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Best Destinations For Indians In Canada

Full House: Destination .. : YES. Best?? . .: Let each one decide for themselves. Richest..... ....: Haven't made the list yet. Here is one from the last year. Just for your info... LINK FH. I
appleisall: Dude, why you keep promoting your website here?

Kejriwal Sacks his Cabinet Minister on Corruption Charges

san-hugo: Zindabad G , please answer my queries in my previous post addressed to you. You seems like ardent reader of AAP party. I am sure those are easy ones for you.
zindabad: what is the status of your 1000s page proof about Sheila Dixit... I felt that all the papers AAPi people shouting as proof of corruption is only public stunt and you people know that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) the only party who would be in power for long time, so changed the path.
zindabad: Kejriwal keeps mum on pathankot terror attack. Goes to Calcutta but have no guts to go to Malda. But runs to Hyderabad, Dadri and acts as he is the Messiah of all. He always shouts that he knows constitution better than anyone else, but the reality is that he has forgotten to read right to equality.

PIO to OCI Conversion

photohobbyst1: I am happy to report that I succeeded in following this stupid process and getting atleast one childs PIO converted to OCI. On first visit, they did not take one childs application as the Place of birth
Chamgadad: Thanks for the info
metouk: The day this idiot announced merger of PIO and OCI, I knew we are in big trouble. Indian bureaucrats always find a way a problem to every solution. Since it is pointless to argue with the idiots, can someone with recent firsthand experience please let me know answers to the following questions 1.
Chamgadad: The day this idiot announced merger of PIO and OCI, I knew we are in big trouble. Indian bureaucrats always find a way a problem to every solution. Since it is pointless to argue with the idiots, can someone with recent firsthand experience please let me know answers to the following questions 1.

Mango men of Banana Republic

febpreet: Don't know what should one believe in, and which Media house these days. Here is another News that there was no clean chit given to Vadra. Yeah right! Police were lying then, or Raje to save themselves
Delhite: Now the dots are connecting. Robert Vadra taught the tricks to Dushyant Singh How to make 600% profit and he successfully applied it on Lalit Modi, thus made a windfall profit. In return, Vadra is given clean chit.
Delhite: Under the chief ministership of Vasundhara Raje, Rajasthan Police has given a clean chit to Robert Vadra. Now Vadra is no more an accused but a victim of conspiracy, cheating and fraud by others. Time for Kalmadi to contact BJP.
ramar2005: And we have one more feather on mango men's ears, an expose by Mr. Subramanian Swamy as to how the real estate properties of National Herald were gobbled up by a few individuals. Here is famed journalist and Chartered Accountant Mr.


Latest Replies

Tax questions for IT consultants working as self-employed under Inc.

Fido: Basic principle of setting up and Inc or a Company - it is a separate entity apart from the shareholders or owners ... that is why it has liability restricted to itself and not the owners. Your Inc will be viewed & treated as a Small Business , you will be treated as a separate individual getting either salary or dividends from the Corp. Your Inc will be taxed as small business - you will be taxed as individual.
gollu: Tax questions for IT consultants working as self-employed under Inc.: Hello All, I know there are a lot of IT professionals in CD who are self-employed as Inc. and also is the only employee in the payroll. How does CRA view these entities? Are we viewed as employees of the company to which we provide our services, or are we viewed as an Inc.

CanadianDesi Logo

geetakhanna: Indian = Tiranga and Canada = Maple Leaf in Red and White Each suggestion - including the current logo - is a version of the above.
Garvo Gujarati: Green includes Pakistan and Bangladesh.
wall-E: Tricolour means Indian. Desi means South Asian generally. So I feel having the Indian flag colours is inaccurate but chalta hain :). You should have a maple leaf with a paan patta ;)
Blue_Peafowl: I m not graphic designer but i have some idea ... User Oval shape - cut in Half with another circle " CcircleD" - C with read leaf - D with blue/orange peacock or lion - and circle put AshokChakra or Globe -
Garvo Gujarati: This is an excellent suggestion. Thanks!
geetakhanna: Why don't you run a competition or something - where everyone submits their version of the logo. Time bound. Format. Voting etc. Winner can get an appreciation certificate from Canadian Desi along with maybe a gift card for any popular store / dinner. You can fine tune the above to suit your needs, timeline and budget.

Condensation and Mould around windows

Full House: A house that is well humidified has a tendency to form some moisture pockets as the w?ter tends to condense at the far corners at the bottom of a window?s glass panel. That also indicates a poor circulations to an extent at a few ?reas and the inability of the air to remove the moisture formation at a few locations.
RBO: Hi SH, same situation at my home too...it happens on certain days only....my house is around 12 years old. question is within short span of period is windows weather seals get that bad?? OP, visit below link for more cause and correction: LINK
san-hugo: This is problem at my home as well (15 years old). Have played around with humidifier, de humidifier, ventilations, temp control, vent fan but not much of the luck. Seems like the vacuum seal in the window panes is withered away after this long a period. Even tried to shift between blinds to curtains to both or none.

Parent Sponsorship

Full House: 1) Congratulations are in order to your Brother. Leave the file systems as they are. It should not bother your Parents application. Now wait and watch. They have given 10,000 Immigrant openings for the current year, in the Parents and Grand Parents classification. So, they are due their entry soon.
callingcard: Hello Dear Friends, Few questions regarding parent sponsorship file. I applied in Feb 2011. Online status shows they started to work on file as of March 2011. After sending all papers again in October 2014, now received an email stating that file is sent to Ottawa (instead of India) for further processing.

Data Back..- Refunds... In INDIA...

Full House: Some of us and most of us have Parents, Grand Parents and also a lot of friends who use Smart Phones there in India. I always keep in touch with them and when I do, I inform them that there is a feature that they can avail and take the most advantage of it and enjoy browsing the internet or a few websites
stariptv: what's in for Canadian mobile providers?
Full House: Data back refunds as a part of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile data that you spend when using apps. This data can be used to access any internet service on your mobile, just the way your regular data recharges work. No restrictions none whatsoever! Don't wait for wifi because now you can get your mobile data refunded in 3 simple steps: Step 1.

Newest Posts

Best protein source for a Veg, and also how to keep weight under control.

DP_gta: As we all know that as we grow older we need more protein and calcium (plus the vitamins) to keep our auto immune system working at its best.The body slows down gets bloated, fat all over the place, diabetes, blood pressure, stroke..all sort of diseases start to appear in the horizon. So eating less sugar, salt and starchy food like rice while putting in 30 minutes of exercise or walking helps. While for a non veg white meat sources often can provided all that is needed. But what does a Veg do. Chick pea, black eyed beans broccoli but how much of that can one eat. There is very little in Veg thats protein rich yet low in carbs or starches almost a paradox. Coconut oil. Yes put some in your daily food or coffee and there you have one of the most easily digestible protein source. not the one you put on hair but cooking variety.

How to get into finance?

captainbeam: I'm thinking of a career change to finance and want to know how to go about getting into finance. I have heard of basic courses and certifications like CSC. I am not interested in advanced CFA type certifications just yet...first I want to get my toes wet with some basic courses and certs. anything that will help me get a starter job at a bank or financial institution. can anyone give me some pointers and links. thanks very much.

Desi style Banquet halls

alwaysbanned: Can some one help me with some desi style banquet halls in Mississauga and brampton? Some of them i know are Payal,Capitol,Chandini...

Anyone knows any group/asscociation or even individuals from Haryana

cool girl: Govt. of Haryana is hosting NRI event on March 6th 2016 in Gurgaon. They want to invite some NRI's from Haryana to talk about how NRI's can contribute to Haryana's progress. If you know any group or individuals who will be interested in attending the event, please P.M me. As of now, all I know is that air ticket will be provided. You can write to this email if have any questions: dg at icsiindia.in Thanks

RADAR Goof up.

Full House: TEN LONG Years they say?! We have been had for that long and no one knew about it !! Now stand upto it and fight every speeding ticket and also ask for the money back if you did lose your fight and paid for a speeding ticket. WHY? Read on. : 'I think a lot of people got convicted when they shouldn't have been convicted,' one lawyer says.... By Marnie Luke, Lori Ward, CBC News Posted: Jan 25, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 25, 2016 10:15 AM ET' CBC News. : 'The tuning fork is the only one that tests the entire system all at once ? from end to end.' IF so, why did they not use it to calibrate the speed detector. LINK Be brave and put up a fight in the courts. FH.

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