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7 Amarnath Yatra Pilgrims Killed In Terror Attack In J And K's Anantnag

Delhite: Try to see the bigger picture. What is going on in Kashmir for last decade, had happened in Punjab in eighties. Do you remember what the extremist groups wanted there and what they did to the minorities?
Monica.admin: Duly noted your lack of comprehension for posting rules. Final request to refrain from personal attacks and stay on topic. Any moderator can be contacted on PM if you have personal grievances against my conduct.
Blue_Peafowl: Where are all secular brigade ????? especially including our admin Monica.The.Admin This is the exact attitude and example i was referring to . U guys r always out in full force when atrocity happens on your so called favorite minority but if Hindu died its OK with you guys...
Garvo Gujarati: It is really sad indeed. No one can justify killing of innocent people in the name of religion and/or freedom. This is not a fight, this a cowardly act. Only cowards can kill elderly people. And salute to the driver who saved lives of remaining passengers by keep driving to the safe place.

is GST Implementation in India going to change India's destiny....??

Full House: GST. In India. Here is a link to what gets taxed and at what rate and what does not. The rates are different for different services. Just for your information only .. It is ' Good to know'. It will take some time to get to understand how they implement them.
RBO: Basically, Indians are not used to pay any kind of taxes from childhood, so very hard for Indians to digest heavy taxes in first shots but will be fine after a year and so. till now most of the business
Blue_Peafowl: RBO : Nice point you brought up but sadly not many CD's r interested in valuable topics. It is definitely a very good steps and it will benefit huge in future. I am not too happy with 4 tier structure,
RBO: After lots of hurdle finally Indian Government implement GST in India. Indias biggest tax reform is now a reality. A comprehensive dual Goods and Services Tax (GST) has replaced the complex multiple

OCI-Moved back home - What formalities are needed for Tax non residency ?

gloria1211: Hi,
cdn_dude: - File your tax return for the Year 2017 from wherever you are - mentioning your departure date from Canada in the "Information about your residence" section is what you need to do - if you left Canada in 2017.
Full House: For those who are based outside of Canada, what they call here "Internationally", there is a division that answers to all your questions with authority and with all of the links to the TAX questions and they can be accessed from the link below.
pendse: So if I am permanently leaving in 2017, when do I file that tax return ? In 2017 or 2018 ? As the tax forms for 2017 will only be ready and available early next year from CRA. I believe in first week
cdn_dude: In SHORT - This is all you do while leaving Canada. - Make sure you do NOT have ANY PRIMARY ties to Canada. (no residence, no family members living in Canada) - Close all your bank accounts (so

Moving Back Permanently -Is it worth Shipping products (Container) to India

Full House: Please look into the first link and see the recommended Shipping Agents in them. It will provide you a link and when you contact them you should be able to get the details that you are looking for. See
pendse: So no on knows the approximate cost of a container from Canada to India ?
pendse: Why not ? Do you know any shippers, rajcanada ?
ileft: Please don't leave. We need people like you AT, CKB ,icame and Global Indian. 99 % people here have merry go life. Its us who do MBA and still can't find minimum wage jobs and people blame it on our attitudes.
pendse: I am moving back to a major Metro in India. If that helps.
pendse: Does anyone have any idea, what Shipping company to use to ship products to India ? Or whether its even worth it, and what cost will be incurred ? I have some good furniture which is in very good condition.


Latest Replies

Need advice on Citizenship

pendse: To spend plenty to get PR..That's the whole point of the Canadian government. Their economy is based on looting immigrants through PR fees, Citizenship fees, Settlement funds etc. Plus when immigrants come here they sell stuff in their home country and bring foreign exchange, settlement funds into Canada.
sudesingh: In order to get your citizenship, you have to be present in the country..plain and simple english, unless if you're employed by a Canadian firm and your work requires you to travel outside the country. How do you get a job - keep applying or through networking (which can only happen from inside the country, unless if you have a way out to do it from outside the country).
Harrytind: Hey guys, I've been granted PR status since 2016 after which I went back and been waiting on a job offer to start my career in Canada. I'm in India and thought since all employers want you to apply online it'll be same as applying from Canada and wouldn't matter. I'm still looking for work and working on my current job in India.

Need to know, Is it possible to renew PR if number of minimum years to sta

pendse: Let the PR expire & forget about Canada. You have a much better life in Qatar. Nothing here in Canada for professional immigrants anyway. Whatever happened in the last 5 years - 2012 to 2017 , NO job , NO income, Nothing in your profession, the same things or even worse is going to happen in the next 5 years, if you renew your PR.
5eembijli: Thanks for your advisable replay, In my case I did my first landing in OCT 2012 . Spent 45 days, completed my initial process of paper work and went back to Qatar. The second visit I did after 2 years 10 months and planned to stay for good in Canada( for long term ) but unfortunately , I couldnt able to find suitable job in my profession .
Full House: If you are already in Canada and you are short of a few days, then you wait till the two full years are completed and after completion fill out and pay the fee and ask for RENEWAL. To give you an example,if you landed here in Canada on 15th July 2014 and left after obtaining your PR Cards and now want to return from Qatar, you can return back.

"Khomeini's Sharia Law teaches thighing/ raping new born girls": Imam Twahidi

RaOne: "All Islamic countries are suffering because religion isn't a solution for poverty, ignorance & tyranny. Education, logic, and democracy are.": Imam Twahidi LINK
Blue_Peafowl: +1 :) :) :)
RaOne: Sure. I will keep Imam Twahidi's posts in one thread.
Monica.admin: Can you please keep all post with same message in the same thread? There's no point in starting a new thread each post. M
RaOne: ... "Ayatollah Khomeini's Sharia Law teaches thighing and raping new born girls & his lovers are worried about the ingredients in chocolate bars.": Imam Twahidi LINK LINK

Good Conduct Certificate from Qatar

Stephaniemorris77520: Get your Qatar Police Clearance Certificate at xxxxx ; they will make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf, guarantee that your certificate is error-free and ensure it is delivered in the fastest possible time.
Prudy: Greetings: I worked for a private company in Qatar from Jan 1986 to Jan 5, 1992. I require a good conduct certificate to apply for immigration to Canada. Do I get one since it was 25 years ago? I lost my old passport and do not have a copy either. I know my company name and address and visa renewal fees paid receipt in 1991.

CPP question

Full House: You will have a good Pension and Oldage Benefits coming to you and others in your retirement years. They have planned all of these very well. More on it under this. There is even more to explore after you read this, so do not stop just there. Keep on top of this subject matter, because this is just getting
pendse: Yes. But your OAS & GIS payments won't be affected. You will get the same when you turn 65 from the Canadian gov. You & your employer contribute towards CPP, so it depends on how much your contribution is over the years. But OAS & GIS , you don't contribute it remains the same, it just depends upon how long you have lived in Canada.
Timon: Thanks for the response. So, time I work for the US employer and paid out of US, I wont be contributing to CPP and hence, this will affect my eventual CPP payout.
pendse: Nope. CPP won't be affected. Whatever you & your employer have contributed so far will be given back to you. The more years you work & the more CPP you pay, the more you will get back. And vice versa. How much & How long you have contributed will decide how much CPP you will get on retirement.

Newest Posts

Speech by Tarek Fatah - Thur, Aug 10, 6.00-8.45pm, Ryerson campus, Toronto

RaOne: ...  Expect another mesmerizing speech by author Tarek Fatah. He hosted the hit talk show Just watch this short video to see what this guy made of. One of the best Muslim reformists of our time ! LINK

"Assimilate or leave. Simple." : Imam Twahidi

RaOne: ... "As a child my parents brought me to the West to live in the West. Not to create a mini-Baghdad in the West. Assimilate or leave. Simple." : Imam Twahidi LINK We need more like Imam Twahidi !:cheers:

Pakistans secret atheists -BBC News

RaOne: "Being an atheist in Pakistan can be life-threatening. But behind closed doors, non-believers are getting together to support one another. How do they survive in a nation where blasphemy carries a death sentence?" LINK

Modi's Government Most Trusted In World : Forbes

RaOne: ... The citizens of India trust their government and the country is "at the very top of the governmental confidence league", a report by Forbes said on Thursday citing the latest report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). LINK :cheers:


Full House: Several Indians employed in Saudi Arabia are planning to send their dependants back with the kingdom set to introduce, from July 1, a monthly 'dependant fee' for expats+ . The fee 100 riyals (approx. Rs 1,700, as on Tuesday) per month for each dependent is likely to prove a big financial burden for the Indian expats. At 41 lakh, Indians form Saudi Arabia's largest expat group. So, for a family of three dependants (wife and two children), the employee will have to pay an advance tax of 3,600 riyals or around Rs 62,000 per year. While some companies are planning to compensate their employees for the 'dependant fee', most people have no option but pay it themselves. Asked what effect the 'dependant fee' would have on Indian expats in Saudi Arabia, a senior official in the ministry of external affairs (MEA) said nothing could be said as yet.

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