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India Discussions

Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes pulled out of circulation immediately in India !

rajcanada: Only Indian residents travelling abroad are allowed to carry Indian rupees up to Rs. 25,000. Others are not allowed to carry any Indian rupees outside India even though a lot of people do it for convenience.
sguk: British MP writes to Modi whilst Canadian (Desi) MP's lazy around. LINK Keith
Full House: Here is a good one..: BIWI JAISI HO GAYI HAI CURRENCY. Purani Chalti Nahi... Nayi Milti Nahi.... - We have our own Indian calendar now, starting 8th November 2016. BC - Before Currency (Screw up) & AD - After Demonetization - NJOY. TGIF. FH.

Electoral reforms a must to fight corruption in India

Confused_Canadian: If PM was sincere, this is the first thing he should do. He is window dressing with all his marketing talks. No real long term benefit. For some reason even countries like U.S.A has got this problem.
Delhite: I think you cannot fight corruption in India without having electoral reforms. Event here is Ontario, a new legislation will put a ceiling on political parties donation by business and state will fund

NRE, NRO, FCNR account - Need to be closed ? If you move back to India ?

futureguy: They are more than just two bit crooks, they are murderers, rapist, arsonist, with countless police cases and court cases going on them. Most of them are out on bail. Some go to Jail for a couple of days,
GlobalIndian: I guess it is not possible to fly under radar since your passport will have entry and exit stamps. But it sounds bad that one could not live longer than 6 months and be able to keep NRE accounts. Once
futureguy: Is this rule strictly enforced ? Like you stay in India as an OCI and keep operating your NRE and NRO accounts. Will Indian IT department catch you or the banks catch you with KYC documents ?
futureguy: I don't think there is much price differential in gold prices in Canada and India. Not worth the risk or money. After the price of air tickets from Canada and miscellaneous expenses, its probably not

OCI Card Questions

CrazeeGhost: Thanks guys
prince_de_canada: First of all if someone is US citizen then he/she can come to canada without any visa . If you still have any doubghts then you must have to ask this question to Canada Immigration as you need landing
prince_de_canada: You have to ask these question to only one of the BLS canada locations. goto this website : LINK They are only the people who can answer you correctly if you
CrazeeGhost: Hi guys I had a couple of questions regarding application for OCI card - 1. If I got PR as a dependent with my parents and I am independent and married now, do I still need to attach my parents' landing papers with my OCI application? 2.


Latest Replies

Good Math Tutor for IB Student

Full House: Please verify the TUTOR with Proper references and if needed with POLICE Clearances, before they enter you place of residence. All of these ads are from KIJIJI and are provided here for reference. They have not been Checked OR Verified. You are on your own. LINK
Aman1: I am also looking for High School Math, Physics and Chemistry tutor in Brampton, any help will be highly appreciated.
Oimnadniia: Hi all , I can do IT for ITGS... and i have gone taught same for 5 years....... If anyone interested please let me know....
fariha_riaz: I am looking for a chemistry tutor for my daughter. Please call 9052017941
razashah: I am also looking for Math teacher in Mississauga, any reference will help.
desi_driller: OK. I found one for math. Now, I aam looking for Physics. Any References?

Filing Income Tax Returns for Indian income in India

Full House: That is why we always say, "Go and see an Accountant". Yes we do have DTAA. (But the Indian Tax Accountants might not have a clue about the Canadian Taxes and the deductions permitted in our tax system. So, it is nice to come to CD and post to us your queries here and we will see if we can solve them first. We have a large Personal Deduction of say $11,000.
Many: Thank you Futureguy, Rental income in India is 3 lakhs/p.a. We file Income-tax returns in Canada. Yes, they deduct 30% on all interest income in NRO a/c If we file I-T returns then all Income needs to be shown; that is what we were thinking?
futureguy: Not sure if there is a DTAA - Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between India and Canada or not. So if you file Canadian taxes you don't have to file Indian taxes and vice versa or not.
futureguy: 1. Interest earned on NRE is tax free, so you don't have to show. 2. Interest earned on NRO you already have tax deducted at source by the bank. So you already have TDS of 30 % taken out by the bank and IT India. So unless you want a refund of this money, no point in showing it. 3. How much rent are you getting per year ? Generally upto 2.5 Lac per year income in India, you don't have to file any IT return or owe any Indian taxes.

Donald Trump

febpreet: Every time I read his name 'Shalabh Kumar', it reminds me of Delhi's Sulabh Shauchalayas. Can't help. You should read his 'unintentionally' funny biography: LINK This (planning the wedding of son with Ms. India - what an achievement): lol... Shalabh Kumar never does anything old, small or half-heartedly.
hchheda: Fantasy news from Pakistan: LINK Also read: LINK Hiren
Delhite: Before the elections: Pakistan is probably the most dangerous country in the world and only India could 'check' Pakistan. Pakistan is a serious problem because it has nuclear weapons. After the elections: Pakistan is a fantastic country and I would love to come to this fantastic place of fantastic people.

India Vs Australia T20 match.

loshana: It was great.
febpreet: Time to retire is coming close, so may be the factor to leave a good legacy. People often remember the innings more closer to the retirement. :).
northyork_desi: Haha, this used to be the attitude of Indian players for may years when they face teams like West Indies, NZ, BD etc. In T20, any team can win. So its better not to be complacent and treat it like a WC semi. Also, I noticed that Dhoni is really switched on these days, something that we havent seen him do in the last 4-5 years.
febpreet: So, it's English vs. India in the finale :). Let's see what transpires in the semis.
san-hugo: The positive is - lot of batsmen are due for runs as India enters semis. Yuvraj gone, Rahane might open bringing Rohit down to no 4 keeping left-right combinations aligned. Knowing Dhoni he will not like to bring more than one change to team. In the mean time , I am watching Englishman Roy mauling New Zealand to ground and under in first 10 overs.

New first CAR

loshana: Our first car is always awesome in our life.
nazim747: From insurance perspective, I can tell you that the newer the car and the bigger the car the cheaper would be your insurance premium. So if you are looking to save some money on insurance but an SUV or a Van and please do not go for a smaller vehicle.
Full House: 'TEMPO' AND 'PTMA'..: Take your time and explore a little. When you get to the idea with which they are developing this kind of a BATTERY for large applications, we will get to know how fast we can take in the energy the SUN generates and store it for the day. When you get to know how cheap the intrinsic value of these materials are, we will know how inexpensive they will be.
san-hugo: No desire for SUV ? some SUVs now a days cost almost same as sedans. You can always use some space at the back plus safer and lesser insurance. We are going to cottage this weekend and SUV is coming handy for sure.

Newest Posts

Any CISSP here?

Chamgadad: I have some quick questions about CISSP scope and life. Do we have any desi cissp here?

Processed animal meat in Canadas money

vagg: Copy and paste this link in your browser to read the story. LINK If anybody doesn't like their bills after reading this and want to get rid of them, I am ready to accept them - no questions asked :-).

Want to know how much it cost me when I dated? Mmmm. a small fortune, the

Full House: What was your date like? Did it cost much then? You can tell me and if you do not remember, then, find out. Here is some help. Got myself washed and cleaned, dabbed a lot of cheap perfume, because it did not last long and planned to go to a nice restaurant and have a nice meal, (No Drinks then) and finish with a few sweets and stuff my face with that MUKHWAS, just in case get a chance to you know what, rub noses damit, and then head to a good movie. YEA, the screens were so small we had to sit in the middle, the sound system was so poor, we could hear the snap crackle pop in the speakers. The seats, of course were flat wooden boards, of course narrow and the back rests were flat too. One of those times the guy ahead of me who was a smoker, used to send S.O.S. messages with his Smoke Rings and I don't know what brand it was, that second hand smoke was sure killing all of us who were sitting behind and few got suffocated too.

Urgently need Logo designers/graphic designers

catman: I am looking for logo designers/graphic designer for our restaurant services in GTA . We are looking for creative people to this post who is having experience for more than 6 years and in well sounded in the trending image/video editing software. Candidates having prior experience with any of tools listed on this site xxxx

Canadian in USA on B2 visa applying for E2 visa

thakkar.jimish: Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen, came to USA on a Tourist visa. In a meantime, I liked a business here and owned it. I'm in a process to apply for E2 visa, however I applied for Tourist visa extension for another 6 moths and I've not heard back from US Immigration. It's almost 11 months I'm here in USA. I have all the paper work needed for the E2 visa application which I'm starting now. Anybody has any suggestion on what are my chances of success and how long it should take for my E2 visa approval. I also have pending B2 visa extension with US Immigration. It would be great to get some advice and if anyone had similar scenario. Thanks!!

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