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Kejriwal Sacks his Cabinet Minister on Corruption Charges

Garvo Gujarati: So Katju wants a government headed by Nitish and Kejri after 2019. Nice one! Who else would be part of that government? No hard guesswork - Lalu, Mayavati, Shiela Dixit, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Mamata - all the corrupt people!
zindabad: भृष्टाचासर मिटाने के दावे व् नाम पर
zindabad: अरविंद केजरीवाल अपनी गोद ली हुई माता
metouk: I want mental fitness certificate of KEJRU . Please get it for me. Also his cough syrup prescription to prove that its not alcohol that keeps him always High.

Panama Papers

ramar2005: Subramanian Swamy took oath as Rajya Sabha MP on Tuesday and ever since the parliament is on fire regarding Westland helicopter scandal involving 3600 crores. The Italian Court has convicted the bribe givers belonging to the Company.
Full House: Whose got the ding dong!! You Hit the Nail Right on its head. The article appeared soon after you posted the previous link. I am still reading it. But I suspected that the money from the external location was playing some part in this scandal.
ramar2005: In case FH and others have missed out on this latest expose in the Indian Express. LINK People

E-Tourist VISA Scheme

AshwaniG: GG you are correct. I have first hand experience. If stay is less than 30 days than it is worth getting a e-visa even if it is more expensive. Convenience has no price tag ( what else that you don't have to deal with any babus and drive around )
Garvo Gujarati: So, you have first hand experience with it, it seems. It is a good move as you have mentioned and the purpose is only for those who doesn't have enough time to apply for a regular Visa or they don't have
AshwaniG: Scheme is indeed very good and able to cut lot of red tapism. It also facilitate to provide visa for any emergencies under 24 hrs which comes very handy under stressful situations. Only caveat with e-visa is that its eligible only for 30 days or less and cannot be extended.
Garvo Gujarati: Government of India introduced e-Tourist Visa (earlier known as Tourist Visa on Arrival enabled by ETA) on 27.11.2014 to facilitate the nationals of the 43 countries visiting India. The e-Tourist Visa

BLS-Surrey/Vancouver (OCI Application)- Mad house-Crazy Employees

ChandraGupt: Finally we got our new OCI cards it was extremely bad experience with BLS doing thru postal service.... Most BLS staff was unprofessional/unaware about their job -provided wrong info each time . Great
ChandraGupt: in that case we will not require to send our Canadian passports to BLS for U-visa sticker replacement. all we need to carry while visiting india , new Canadian passport(10 year validity) and OCI card with unlimited validity?
Fido: I read this in the news 2 days back that the OCI card holders would not be asked to show their U Visa sticker any more in India streamlining the process - this created issues when OCI s had U sticker on
Fido: I found the BLS people to be more professional than the Indian Embassy staff during my Passport cancellation / OCI process here in Brampton with a timely mailing as well.


Latest Replies

Chartered Accountant in Mumbai

Many: Thank you FH and Peacock1
peacock1: Hi, I have a friend , |CA who can help you, pls message me, if you need his details.
Full House: Since you already sold it, it will be good to know the details about the following terms and abbreviations and the forms that we will be using in our Jargon from here on.. NRO ACCOUNT..: When do we need one. ( You might already have one by now.) DEEMED DISPOSITION.: First question.. When did you enter Canada.
Many: I am in the process of selling my Mumbai flat, bought from NRE funds during 2006-2007. I-T returns need to filed to repatriate the sale proceeds to Canada, besides other formalities for which services of a CA would be helpful. could anyone recommend me a reliable CA in Mumbai? I plan to visit Mumbai in 2 months.

Second Mortgage Investment

Delhite: I have one known person who invested on third mortgage at high interest. The house went on power of sale. The second mortgage person paid off to the first mortgage (bank) and took the control. He was able to get his money out but left the third mortgage person dry.
AshwaniG: When the house goes on Power of Sale- bank ( read as first mortgage lender ) gets the first opportunity to recover the debt . If any money is left than it goes to second mortgage lender making it very high risk business. Second mortgage on the house is generally beyond recovery unless property has appreciated in multiple folds.
meitsme: Very interesting. Thanks for link. Anyone has personal experience with any MIC (Mortgage Investment Corporations)? Any suggestions / comments?
Full House: Here is an article on this subject. It gets very interesting as you start reading it. So, I Wll post it under this.: Double-digit returns and a good income stream is what mortgage investment corporations offer. Will you get double-digit returns? Finally, don?t be surprised if MIC returns have?or continue?to drop.

Looking for SUV/VAN on temporary basis

peacock1: Hi, I had a similar situation last year, I had rented a minivan from Enterprise, for abt 2 months, paid around 2200, and odd for the whole period,. Bargaining with enterprise, was done through a friend, with whom I used to service my car regularly. I did actually look for buying a second vehicle,
Fido: That s the perfect answer .. My Insurance also advised me the same ..Thank You L925 !
lemon925: To drive vehicle from dealer to your house, you would need proper insurance. You can take proper insurance initially, get number plate, drive vehicle to your house and then change it to storage insurance.
Fido: Q - Can we buy a car , get it transferred and park it without taking the insurance or plates until the time we start driving it ? From what I have gathered , you cannot park a car openly (even in a private driveway) without plates and valid stickers.... Which means one needs to have vehicle specific


san-hugo: Living in smaller city / province, does it impact outlook of kids towards life of modern days ? Will it impact their ability to adjust and excel or cope when they move to larger cities for univ/jobs ?
Full House: No and Yes. No, I don't live there. Yes, I know Canada like the Palm of My Hand. Now fire away. What can you do me in for?! (Is it the other way around!) I will help you till you land on its soil. Once you are there, you get to know more about PEI and you are the Johnny on the spot. Please give us a little feed back from time to time, just to keep this thread alive and going. FH.
chugharvind: hi @full house are you living in PEI? Arvind
nucleus: thanks a lot full house!
Full House: The population split will be about 3.5% and it could be 5% in major cities and a lot lesser in the outskirts. The old settlers are in their own niche areas and the new comers are close to town centers, out of necessity. We all come under the South Asians population and you may see a group of 100 families there.

Looking for Canadiandesi in PEI.

san-hugo: Arvind, Any specific reason you have chosen PEI to live ? Its an interesting subject for me, that is why the question. is it Job ? or provincial nomination ?
Full House: It becomes a little difficult to provide with an exact rental without having a clue as to the size, proximity, and the budget. Also are you leasing it for a long period.. If and when you find a suitable ad and you don't know where it is, then click on the name in the list if it is listed there in it and it will take you to a map.
chugharvind: Hi I will be moving to PEI on 28 July 2016. Would like to get in touch with Canadiandesi's in PEI. Is there any one to help me out regarding info on rented apartments in downtown charlottetown, purchase of indian cooking stuff, local jobs etc. Best Regards, Arvind

Newest Posts

South Asian Peel police officer tells tribunal of 'humiliating' treatment!!

memphis: LINK Peel police officer tells tribunal of 'humiliating' and 'embarrassing' treatment by peers Discrimination kept accomplished, multilingual Baljiwan (B.J.) Sandhu out of senior positions in force, he alleges. By: San Grewal Urban Affairs Reporter, Published on Mon Nov 09 2015 While he was helping solve homicide and sexual assault cases, investigating gangs and gathering intelligence on drug rings ? racking up a long list of awards and commendations for all the work ? one of the first Peel police officers of South Asian descent endured a constant barrage of racist taunts within the force, as his career stalled largely because of all his success, a Human Rights Tribunal hearing heard Monday. The two disturbingly contrasting experiences with Peel Regional Police began almost immediately for Staff Sgt.


Billoo: Deleted


Full House: We are conned by these Apps. There may be many more. So, avoid them if you can. Watch this APP on Flashlight. LINK TGIF.. : WES BARKER LINK LINK FH.

Desi style Banquet halls

alwaysbanned: Can some one help me with some desi style banquet halls in Mississauga and brampton? Some of them i know are Payal,Capitol,Chandini...

RADAR Goof up.

Full House: TEN LONG Years they say?! We have been had for that long and no one knew about it !! Now stand upto it and fight every speeding ticket and also ask for the money back if you did lose your fight and paid for a speeding ticket. WHY? Read on. : 'I think a lot of people got convicted when they shouldn't have been convicted,' one lawyer says.... By Marnie Luke, Lori Ward, CBC News Posted: Jan 25, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 25, 2016 10:15 AM ET' CBC News. : 'The tuning fork is the only one that tests the entire system all at once ? from end to end.' IF so, why did they not use it to calibrate the speed detector. LINK Be brave and put up a fight in the courts. FH.

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