modi . NAMO has started several schemes and initiatives which will start giving results in coming 2-3 years .
ramar2005: NaMo's passion for seeing us as a great nation is actually the reason for whatever success achieved by him and his team of ministers. Unlike the sycophants of the Nehru-Gandhi family of the UPA, Modi has surrounded himself with a great team.

Kejriwal Sacks his Cabinet Minister on Corruption Charges

zindabad: AAP = Anti National + Anti Hindu + Pakistani.
Garvo Gujarati: Now clearly Mamta, Nitish (with Lalu), Akhilesh and Kejriwal are joining hands to defeat Modi let's see how these AAPTards keep supporting Kejriwal. Obviously all those names are full of corruption (baring
zindabad: कभी कभी लगता है अरविन्द और केजरीवाल
metouk: There is neck to neck fight among all parties except bjp and its allies to prove themselves closest to jinnah line.No dought kejriwal is leading in this race and much ahead of sonia,nitish, lalu,mulayam, Azam khan and owassi.
zindabad: Khujli says ?Batla House encounter was fake.? ISIS Terrorist says, ?I saved my ass in Batla house.? Who is more dangerous? The Yugpurush Kejriwal is pro terrorist. Is he appointed by terrorists? He said, ?Ishrat Jahan was innocent? According to him the Batla House encounter was fake.

Panama Papers

ramar2005: The latest on the saga is that the British PM holding a summit on corruption and stashing money in safe havens. With more than 50% of the 210,000 suspicious accounts held by British Virgin Islands, it
ramar2005: Rajya Sabha MP speaking in parliament says that just like son-in-law Vadhra, her son Rahul Gandhi too had bought some property for 50 lacs and in 3 years sells it for 5 crores. But we find Sonia sitting expressionless.
ramar2005: Subramanian Swamy took oath as Rajya Sabha MP on Tuesday and ever since the parliament is on fire regarding Westland helicopter scandal involving 3600 crores. The Italian Court has convicted the bribe givers belonging to the Company.
Full House: Whose got the ding dong!! You Hit the Nail Right on its head. The article appeared soon after you posted the previous link. I am still reading it. But I suspected that the money from the external location was playing some part in this scandal.

Modi completes One Year at Delhi

ramar2005: Last Friday, Manohar Parikar declared in Lok Sabha that unlike Bofors, the guilty will be identified and punished w.r.to this helicopter scam. Sonia and Rahul were seen sitting scared during the debate. Congress
Blue_Peafowl: Ramar: Its true lot of people are getting impatience with Modi's work. But that is just temporary anger , people are smart and they will re elect him again. Modi is here to stay for one more term, unless by miracle there is alternative to him but with kejru, puppu it will not happen..
ramar2005: Now it is Shourie who has joined Karan Thapar's choir group. LINK Even


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Home Made Rotis.

Full House: I posted this under the Kitchen Machines, just to inform that the Machine will be paid off with in a Year. I happened to meet an old friend of mine there in town and we both headed to 7600 Weston Rd. I picked up a few croissant at that location. Adjacent to it there were our regular Rotis and the brand name was 'Santosh'.
rajcanada: Since I don't live in GTA, I do not have any recommended place but there are so many people running tiffin services in GTA from their homes. You can check CD Classifieds or Kijiji. Most of them would sell freshly made home made rotis.
Fido: Are there any recommended places where you can get home made rotis ( whole wheat preferred ) ? We currently get ours from Scarborough - Suraj Desi Kitchen , but exploring for other tried and tested options also. Not looking forward for the well packaged Mom Made or Crispy brands but home made in plastic packages of 10 ..

Where o buy a Piano

Full House: Talents aplenty and with the current day of posting to the U-Tube through the Internet makes it a pleasure waiting for new postings to it. I am one of the Eager Beaver who looks into it and also play it a few times to enjoy the same before posting it to you. This is one of a great compositions, where
Fido: Thanks a lot FH for your immensely valued advice and more than that your blessings ! I echo your feelings about this piano and my search is over ..lock , stock & barrel .... If an opportunity permits , I would use my own receivers to amplify the sound .. got an Onkyo gathering dust ... :) (
Full House: Dear Fido, This machine is a very good one and I am sure will last a long time. I was looking at the details on POLYPHONY and this one is tops on that and a keen ear will accept that rate. Just make sure it has a good AMPLIFIER for the sound and/or sound out to an extension for external speakers, in case you want to add additional amplification.

Import duty on a gift package coming through Courier

Hasni: Got it. Thanks raj
rajcanada: If you import $1000 worth of goods, you will pay $130 plus Canada Post handling fee of 9.95. There can be duties as well depending on nature of goods imported. You should explore CBSA site to find out if there will be any duties or not LINK
Hasni: "Canada Post will charge $9.95 plus HST on the value of goods at a minimum" Dear raj, can you elaborate on it. Is it about importing some item from overseas, and whether it is a flat rate ! Thanks
rajcanada: You can use the postal services of the country it is originating from (India, Pakistan, etc.). Remember to buy tracking number for sure and insurance if you want. Canada Post will charge $9.95 plus HST on the value of goods at a minimum. There may be additional duties depending on the item you are importing.

Any suggestion or first hand expereince on best Kodi box in the market...

RBO: Just curious....now in this fast world and crazy price for cable from giant players like Bell, Rogers......how many people or percentage in GTA or in Canada people are using real legal cable with limited channels with crazy prices...?? I was talking to my IPTV provider and he have almost all kind
nari: Sadly, that is the plight we as the Canadian consumers are getting ripped off everywhere be it shopping for food,clothes, getting services for the amount of money we spent etc. As long as the big/small business with controlled competition & using tax breaks from government create jobs we should be happy:)
febpreet: That's what is in the offing with more customers cutting the cord and Cable is at all time unpopular. If it were not for the Desi channels, I know all Desis would've cut the cord a long time ago. In my household, parents are not interested in the mainstream programming (CBC, CTV, Global, City, etc.) for no fault of theirs, and hooked on to the Desi dramas 24x7.

Indian restaurants in GTA

Fido: For weekend S Indian buffet , we enjoy Sarvana Bhawan , for dosas it is Guru Lakshmi , Udupi & Swagrhuas .. Nilgiris Brampton is off our list as for the last couple of times , somehow we did not feel as great as the other ones. Blame these food related sequential posts on the other thread and the Friday !
Fido: In all honesty , of all the Indian restaurants I have tried in the GTA , my favorite is still the 'Dhaba' @ 309 King St W , Toronto (Entertainment District) .... the dishes taste very controlled and I have always loved my visit there .... no wonder it is always filled !!
Fido: Thanks to the other thread , I thought I should update this one with our latest pleasant experience. The restaurant name is Desi Spice on the corner of Hwy 27 & Finch in Etobicoke ..Adjacent to Tim Hortons , so you cannot miss. We tried their buffet and it was awesome ... veg and non veg items
Fido: Buffet wise India's Taste is best though slightly expensive @ $13. Sanjhi Rasoi's buffet comes 2nd @ $10 but not too much variety and food quality comparably is not as good as India's Taste. Rajdhani is cheap and good enough with a thali option for $6/- So per me the order would be : India's Taste Sanjhi Rasoi Rajdhani

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Enablement with Education - sketch a roadmap to your success


South Asian Peel police officer tells tribunal of 'humiliating' treatment!!

memphis: LINK Peel police officer tells tribunal of 'humiliating' and 'embarrassing' treatment by peers Discrimination kept accomplished, multilingual Baljiwan (B.J.) Sandhu out of senior positions in force, he alleges. By: San Grewal Urban Affairs Reporter, Published on Mon Nov 09 2015 While he was helping solve homicide and sexual assault cases, investigating gangs and gathering intelligence on drug rings ? racking up a long list of awards and commendations for all the work ? one of the first Peel police officers of South Asian descent endured a constant barrage of racist taunts within the force, as his career stalled largely because of all his success, a Human Rights Tribunal hearing heard Monday. The two disturbingly contrasting experiences with Peel Regional Police began almost immediately for Staff Sgt.


Full House: We are conned by these Apps. There may be many more. So, avoid them if you can. Watch this APP on Flashlight. LINK TGIF.. : WES BARKER LINK LINK FH.

Desi style Banquet halls

alwaysbanned: Can some one help me with some desi style banquet halls in Mississauga and brampton? Some of them i know are Payal,Capitol,Chandini...

RADAR Goof up.

Full House: TEN LONG Years they say?! We have been had for that long and no one knew about it !! Now stand upto it and fight every speeding ticket and also ask for the money back if you did lose your fight and paid for a speeding ticket. WHY? Read on. : 'I think a lot of people got convicted when they shouldn't have been convicted,' one lawyer says.... By Marnie Luke, Lori Ward, CBC News Posted: Jan 25, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 25, 2016 10:15 AM ET' CBC News. : 'The tuning fork is the only one that tests the entire system all at once ? from end to end.' IF so, why did they not use it to calibrate the speed detector. LINK Be brave and put up a fight in the courts. FH.

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