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Kejriwal Sacks his Cabinet Minister on Corruption Charges

dsd: Mufflerman and his band of followers are the biggest bunch of deviant hypocrites whose sole job of work currently is to cause maximum confusion and disunity through its divisive politics to garner more
dsd: The Delhi government has appointed public relations (PR) firm Perfect Relations as its "media consultant": As per app supporters kejriwal is doing excellent job in delhi and people are happy then why the hell they need to hire a PR agency to build their image?
zindabad: Don't be serious on kejru ... Enjoy his drama . One more kejru joke 😂😂😂😂😂😂 अभी कुछ दिन पहले
Garvo Gujarati: Gang of idiots went to PM's home for what reason? a complain by a common citizen. Why AAP is afraid to face any of the legal action? Chor ki Dadhi me tinka?

Pakistan getting deeper into trouble being soft on terror on its own soil

san-hugo: I wish China feels the heat someday, only that country (and Russia) has guts to take the rotten culture hands on. India is too diplomatic without clear agenda against Pakistan and Taliban because protest cometh from within.
zindabad: They are not going to change . They wont accept / hear anything except fight . It is impossible to teach this class about how the world could be different than they live or taught . They are brain washed .
febpreet: I agree! I see no point in these posts as well.
goldeneye: Request to moderator - please delete this post. I do not want to start a trail of no use discussing these types of topics. I respect all countries and religions and do not want to see any discussion take a different turn. thanks
goldeneye: The madrassa has top Afghan Taliban leaders among its graduates, including the group's supreme leader Mullah Omar, who was announced dead in July last year. "I am proudly announcing that Darul

Raghu Ram Rajan exits RBI

ramar2005: And the biggest problem that India is facing today is not GDP, growth rate etc., but it is that the people of the country are getting robbed of their wealth. There is even a bigger problem than this biggest
ramar2005: Recently saw one interview in ND TV by Barkha Dutt on 3R. Switched the channel, the moment he compared the conscious big loan defaulters (like the one who has now run away) to credit card payment delay
Full House: If you missed this interview with R3 on the Indian TV, NDTV, here is a repeat of the same. Please go through this before they pull it off. FH. LINK
Garvo Gujarati: Its a time to move on. Rajan or no-Rajan, Indian Economy is on a good path. There is no dearth of talents for this post.

Vidyanjali - A good initiative by Indian Government

Garvo Gujarati: Yes, retired professionals can contribute more, but even working professionals can also contribute. There are millions of highly educated house-wives (who chose to stay at home and give their kids quality education) in India and they can contribute as well.
zindabad: Good initiative by government . Retired professionals from different fields will contribute happily .
Garvo Gujarati: Indian Human Resource Ministry came up with a concept where common citizens with specific skills can offer their services to schools and other such organizations. The idea is to utilize the skills available


Latest Replies

Hickory drive explosion

Full House: Documents show that the ownership of the house where the explosion occurred was transferred to Mr. Nadler in 2009, long after his mother, listed as co-owner of the property, died in November, 2001. His father remains listed as co-owner, although he died in 2011. Ms. Page is listed as Mr. Nadler?s
AshwaniG: Thanks for your concern TK . Wondering if everyone in India is safe from Kollam temple fire . LINK I also saw a explosion news in Somalia .. God bless all LINK
tamilkuravan: Just heard from The star that a house exploded at Hickory drive (off Rathburn street West). This is a place that I have often visited. Wondering if CD's are OK in thie area. The star talks about some notes in which a person says that soon his house would be taken over by the banks for default. The most common reason could be a gas explosion. More news soon as you wake up.

Desi food and restaurants in Canada

Many: Karaikudi in Scarborough on Kennedy serves South Indian Cuisine Buffet and a la carte; food is good, can say value for money.
hchheda: That didn't take too long .. :D..:D Surprising he took so much efforts to sneak one in.. :D. Hiren
bdfseo1: I have found interesting link for all desi dining lovers! :cheers: :cheers:
AshwaniG: When you are done "talking" take some time to visit LINK
bdfseo1: Yes dear you talk about all the desi restaurants in Canada as this topic is dedicated to it
Garvo Gujarati: When you generalize Canada about desi restaurants it would be hard to tell any. For a specific Metro area I can give you my favorites. As I lived in different parts of Metro toronto here is my list. The Host in Markham (or Richmond Hill), consistenly great food. Nice atmosphere. Not that expensive.

Furnace & AC replacement

san-hugo: if your AC/furnance is that old but still working , i suggest take insurance (e.g, 19.99 from reliance home comfort for both) instead of buying . If anything goes bad , you are covered. if you do maths, total cost of replacing AC/furnance will be around 5k and taking insurance @ 240$/year makes sense even if your current equipment lasts for next 5 to 6 years.
AshwaniG: Savings can not recoupe the installation cost in short terms. Its a good idea to replace aging equipment to have peace of mind and reliability. Mind it though that newer equipment is prone to breakdown more since its equipped with different new safety sensors.
lemon925: I have a silly question about AC and Furnace. I have a 25 year old AC/Furnace, it seems to work fine. I understand that newer models are more efficient and I ll be saving ~300$/year with new furnace, but other than this, is there any reason I should buy a new model. Thanks!

When Should give notice to my apartment

Fido: Are Panasonic and AdnanCanada the same person ?
adnancanada: Deposit is last month rent.
Fido: Please consult your landlord and discuss . They will tell you the best picture. Sometimes they are flexible and may accept one month's notice also .... and also advise you if there's a possibility of you retaining the lease in case needed. Also during the last week approach the landlords to ask for the interest on your deposits ...
rajcanada: 1- You can take your notice back only if current apartment owner has not found a new tenant. Once you give notice, apartment owner will start showing your apartment to potential renters. Unless current apartment owner has plans to make major upgrades to the apartment, they will try to rent it out as soon as your notice period is over.
zindabad: He should speak to his landlord and clear about it
Panasonic: My cousin bought condominium in Mississauga and his closing in October. He is living in renting apartment. He is now planning to rent this condominium from October 1st if possible otherwise Nov 1st. Problem is that If he does not find tenet then will move to his condominium from Nov 1st. He can take 1 month risk.


Garvo Gujarati: The Britain pride! The Londoners didn't buy the theory and wanted to be part of EU. Those who care more about not only nation but beyond can only make such decisions.
Gurram: Yes .. Only theory of "Karma" explains for Brits situation .... to anyone for that matter.
Full House: My posting was after they got out of EU. But it goes to show much more biased they were prior to the voting session. It is worthy of note to see that the BRITS are leaving not because of any financial troubles or any discord. But because there are issues that they found they could not handle. I can
rajcanada: Brexit, the movie, is highly biased towards "Leave" campaign. Facts have been twisted and people who do not know what is EU are confused further. It is not an objective documentary where you put both sides of the argument and compare which is better. EU is a complex system made up different entities.

Newest Posts

Mohammad Ali....R.I.P.

Full House: Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer. From early in his career, Ali was known as an inspiring, controversial and polarizing figure both inside and outside the boxing ring. Wikipedia. Born: January 17, 1942, Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Died: June 3, 2016, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. He entertained the whole world. May his soul R.I.P. First fight with Liston.: Edit.: LINK Second Fight with Liston.: LINK FH. LINK

Planning Sudbury Visit

meitsme: Hi Guys, I have plan to visit Sudbury from Thursday to Sunday end of this month and looking for suggestion to plan the trip. My niece is coming to Canada first time for few weeks. She is going to stay in Laurentine university campus. We would like to visit her and spend some time there. I am going with my two sons (8 and 12 year old). We are vegitarian. 1) Any idea about Motel with reasonable rate? 2) Which are the good places to visit? Detail with parking facilities and things to do will be appreciated. 3) Any good Indian restaurants (vegetarian)? Thank you very much in advance.


Full House: We are conned by these Apps. There may be many more. So, avoid them if you can. Watch this APP on Flashlight. LINK TGIF.. : WES BARKER LINK LINK FH.

Desi style Banquet halls

alwaysbanned: Can some one help me with some desi style banquet halls in Mississauga and brampton? Some of them i know are Payal,Capitol,Chandini...

RADAR Goof up.

Full House: TEN LONG Years they say?! We have been had for that long and no one knew about it !! Now stand upto it and fight every speeding ticket and also ask for the money back if you did lose your fight and paid for a speeding ticket. WHY? Read on. : 'I think a lot of people got convicted when they shouldn't have been convicted,' one lawyer says.... By Marnie Luke, Lori Ward, CBC News Posted: Jan 25, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 25, 2016 10:15 AM ET' CBC News. : 'The tuning fork is the only one that tests the entire system all at once ? from end to end.' IF so, why did they not use it to calibrate the speed detector. LINK Be brave and put up a fight in the courts. FH.

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