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India Discussions

One more case of corruption by Delhi Government

RBO: AAP MLA Ved Prakash joins BJP, says Yogi Adityanaths elevation in UP inspired him to switch.....one more person is out from AK-49's army.....;) :p :p LINK Ved
dsd: If AAPtards would have won Punjab it would have emboldened them even more and would have went on a blitzkrieg on ads spending tax payers of Punjab for Gujarat elections. These morons don't know how to
Garvo Gujarati: The government that came to power to end corruption itself is indulging in corruption. LINK Bansal is Kejriwal's Brother in Law.

Goa Punjab Manipur UP UK

Garvo Gujarati: The level of corruption taking place in a large state like UP, and others can be highlighted by one action of Yogi. He canceled the extension of many officers. There were around 100 high level officers given extensions just because they were close to the previous government.
ramar2005: In a way, let them, the pseudos and the minority news media go after Yogi. They are 50% responsible for making Narendra Modi what and were he is. We too are concerned that someone should shoulder and carry on his good work, ten years from now.
ramar2005: UP is a state with 20 crore population. Qualifies to be a separate country by itself. With perennial rivers flowing its entire length, fertile soil and bountiful harvest, people should have been prosperous, but for the vice like grip of the Nehru dynasty and its politics.

Taxi options from IGI Delhi airport

kulb: Thank you everyone for your inputs. On the website for Delhi airport, it says they have a relationship with 3 taxi operators namely Meru, Mega, and Easy cabs. I might take one of these. Anyone have any experience using their services?
rajcanada: Your best bet is prepaid taxi at Delhi Airport. Uber and Ola require a local cellphone number with data connection.
Delhite: If you are travelling light with baggage you can handle yourself, metro could be another option. Check out at - LINK
Fido: IIRC there s a prepaid taxi booth operated under Delhi Police supervision. You should be easily able to locate it if you ask some uniformed person or may be a porter also. How it works or used to is

List of Indian Nuclear Scientists who died mysterious deaths

Blue_Peafowl: The World is purely chess game.... but they play on bigger dangerous scale... not all of it outsider's work some of them is our own work ( traitor, secret etc...) better to just stay away from those dirty tricks...
RBO: 11 nuclear scientists had unnatural deaths during a four year period from 2009-13 in the country, as per the latest data provided by Department of Atomic Energy. Out of them, eight scientists and engineers


Latest Replies

G Drivers Licence

AshwaniG: Brampton is known for one of the most failure rates. I won't go in the reasons. Port Union is a better option.
new_migrant: I plan to take my G Full Drivers Licence and also the Ministry course for Insurance purposes. Can anyone suggest the good driving schools in and around Brampton with reasonable fees and efficient services. Is it easy to get G licence in Brampton.

Benefits of cow urine

zindabad: I am using distilled cow urine called " Gau mutra ark " . I bought it from India and bring it here for my use . I am not sure about its availability in canada . You may check with baba ramdev 's patanjali shop in toronto -brampton . As far as my information Gau mutra ark from " Pathmeda " is the best one .
dsd: Hi Zindabad , Is cow urine available in Canada ? Please share if you have any info .
zindabad: No there is no study or data to support . You should try it , It won't harm you . Lots of literature in hindi is available explaining benefits of cow urine . You may find Rajiv Dixit 's videos , pdf books on it . But there is no modern scientific study / data available to support it . When ever
Delhite: Any scientific study or data to support or just placebo effect?
zindabad: Last month I went to India and had cow urine for 3weeks . I am healthy person but have minor allergy, digestion and cough cold problem . Also my cholesterol was slightly higher. My all these problems are solved, cholesterol level also slightly reduced . I brought 3 more bottles of 250 ml each to Canada and continue having it daily . Today I read one message about benefits of cow urine , I feel it is worth to share it .

Do you pray to a god or bully?

febpreet: I pray none, just visit temple out of solidarity with my family and to meet friends there. That's all about it. In my personal 'unpopular' opinion, the organized religion (all of them) is the biggest scam that humanity ever created. I laugh at people that profess their religion is bigger and better than anyone else's out there.
Fido: Believing in one's superiority is one thing - let every fool live in their paradise! However coming down to reality and forcing that paradise on others, if needed violently is another thing and criminal in nature. And to think that any religion or line of thought would propagate that including the violence - it is not understandable ....it is criminal.
RaOne: I think it all boils down to the superiority complex some religionists have with respect to other religions- ie. "What I beleive is the only god, what you beleive is garbage." There is a funny Indian proverb: one monkey says to the other monkey - my bottom is more red than your bottom!

Empty land as investment

Full House: ANY TAKERS. I was on a project a few years ago. It got shelved. Later on I met an old buddy who did exactly as the plan was designed to accomplish. But the building part of it was left to each individual and if we were to proceed, the details that we had are similar to what you see below. The previous
mkannuri: Hello OP, Just came across this post and curious which plan did you take A or B ?
Full House: It will go a long way if you do find out what it is that a Property Buyer is looking for when he wants to enter into a transaction. You have yourself explained the same in your PLAN 'B'., as to what they are. So, is it Plan B or could it be Plan A which you conveniently modified it into one! and called
BAsh: Thanks for replies CD's. Even though I have a full time job in construction supervision, I don't have any experience regarding buying, renovating and flipping. And besides, I will need a lot of capital that not only covers the purchase of property, 20% down, Mortgage, land transfer tax, property tax, utilities, but also enough to cover the renovation needs.

Conference - Muslims Against M103 - Sunday Apr 09, 12.30-3.30pm, Mississauga

RBO: Thanks for Sharing....RSVP request sent and waiting for reply.... :up:
RaOne: There is a conference by moderate Muslim activists to share their concerns against Motion 103. People of all religions and athiests are invited to attend. See the link below to RSVP. LINK Speakers : Tarek Fatah, Tahir Gora, Asif Javaid, Shaan Taseer

Newest Posts

If I'm Islamophobic, what's my punishment? : Tarek Fatah

RaOne: .. Famous author and host of the popular Zee News show "Fatah Ka Fatwa" Tarek Fatah asks to the Canadian Govt: If I'm Islamophobic, what's my punishment? LINK

I.T Business Opportunity

DesiTiger: Hi Everyone, I have a business opportunity for a certain demographic. If you work for a company based in Canada / United States AND are in a position to hire or influence hiring of IT contract resources and would like to make upwards of $5,000 per month in passive income, please PM me. Others who are not serious or have otherwise sanctimonious comments to make need not waste their time :) This thread and opportunity is for SERIOUS business minded people only. Cheers DT

New rules for tow-truck or vehicle-storage services

RBO: Most of the peoples do not know what is his rights and how to handle the situations when involving in the accident. In an effort to make towing services and vehicle-storage services more transparent, the Ontario government recently introduced new requirements to strengthen consumer protection. These new rules came into effect on Jan. 1, 2017. If youve ever been stranded on a highway or involved in an automobile collision, there is a strong likelihood that the first person to arrive at the scene to offer assistance was a tow-truck operator. Tow-truck operators provide an essential service on our roadways, and for the most part they operate with honesty and integrity. Their work is demanding, competitive and necessary. Over the years, Ive known of tow-truck operators offering

Gotcha by CRA

Full House: Finally they got them by their 'you know what' ! (The Panama Papers) allows us to showcase how the CRA has changed, Gallivan said. Theres a bit of a paradigm shift for us: no voluntary disclosures and a lot more criminal investigations. That reflects a shift to more severe consequences for people who are participating in aggressive tax avoidance or tax evasion. From now on, the CRA will also fingerprint anyone charged with tax evasion, which could affect their ability to travel abroad. Its about more than revenue, said Gallivan. It sends the message that its not just tax evasion, its not just white collar crime, its a serious criminal offence and it comes with serious criminal consequences. Internationally, Canada has long been considered lax on white collar crime, with few prosecutions and prison sentences measured in months, not years.

Meeting between Chrystia Freeland Canadian Foreign Minister & Rex Tillerson

Vandematram: WOW! David & Goliath meet. LINK Freeland Challenged the US government that if new Border Tax comes we will "Respond Appropriately"!. Just look at what happened at the TTC Union. The TTC Union was a sub unit of an US based union and when the Canadians wanted to break away they fired the Canadian board including Kinnear and also closed and locked the union office and cut the phones. LINK Now Madam Chrystia Freeland has given the message to Uncle REX. Who incidentally is Bhaiya to PUTIN. Our Miss Freeland has been banned from entering RUSSIA. LINK I hope they do not cancel the TN Visa as a part of the NAFTA deal.

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