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Goa Punjab Manipur UP UK

Delhite: ............... two sides of the same coin..................
Fido: I hope AAP comes to power in Punjab and stays for a term or so - this would help us assess their governance as opposed to Delhi where the Centre interferes every where coz of Delhi's status. Any takers on UP ....
zindabad: This guy turned out to be the biggest opportunist, and the fact that he didn't hide it. Same statement applies to Kejru .... He is dramabaz .. Now He is not speaking about odd-even
febpreet: I don't mind that as well. This guy turned out to be the biggest opportunist, and the fact that he didn't hide it.
san-hugo: GG, The reason BJP kept its vote share in Delhi was because it was not facing anti-incumbency plus there was hangover of Modi lehar. In Pb, anti-incumbency is huge for Akalis/BJP. So no chance of retaining its traditional vote share.

Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes pulled out of circulation immediately in India !

shobhade: Not true. OCI and PIO can definitely take Rs. Out of India and bring them back into India, within the limits. Both RBI and customs site mention that. So its not just NRI's who are residents of India, who can take Rs.
puttoo: As per RBI notification non residents (excepting residents of Pakistan and Bangladesh) are allowed to carry Rs 25,000 outside the country legally. From RBI's notification: 4. Any person resident
sguk: hmm ... read the below links: LINK LINK which brings us to the crucial issue.

PIO to OCI Conversion

elmer fudd: Finally got my new OCI. A few days shy of six months. That's how long it took me to convert my PIO to OCI here in my neck of the woods in India. My relative in NYC got hers in less than seven weeks, and that too hassle free. Lesson from all of this, start the process right away when any Govt.
loveall: submitted our PIO to OCI conversion applications at Brampton location. Took total 1 hr , half and hour wait and another half an hour for the person to process four applications. No issues . Took copies
quest: I need to convert PIO to OCI for my daughter she has a valid PIO and I have completed both Part A and B online, not sure what are the next steps, so confusing, are there any more of these forms to be filled and submitted?
samna1978: Did you put the child's thumbprint on the generated form as well? The form which is generated for me already has the child's thumbprint and should we override it or leave it? Also in page 2, do we need thumbprints as well?

PIO to OCI conversion - Scam by BLS International

samna1978: Lol. I have visited only the Brampton office and thought you were referring to it.
Blue_Peafowl: Have you noticed the carpet ? wall, garbage bin, especially washroom ? Even the art they put on wall. The chairs place at office are over crowded. common if you think that is our standard then I'm
samna1978: What was the filthiness you encountered? Was the location dirty? I did not find any dirt on location. It was just like any other Canadian office. I have been going there in October, November and December for OCI for my kids.
Blue_Peafowl: First visit 2nd November - Second visit Dec 19th - Do you need time as well ?
samna1978: @Blue _Peafowl Please state when was the last time u visited the BLS brampton as u defined it nasty and filthy?


Latest Replies

Temporay job needed in Kitchener Waterloo

goldeneye: re housing i meant at that time. not now. should have been clear. :-)
rajcanada: Are we talking about housing market in February 2017? TK, as you are already aware, it is possible to get some odd jobs at convenience stores, gas stations, etc., but it requires some networking. Other than that to get odd jobs at factories ask them to register with various local job agencies and call them regularly that they are in need of a job.
goldeneye: Agree with TK. With RIM/Blackberry pretty much closed now, the housing market stalled. There are hunderds of open house lots unsold at VISTA HILLS, west of waterloo. A lot of startups did come after Blackberry's downfall but for those with strong technology background. Most of RIM people who worked
tamilkuravan: Dear all : Thanks for your responses. I was in the KW area during the recession of 2009 and hence I know first hand what the situation is like. The lady is not interested in Welfare. In fact this lady was the first one to tell me that there are food banks in Canada and from that day only I have been a great probagator of Food banks for food.

Student Dependent

Full House: BOTH of you must qualify for entry into Canada. For your son to travel, either by himself or together with you and if he is a MINOR, then he will need a consent from both the Parents and it needs to get notarized and submitted along with the application for the study. The minor child that will study will also need 'a study permit'.
amar7mstr.fb: Hi - My wife is in canada on a study permit, would she be eligible to apply for dependant visa for me and my son? if so how soon she can apply after joining college/univ also how much time it is taking now a days to get the dependent visa for spouse and child.

Is the consultant Morevisas any good?

Full House: We all are volunteers. You will fill the same forms that they ask, pay the same fee that they ask. We do not charge any FEE for our Services. Does that help you. You are free to discuss any matter with them or any body there in India. You will know better by the answers that they provide. It is for you to make the judgment call after their response. In my books they all are good and they also charge for their services.
musicgold: Hello, My cousin in India is talking with this consultant "Morevisas" about the ECA. Does anyone know about their service? Thanks.

TN-1 Visa @ Ottawa Airport

cdn_dude: A letter for TN application needs your job title and the job responsibilities. The one you have must be a general offer letter (not TN specific).
Mr.Cool: Hi Guys, I do have couple question regarding offer letter from one of the USA company, they send me offer letter in my email and do not mention job duties. Is this offer letter acceptable or not? I will appreciate for your replies.
spaceman: To qualify for TN status under NAFTA as a Computer Systems Analyst, an applicant must possess one of the following: 1. Bachelor’s (Baccalaureate) degree; 2. Licenciatura Degree; 3. Post-Secondary Diploma and three years of experience; or 4. Post Secondary Certificate and three years of experience.
san_sai: I worked in USA on H1b visa(got three from three different companies) 5 years back. I am an MBA and worked with top companies in USA and canada on various title from data architect, sr. system analyst, analyst programmer etc. According to education evaluation(done in 2000) I am equivalent to bachelor from usa university emphasis in computer science.

where to get indian basil plants in surrey

Full House: I am from the school of hard knocks. AND I retain a lot of what I read, learnt or heard. It all comes back to the forefront when I jog my memory. Here is a little bit more from me. As usual, hope you luck out again with these Tulasi plants. Buy from these two known suppliers. Read their disclaimer.
Rajani_1: FH u know everything..... Karpoora Thulasi (the one that found in south india) is the one that i tried to grow here but failed. where can i get this plant here in canada? i am willing to pay even 100 bucks
Full House: Get a small box or a plastic pail of MIRACLE GROW and a nice small planter to get started with and use INDOOR SOIL which is Grub Free. When you are planting the seeds or any time you are doubtful about the fresh plantings, use the top layer with Miracle Grow. then you are all set. Nothing more to worry, as they contain growth hormones in them for any kind of plant. A few of the plants are temperature sensitive.

Newest Posts

Meeting between Chrystia Freeland Canadian Foreign Minister & Rex Tillerson

Vandematram: WOW! David & Goliath meet. LINK Freeland Challenged the US government that if new Border Tax comes we will "Respond Appropriately"!. Just look at what happened at the TTC Union. The TTC Union was a sub unit of an US based union and when the Canadians wanted to break away they fired the Canadian board including Kinnear and also closed and locked the union office and cut the phones. LINK Now Madam Chrystia Freeland has given the message to Uncle REX. Who incidentally is Bhaiya to PUTIN. Our Miss Freeland has been banned from entering RUSSIA. LINK I hope they do not cancel the TN Visa as a part of the NAFTA deal.

The way to become a popular, well rewarded, well awarded Intellectual!

Vandematram: This is how you win Magasaysay Award!. T M Krishna is a Carnatic Musician who is supported by THE HINDU newspaper. He is a known Left Liberal Communist. He is fierce Anti-Hindu, Anti-Modi and a SECULARIST!. He is a Magasaysay award winner. Now he is taking his brand Global. LINK God Save India from its Termites.

What is going on with CMR 101.3 FM station

Vandematram: I listen to this station quite often while driving in GTA. Is this station working with a hidden agenda of Anti-India & Breaking India propaganda. The 11 to 2 PM " Asian Connections " program has become a virtual AAP - Aam Aadmi Party propaganda machine. The party members in the form news journalist are into low quality India bashing and Modi bashing. Whatever you can say have some respect for the Prime Minister of India. They are also hinting at Khalistan !. The Tamil programs and news on the Jallikattu issue also is propagating fake news about the protests and also about appeals filed in Supreme Court of India. They are also propagating news about Tamil Nation propaganda persons of Tamil Nadu liken Seemaan, Gowthaman, Thirumurugan Gandhi who wanted to remove Indian flag

First come First served.

Full House: I was not too far from the Food Court. The aroma of the fresh brew was wafting over all of the busy chirping and cross conversation that was going on in the mall. You can also hear the rustling of the feet and also see an elderly lady getting pushed gently in a wheel chair and getting shoved into through the door-way and all of this was happening while I just got into the same door way and I could see a BIG HUGE RED DOT on their logo and I said to myself am I getting into the right place? Come on man get to the frikking story and make it fast. Why fast, It is Friday and thank God it is Friday. (TGIF) Would he make it any better if I tell it to you any faster? Hope he did for you. The DOC gave me a form and it said you have to fast. And this fast is a different fast and i found out that I should keep away from the cookie jar for 12 long hours and NO JAVA either.

Anyone interested in summer camping?

Metoo: I love summer camping. if there are anyone within area to join me for summer camping? new started welcomed. can guide thru this adventure.

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