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e-Tourist Visa for India

Canada_Ka_Bhikari: The requirement was there last year too. Your wife just got lucky. Depending on the whims and fancies of the agent, you can get off easily or be harassed further. Even if you overstay your visit by a few days, I don't think they are going to Catch you on your way OUT of India.
febpreet: Looks like a Renunciation cert IS required for the Tourist visa. From the checklist: Additional documents for Former Indian Nationals Applying for tourist Visa (Photocopies) - Last Held Cancelled Indian
northyork_desi: I dont think the renunciation certificate is a requirement for visit visa or tourist visa, but only for OCI. Do call BLS/CGI and inquire. If the stay is expected to last longer than 30 days, its better to get regular visit visa.
febpreet: Thanks. I am aware of the renunciation of Indian passport and we need to get it done once she gets back from India. I think she needs to go for more than 30 days (about 5-7 days more than that), so she might have to get through the tradition visa route.

China slaps and kicks India

Canada_Ka_Bhikari: Sentiment and reality are 2 different things. How many Indian people are going to burn their Chinese made cell phones, home appliances, LCD TV's, Laptops, PC Computers, toys, Jeans, T shirts, shoes
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: Boycotting Chinese is all well & good, but first try to create infrastructure, manufacturing capacity, electricity ( which can support all these factories ), no political interference, no red tape, no
puttoo: The thread was valid only till MMS was in power - any action by Chinese after Modi G coming to power cannot be called a slap ...... See how our internet warrior have gone to sleep ;)
dhaikin: They will, but China is the manufacturer of the world right now. So the impact will be minimal. But the anti China sentiment is building up like crazy.. I can see it first hand from Mumbai.

Re: OCI Pictures

Mercury: It should be fine. -Mercury
samna1978: I took OCI pictures for my kids in Walmart and now need to upload it on the application. Anyone has recent experience in uploading? Regarding size the photographer said its the right said but the pixel sizing is confusing me.

4 hours, choppers and 38 kills: How India avenged the Uri attack

san-hugo: This is not difficult to understand that Time and people of India will be the deciding factor. 2-3 of us being hammer and tong on CD will not change the situation. Kejriwal and Modi both have shortcomings.
metouk: Can say as above when you do not have any clue to defend Silly Kejruddin..
Delhite: Lets see who will stand the test of time :) .
metouk: Truely said , Aaptards can't defend kejruddin on his silly act. They must be feeling shame on supporting him earlier .
RBO: नवाज शरीफ की इंटेलिजेंस चीफ के साथ
zindabad: kejru cannot make himself believe that modi gov did something like "SURGICAL STRIKE". kejru , you so cunning man, modi ko salute krte krte fr crticize kr gya. Actually he tried to deny the reality


Latest Replies

Immigration Consultant

rsimmigration: Advertising is not permitted in charcha.
reddevil: Thank You Gurram for the reply :) I am going to Niagra falls next week so was thinking of getting my passport stamped at Border Coz this would be convenient too. What are your thoughts on this.
Gurram: Since you have the Work Permit and you will travel in December, the safest thing would be apply for a Visa. You will get your passport back with visa stamped normally in 3 to 4 weeks time. You do not need a visa stamp to return back to Canada if you are going to US by road. Your wokr permit is enough. You can not get a visa stamp at the border.
reddevil: Hello Everyone Planning to visit US in December for which i have valid Visa. But my Canadian Student Visa stamp expires in November. So can I Get my Visa Stamp from Niagra Border on basis of my work permit. Can they do it immediately??? Thanks for your time :) Waiting for replies from people

OCI - marriage certificate notarized affidavit

MeagainMe: That's correct. only Canadian marriage certificate.
rajcanada: So no joint photo or affidavit? Just attached your Canadian marriage certificate?
MeagainMe: 1) It will be a wait for 2-3 hours (depending on how many visa application are there as it takes less time even if you're there before them) 2) Your originals will be returned in 10 days or so (I assume renewal is the same process as new one as they ask for all the same documents just a lower fee) 3)
samna1978: Can you specify the minor tech u r referring too? Its just a renewal since her passport expired. What do they check when you go? Last time did not do online so was different. Did they return back your originals?
futureguy: Yes same office. If everything is in order it will take about 1-2 hrs. Be prepared to be sent back for minor technicalities. So make sure its 100 % what they ask.

Best money exchange centre

Canada_Ka_Bhikari: " Transferwise "is good.
ashedfc: Over the short term (near future), USD is expected to strengthen (because of the weakness in the European economy causing the sell off in the Euro). This is also causing a temporary sell-off in commodities resulting in a hit to CAD being a commodity currency. Here's a USD chart since 2001 (notice the weakness over the last decade).
G13: Feedback: I used XEtrade to convert my funds from USD to CAD (both accounts in Canadian Banks). Excellent service, no charges, best rate in the market. All online / over the phone. Debit / EFT methods used to transfer. You can also leave standing instructions to convert only when a specific exchange rate is acheived.
vikshr: Not a problem Freddie .... I figured you must be talking about EUR/USD..
ftfl: ____________________________________________ See your Personal Message Box. Freddie.

Home Made Rotis.

Foodmonks: Please post ads in classifieds section.
Full House: I see the Date of Manufacture on the Bag. I asked the guy who was stacking products., he said that they only provide us 'that date'. They figure that it should last over 90 days and and upto 180 days. Plus the Head office has the date of order and the signature of the receiving party on the invoice on the day when it was received (Date, Delivery Truck # etc., on it).
Fido: BTW ~ Suraj Desi Kitchen is 33 c / roti ..minimum 1 packet of 10. I will check and post the rotis prices from others once I buy from them.
Fido: Thanks FH ... Can you share the printed date on the package in case you have brought one ... I have shied from buying ADM till now ..
Full House: Those who were searching for ADM Atta, I found a 20 Kg bag sale at MIAN's Grocers for $13.99 Ca. It has been on sale whole of this week. Seems today is the last day. (Please call and check) FH.

for Ontario Province - requirement of IELTS score for PR

Canada_Ka_Bhikari: Surgical strike's are for Bhakt's, who will believe any propoganda and lies, without any evidence or proof, as they have NO brains and can't think for themselves. Just like the Canadian gov's immigrant PR propoganda, lies and deception. I prefer dropping Nuclear bomb's !!
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: When the train is derailed and not going anywhere doesn't matter whether you are in first class or second class, you are all in the same boat or should I say train ? Or did you think different compartments and areas of the same train, travel in different directions ? But feel free to spend your
northyork_desi: Kya baat hai ! Surgical Strike !! 🚀🚀🚀🚀
Delhite: It depends upon whether you have taken proper train ticket (Have right skill set and ready to upgrade) and sitting in the first class or without ticket and hiding in the toilet.

Newest Posts

Sub se Bada Rupiyya....Sab se bada

Kanya: Top 10 Pakistan Exports to India Pakistan's exports to India amounted to 1. Fruits, nuts: $74 million 2. Salt, sulphur, stone, cement: $45.1 million 3. Cotton: $42.4 million 4. Copper: $34.5 million 5. Organic chemicals: $30.4 million 6. Sugar: $27.1 million 7. Oil: $21.4 million 8. Oil seed: $21.4 million 9. Raw hides excluding furskins: $20.6 million 10. Inorganic chemicals: $13.2 million Top 10 India's exports to Pakistan amounted to 1. Cotton: $341 million 2. Organic chemicals: $187.2 million 3. Vegetables: $125.9 million 4. Plastics: $120.9 million 5. Tanning, dyeing extracts: $92.1 million 6. Oil seed: $78.8 million 7. Food waste, animal fodder: $68.7 million 8. Manmade staple fibers: $61.6 million 9. Other chemical goods: $57.8 million 10. Machinery: $57.7 million

Cricket Players in Toronto

aditya2007: Hi Guy's, We are looking for couple of good cricket players for next season to play in Mississauga(hard ball league) If anyone is interested please call/text me at 9057824155. Thanks A

Fame on social media

rajcanada: People have started doing really risky things to get their 15 minutes of fame on social media including putting their lives and lives on others in danger, all for just to make a video to put it on the Youtube. Recently a guy walked up with his camera on the Hamilton Skyway bridge and he has now been charged. LINK Sometime back another person jumped on the TTC subway tracks to make a video about dangers of playing Pokemon game LINK

junk removal services

sherrycanon: Hi everyone, I am new here. We just did a small renovation in our kitchen last month and now we have a lot of junk stored up in the attic. A neighbor suggested calling in xxxxxx, a junk removal company to haul away the waste. I was wondering whether any one of you have used their services before or is there any other option that I need to look forward to? Thanks

Climate change charges will not be shown in natural gas bills in Ontario

rajcanada: Ontario government is bringing in new changes to reduce greenhouse emissions. As part of this natural gas and gasoline prices will go up. The climate-charge will not be shown separately in the bill though. Not sure why it needs to be hidden. They intend to collect and spend $8.3 billion over 5 years to reduce greenhouse emissions. From January 2017, gasoline prices go up by 4.5 cents and average increase of $5 to natural gas bill. LINK

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