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Sisodia catches a govt employee watching movie while at work

northyork_desi: Sleeping should be pardoned in Indian politics. You eat India food and listen to afternoon speeches, you will naturally press the snooze button. So Modi , Rahul, AK should be spared for the occasional mishaps as these individuals work long hours.
Fido: Modi's speech might have been boring !! Kudos to AAP for setting yet another example of accountability by firing the employee watching movie on the spot in a surprise inspection. I am sure where
dsd: Kejriwal sleeping during indepedence day speech Knowing Kejriwal, this might be just his idea of symbolic dig at the PM. Such a shame, we call these people our leaders who did not have the courtesy to pay attention at such an important event of our country.
JRF: Modiji ki baath sunke kisi ko neendh nahin aathee hain tho badi baath hain..

Kejriwal Sacks his Cabinet Minister on Corruption Charges

zindabad: ओलिंपिक में लड़कियों कि सफलता पर ... केजरीवाल
Fido: Obviously you have not been to Delhi and are unfamiliar with Delhites. But the bare fact that you ridicule a population of 2 million , speaks of your frustrated mindset.
dsd: Doctor: " Do you have any history of mental illness in your family?" Patient: " I have an uncle who voted for Kejriwal in Delhi..."
san-hugo: Weak arguments. FYI, feel free to explain me Cow emotions. I have lived and slept among them. I own a farm and family owns all dairy animals in India and have spent considerable time in childhood with buffaloes and cows.

PIO to OCI Conversion

Chamgadad: Its a BLOODY nightmare to switch to OCI What a piece of shit this crap has turned out to be. Nothing is clear on any website. When you actually go to bls office they give you all kind of bullshit. signature
dillpickles: When switching from a PIO card to an OCI card, in addition to filling out an online form, uploading photographs etc. what other documentation must be submitted in person? Thank you!
chandresh: I had reasonably good experience recently for conversion of PIO to OCI. The only trouble I had, and I was happily surprised since I expected more trouble, was: 1. On submission, the guy asked me that the photocopies of PIO/passport had to be self attested 2.
Chamgadad: elmer fudd Thanks for the info
elmer fudd: I recently exited from IGIA and returned to the same destination. No issues with the PIO card (there is no lifetime stamp on my card). I also applied for PIO-to-OCI conversion in India recently. Uploaded

Kashmir issue - clashes over militant Burhan Wani leave 30 dead....

ramar2005: Some days back there was this Rajya Sabha discussion on the current Kashmir situation. As expected. MPs from the opposition like the Left and Congress repeatedly criticized the BJP government for 'not
ramar2005: LINK We do not understand what Chidambaram says "We broke faith, we broke promises" etc.
RBO: New Delhi, Jul 18 : आतंकवादी बुरहान वानी की एक मुठभेड़
ramar2005: If individuals carry AK47s and grenades and attack policemen and army, what else can they expect in return? The latest is that there will be an Enquiry into the circumstances leading to the encounter. Both


Latest Replies

Noodle Samosa

geetakhanna: Your recipes are real nice👍 Keep it up!
bdfseo1: Hello Dear as this forum is dedicated to desi recipes so here is one of the delicious delicious desi recipe which you would love to make at home. Ingredients For noodle / filling samosa: Onion 1 Capsicum (cut into a thin strips) 1/2 cup Cabbage (cut into a thin strips) 1 cupv Vegetable

PR application steps

Full House: The link in my previous post will provide you with the details and the process followed by the IRCC. I am sure you have gone through the link and got most or all of the information that you will need to get into Canada. Here are some links to the people who do the Evaluation of the Educational Qualifications to IMMIGRATE to Canada.
Gurram: You can create your profile without ECA. But you will not get points for your qualifications. You can update your profile once you have the ECA. There is no use creating your profile before getting ECA.
Smartwork: Dear Sir Thanks for the reply. I am slightly confused. Do you mean to say I can start the application process even before getting an ECA Thanks and Regards Vasudevan
rajcanada: You are in the pool for one year from the time you get in. Only when you have points above the cut off, you will be invited to apply for PR. From: LINK

Working legally in the US with a Canadian passport (No TN, No H1B)

tamilkuravan: San Hugo Sir : I have already replied as to why I had asked that question of mine. I had read the internet post that you had posted long back. It is more useful for people who want to travel the world with minimum expense. My case is different. I am in a very high paying job in India. Some
san-hugo: TK , this is for you or people in your situation , single and want to go abroad (minus your intention to work illegally) , (I lifted the list from an article on web and take no credit ) Btw - On hindsight I also agree with hint given by AshwaniG that you might be doing it again to hog attention and you really do not mean to move out of your current comfort zone.
dsd: Understand your pain . Bless You Murali LINK
tamilkuravan: Sir : Being single does not save you from your responsibilities. I have got an Old mother (partly incapacitated) whom I am caring for along with my brother / caregiver. Then there are some legal cases, which prevent me from being carefree. Again, I have to plan for my future. Who will take care of me when I am invalid etc.. Life is not so simple.

Desi food and restaurants in Canada

bdfseo1: Hello Faley Restaurant was established in 1999 serving Toronto the Finest in authentic Hakka Chinese Indian cuisine. Based out of their Rexdale location Faley strives for excellent food, value and customer service in building our loyal customer base one family at a time. Get this restaurant's complete info here:xxxxx
Many: Karaikudi in Scarborough on Kennedy serves South Indian Cuisine Buffet and a la carte; food is good, can say value for money.
hchheda: That didn't take too long .. :D..:D Surprising he took so much efforts to sneak one in.. :D. Hiren
bdfseo1: I have found interesting link for all desi dining lovers! :cheers: :cheers:
AshwaniG: When you are done "talking" take some time to visit LINK
bdfseo1: Yes dear you talk about all the desi restaurants in Canada as this topic is dedicated to it

Bought a house due to some reason not moving

Full House: Please follow the guide lines provided by San Hugo. Also if you can, retain possession of a room or two and lock them and store a few of your belongings in there. (Anything) that will clearly indicate that you have the possession of the place. Enter the premises once a month giving proper notice to the occupant.
Panasonic: Thank shobhade for your continued help. I really appreciate. May God bless you and your family.
Panasonic: Thank you very much san-hugo for your detail information. My closing on September 1st . I have already taken home insurance to my new home, my auto insurance went down half because out of city. If I tell them I am renting out. I think they will reverse auto insurance and increase home insurance , is that correct ? I intended to move in September but due to some reason I decided to rent it out from OCT 1st.
san-hugo: You are moving in on 01 Oct, I am assuming the closing date is 01st Oct. Nearing this date, You will have to buy the home insurance and send information to the lawyer who will share the info to your bank from where your mortgage is arranged. Do not worry to start scrambling for it as you read , the Lawyer who is closing for you will give you a checklist of documents required.

Newest Posts

Cricket Players in Toronto

aditya2007: Hi Guy's, We are looking for couple of good cricket players for next season to play in Mississauga(hard ball league) If anyone is interested please call/text me at 9057824155. Thanks A

Fame on social media

rajcanada: People have started doing really risky things to get their 15 minutes of fame on social media including putting their lives and lives on others in danger, all for just to make a video to put it on the Youtube. Recently a guy walked up with his camera on the Hamilton Skyway bridge and he has now been charged. LINK Sometime back another person jumped on the TTC subway tracks to make a video about dangers of playing Pokemon game LINK

junk removal services

sherrycanon: Hi everyone, I am new here. We just did a small renovation in our kitchen last month and now we have a lot of junk stored up in the attic. A neighbor suggested calling in xxxxxx, a junk removal company to haul away the waste. I was wondering whether any one of you have used their services before or is there any other option that I need to look forward to? Thanks

Climate change charges will not be shown in natural gas bills in Ontario

rajcanada: Ontario government is bringing in new changes to reduce greenhouse emissions. As part of this natural gas and gasoline prices will go up. The climate-charge will not be shown separately in the bill though. Not sure why it needs to be hidden. They intend to collect and spend $8.3 billion over 5 years to reduce greenhouse emissions. From January 2017, gasoline prices go up by 4.5 cents and average increase of $5 to natural gas bill. LINK

Chilli Pickle

bdfseo1: The only thought of Chilli Pickle makes literally our mouth water! You can easily try this Chilli Pickle recipe at the ease of your home. Ingredients: 2 tsp cumin powder 1 tsp turmeric A pinch of salt 2 tsp mustard seeds 1 small knob of ginger (grated) 3 tsps brown sugar 1/8 cup groundnut oil 1/4 cup white vinegar 250 grams chillies Juice of half a lemon (or cut lemon into thin wedges) Direction: You need the long, thin chillies to keep the Indian flavour. Jalepanos or the like will not give the same flavour. Chop the chillies in to segments, larger pieces can be cut in half again. Don't take out the seeds - this is meant to be hot! You'll also lose a lot of the bulk by removing seeds/pith. Gently fry the chillies and ginger in the oil. Don't fry on too high a heat or they will burn.

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