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zindabad: If you are not listening to your dad you are an Akhilesh, if you are still listening to your mom, you are a Rahul ... but if you are not listening to anybody you are...Narendra Modi 😂😂😂 And if NO body is listening to you...
san-hugo: Anti incumbency is one factor but people are upset due to mis-management , consistent denial of drug problem in punjab by govt. , unemployment of youth, the market price of wheat fallen in last few years and lack of leadership qualities in Junior Badal.
Garvo Gujarati: In your opinion why SAD/BJP is losing? 10 Years of Anti-Incumbency?
san-hugo: PUNJAB Polling firm/Link Date SAD-BJP INC AAP India Today-Axis Jan 2017 18-22 (20) 56-62 (59) 36-41 (38) Lokniti-ABP-CSDS Jan 2017 50-58 (55) 41-49 (46) 12-18 (16) Axis

Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes pulled out of circulation immediately in India !

shobhade: Not true. OCI and PIO can definitely take Rs. Out of India and bring them back into India, within the limits. Both RBI and customs site mention that. So its not just NRI's who are residents of India, who can take Rs.
puttoo: As per RBI notification non residents (excepting residents of Pakistan and Bangladesh) are allowed to carry Rs 25,000 outside the country legally. From RBI's notification: 4. Any person resident
sguk: hmm ... read the below links: LINK LINK which brings us to the crucial issue.

PIO to OCI Conversion

elmer fudd: Finally got my new OCI. A few days shy of six months. That's how long it took me to convert my PIO to OCI here in my neck of the woods in India. My relative in NYC got hers in less than seven weeks, and that too hassle free. Lesson from all of this, start the process right away when any Govt.
loveall: submitted our PIO to OCI conversion applications at Brampton location. Took total 1 hr , half and hour wait and another half an hour for the person to process four applications. No issues . Took copies
quest: I need to convert PIO to OCI for my daughter she has a valid PIO and I have completed both Part A and B online, not sure what are the next steps, so confusing, are there any more of these forms to be filled and submitted?
samna1978: Did you put the child's thumbprint on the generated form as well? The form which is generated for me already has the child's thumbprint and should we override it or leave it? Also in page 2, do we need thumbprints as well?

PIO to OCI conversion - Scam by BLS International

samna1978: Lol. I have visited only the Brampton office and thought you were referring to it.
Blue_Peafowl: Have you noticed the carpet ? wall, garbage bin, especially washroom ? Even the art they put on wall. The chairs place at office are over crowded. common if you think that is our standard then I'm
samna1978: What was the filthiness you encountered? Was the location dirty? I did not find any dirt on location. It was just like any other Canadian office. I have been going there in October, November and December for OCI for my kids.
Blue_Peafowl: First visit 2nd November - Second visit Dec 19th - Do you need time as well ?
samna1978: @Blue _Peafowl Please state when was the last time u visited the BLS brampton as u defined it nasty and filthy?


Latest Replies

Where should we live?

shobhade: Your wife won't get a good job in Canada. So homecare is good. Otherwise whatever money she makes by doing a low level job, will go in day care expenses.
shobhade: These 2 etnic groups seem to be vey famous in Canada..lol.
cram2017: thank you all for the inputs
Full House: My suggestion to you will also be the same as been posted to you by the others. I am sure that they also would have taken all of these mentioned here under too to suggest it to you. I am sure you know your work area and hence the choice of the location as to where you want to live with your family. It
san-hugo: I suggest sign a 6 month rental lease initially, live in Mississauga Square 1 area since it suits your job commute. Your kids will not feel out of place ( i would say anywhere in GTA area, thats the specialty of this place,). During this time , start reading the market, consult a mortgage consultant , put a RE agent on job and buy home if you are able to secure enough mortgage based on your salary.

Relocation Advice: is it worth the cost to move our furniture?

shobhade: If you are moving it yourself in a U-Haul. Its worth it. If you are paying others for it, professional movers , not worth it. Just bring your personal belongings and expensive small items. Bulky and heavy items like sofa, bed, mattress etc, not really worth it. Too much headache and hassle, and you will just save a few bucks at the end of the day. Big mistake coming to GTA from the US east coast.
cram2017: We are relocating from USA east coast to GTA- is it worth the cost to move our furniture if we cut it down to basics- couch-sofa; One King Bed; maybe a few small pieces. Has anybody moved cross countries?

Want to come to study, have an expired PR card

shobhade: Community colleges like Sheridan college, Humber College, Seneca College, George Brown college are a JOKE ! Besides looting international students and charging them 3-4 times the local resident fees, they don't do anything else. International students are a cash cow for these community colleges. You will only see mostly Indian and Chinese international students in these colleges.
sunjoyp: Thank you everyone, its a done decision for me. I will pursue my bachelors in India and then from there see what life has in store for me.
shobhade: All I can say is listen to your Dad ! Your parents know what they are doing. Do NOT make the same mistake, they did 10 yrs back of coming to Canada. If they thought Canada was good for you and for them, they would have stayed behind. There is a reason, why they left. That was for your well being.
shobhade: I LOL ed big time at this. Reactivate their dreams ?? More like their Nightmare called Canada !! 10 yrs Back when they came, they just had to live for 3 yrs on PR to get CAD citizenship, yet they got the hell out of here after they saw the crap here, and let their PR expire, and rightly so :)

Scam website - Stay away!!

grodgers.fb: A while back I was in a hurry and did a google search. bookyourroadtest.com was first in the hit list because the people who made this website employed google adwords... thereby making themselves first. Similiar phrases to put in google "book your road test", "book ontario road test"...
Full House: Thank you for providing us with a few links where in they provide NO services to the common public and cheat them off their money providing nothing for it. In these days it has become a very sophisticated way of getting a few unsuspecting people and having got cheated, people don't want to go public
rajcanada: Please do update what OPP says. Here are the comment from the Facebook link you posted: "I just got burned and they tell me to read the terms and conditions, they didn't even do anything other than take my money, say there is a problem with booking and refunded money to my card. When I checked my card they only refunded a portion and tell me that is the terms!

Dabangg 3 Total Collection

Full House: I liked one such song from his movie. FEVICOL.. : LINK See a few scenes here and a review too. NJOY The same. LINK LINK LINK TV Review..:(Boring with repeats) LINK
waqar92: Dabangg 3 Total Collection As Salman Khan Basks In The Glory of His Latest Success, Sultan, which Is Smashing All Sorts of Records In India, Salman Khan's Film success of The First Two Dabangg Films.Know The Dabangg 3 Total Collection. LINK

Newest Posts

Watch sex titans from your sity now!

RichardLer: Click <a href=https://1mikrozajmy.ru>sex titans</a> to talk to hot girls in your city!

Telecom IT Job

Manoharan: Freedom Mobile is having few opening coming up for their billing department, the jobs are not posted yet. If you have 2-3 years of Telecom IT Billing experience, this is a very good opportunity. Please create your profile on the website and submit your resume. These jobs are for Analyst to Sr Analyst level. All the best.

Anyone interested in summer camping?

Metoo: I love summer camping. if there are anyone within area to join me for summer camping? new started welcomed. can guide thru this adventure.


GLOBALBUSINESS123: Where can find info regarding reliable RESELLERAGENT for BELL SERVICES?

Muslim prayer issue reaches boiling point at Peel board meeting

RBO: Delegations at the Peel District School Board's Tuesday, Jan. 10 meeting descended into a spectacle that encapsulated the tension surging through the room. "I was extremely disappointed at how people conducted themselves this evening," said chair Janet McDougald, characterizing the events as a "new low for decorum and respect." Given the police presence and increased security at the HJA Brown Education Centre, it was clear staff were anticipating blowback from a report on the agenda regarding religious accommodation for Muslim students. The tea leaves weren't difficult to read, as censoring student-written sermons for Friday prayer has been a sore spot among offended Muslims and those who take issue with religion in public school. Whole story see below link.... LINK is this we are giving example to our kids that religion is more important than study?

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