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India Discussions

Dr.Subramanian Swamy Laundry List to clean up India !

ramar2005: Going by your argument, people should vote for the same party for ever and not according to their performance. SS has not switched over to any party for the sake of getting a minister post just like say a Ram Vilas Paswan or a V.C.Shukla.
puttoo: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" Hope Modi G won't have to go through what Atal G had to because he refused to make him the finance minister.
Nightmare: Hm.... Puttoo ji, as usual you still look back and yearn for the years passed by. Ome people are dynamic and do not remain in same cast (cave, for you). They step out, breath fresh air, look ahead and start moving forward.
puttoo: He piggy backed on an ongoing case in 2G filed by CPIL and others in 2010. It is so funny that he is back in BJP after what he did to them in 1999 ...... here is a blast from his past ....... "


ramar2005: Modi G must on an emergency basis take steps to neck out the Chidambaram in his Cabinet. Like Chidambaram, Jaitley is a Supreme Court lawyer, lives in Delhi for decades, cannot win an election on his own,
ramar2005: Finally the name list is itself a diversionary tactic. When any crime is committed, the first thing done by the local police is to line up some of the suspects involved, remove their dress to the minimum
puttoo: So a simple question .... did Modi G know about these "intricate" "international" "laws" before or was he became aware after he became the prime minister. Because he was
ramar2005: The mystery of the sealed envelope. Yesterday, the government had finally handed over a sealed envelope to the Supreme Court. The SC Judges were threatened by vested interests that if they opened the


Full House: This might have been a hoax. But the NASAs launch of the shuttle that blew up right in their face, is not. You might have heard about the Chinese and the Russian Diwali crackers, that fizzle out, that is what I thought happened with NASA's Diwali Celebrations.
hchheda: My apologies everyone. It was a hoax. LINK Hiren
rajcanada: - Is it written anywhere in the newspaper link that NASA made any kind of exception to existing rules to hire this person? There are already some exceptions being made in the areas of hiring contract workers, post doc research, etc.
hchheda: Here is one newspaper link. LINK

BJP wins in Haryana and Maharashtra

ramar2005: Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra CM designate seems to not another run of the mill politician. He is powerful orator, got talent, well connected and at 44 is relatively young for the CM's post. His wife
ramar2005: In MH, there needs to be another election till the people give a clear majority. SS has become a dynastic party like Sonia's Congress. Bal, Udhav and now Adtiya Thakarey. People of the state have wasted
Nightmare: Politically, it would be better to take support of NCP. The previous Govt of BJP/SS headed by half wit Manohar Joshi was plagued by Goondagiri and corruption due to SS going berserk. Uddhav is again a weak guy who is dumb too.
MKBLR: Though it is the largest party in Maha, BJP can join hands with SS. In fact Uddhav Thakre fell flat on his face since BJP won more seats than he offered them before the polls. Hope BJP wont join hands with corrupt NCP. It's time to take on Vadra in Haryana.


Latest Replies

ROTI making machine in GTA . Where can I find it ?

Fido: The product's effectiveness is suspect .. Don't know why do I remember reading this at some India grocery store perhaps Patel Bros. itself : 'Roti makers sold would bot be taken back or exchanged ' .. The above links also do not speak good about the product . We use the mechanical iron one for flattening of puri dough and do not have any problem with that .
Fido: A search on the charcha reveals these 2 earlier threads : LINK LINK
Fido: I know of the mechanical one though we use it for puris . We brought it from Patel Bros. Hyw 27 Etobicoke.
adamthorat: If i ask someone from India to get me the Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker from Flipkart , will it work in Canada ? LINK I think there will be VOLTAGE issues & the PLUG that goes into the electric outlet will lead to issues , right ?

Planning to write a memoir

adamthorat: You can publish it as an E-Book on AMAZON as a PDF format or Kindle format..or some E-Reader format. No need for a publisher anything. Won't cost you anything. Also print some books , hard copies if you want.
adamthorat: Another way to write it is to use your real name as the author , but put the DISCLAIMER below. Its not going to be a MEMOIR technically , but people who are smart and intelligent , will get the message & know who you are talking about. Change the names inside the book of the various characters
adamthorat: In India cases also go on forever , there must be some statue of limitations for it. You can keep on getting new court dates, so even in the remote possibility that someone decides to sue you, either you will be dead or your relatives will be dead, by the time the case works through the courts..ha ha..your
san-hugo: Few suggestions from my side, 1. Changing the memoir into a fiction is the best way specially when you are raising some controversial topics, when you distribute it to relatives/course mates, you can tell them that the main characters is same as you. After all for you they are the main audiences, they will relate it easily . 2.


Treasury92: Hi I submitted my PEO application last week and just received the file number. I have 12 years of experience. Im a mechanical engineer. Interested to stay associated with any EIT with similar profile as I assume PEO will ask for the interview. Thanks
Full House: - They are only a set of similar papers, except one which is after payment only. LINK Manitoba : LINK P.Eng,ONT : Helpful books: LINK Click on the red tick marks and you will get the papers.
Gaj14: Hello, Can anyone help me with finding material for Thermodynamic Fluid machinery for peo tech exam. Thanks in advance

BLS Visa Services

BlueLobster: Got passports back today (took a week total). Overall, pretty happy with the service. I've read some horror stories on the net, so was a bit anxious but my experience was not bad.
adamthorat: They need to add more staff. Charge 20 bucks more if you want per person , but hire more staff and pay them well, so that customers don't suffer and have to wait . Also cut the red tape and bureaucracy, while at it. My time is more important than a few bucks, and making unnecessary visits over there.
adamthorat: Always hard to trust your documents with these guys..when they say they will courier them. But if they are making it mandatory , there is no option .
BlueLobster: Thanks for the feedback, guys. Here's where it stands if you apply for a visitor visa. If you call BLS and ask them to get an appt., their response is booking appts. is not available right now (not sure what the reason is). They "highly recommend" that you use their courier pickup and dropoff services for your application.

Happy New Year - comments wanted

san-hugo: City Light is very good watch. I heard filmistan can be placed into same category. Will watch this weekend. did you watch 'special 26' thats another good one. Happy New year is worth only one dollar dvd watch and you can also do some other task along while watching it.
chandresh: Have seen Queen (liked it) and Highway (boring) but they are more commercial than offbeat. Have heard the name City Light - will look up. Thanks
RBO: nice movies. City light Highway Queen Kya Dilli Kya Lahore Ya Rab... Holiday (Commercial) cheers...
chandresh: How is this movie - being based on Ocean's 11 series, feel like watching it, but some comments are that it is a horrible movie. What do CDs think?? Anyone watches off-beat movies? The likes of: Khamosh Pani, Devaki, 15 Park Avenue, Club 60, Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi, Sorry Bhai, YMI, Turning 30, Pipali Live....

Newest Posts

US Investor Visa / EB 5 : Regional Center.

Fido: US has an investor category EB 5 under which if one invests $500,000/- in a less developed area , one can get a conditional GC for 2 years after which the conditions can be removed if the necessary employment generation has been met from this investment. Either you invest the money yourself by setting up and managing a business (generating 10 employees over 2 years) OR there are Regional Centers who act as a consortium for investors , take 30 - 40 investors of such type and execute a Project generating the employment , the advantage to them being that the temporary employment created such as workers , laborers etc is also given the benefit of employment increase which is not possible in the first case where the employment must be permanent . If they succeed , all 30-40 people get their condition removed , if they fail all 30-40 people lose their bid for GC. Plus there s also the risk of investment at stake by the Regional Center as their efficient management can generate a profit or a loss.

Back Ground check certificate

sehar: I need to get the back ground check or name check or police certificate for US immigration purposes. We used to live in Canada and now need it for US immigration purposes Does any one know whether I can get it without the person present in Canada and without finger prints. I can show the photocopies of Valid ID etc.


Full House: Hula Hula, the Hawaiian guitars and then the Fish and Poy..Now Laniakea.... Where in the heavens are we? We have been in the same place all along, but it is nice for some one to drop in and tell us the exact spot. Mmmm, the exact spot you say! Yes.. Read on.. For those of us that that get lost in the local shopping mall, stargazers have revealed the ultimate ‘You Are Here’ map ever created. LINK It takes Eight from the Sun and One from the Moon, for the light to travel to this Earth. When it gets into light years I find that I haven't got the time to get into it. But there are people who do this for a living and it gets exciting when they explain and with pictures and 3D viewers.

Yupp TV - Anybody used it?

febpreet: Hi, Just wanted to get some reviews on Yupp TV. I am thinking about getting out of Cable altogether, and have this media player (NetGear) that has an app for Yupp TV. I was looking at their packages online and for $100/year I can access the live/recorded Indian channels, which, if working well is a neat deal. I already have Netflix subscription and FTA antenna that I can watch the local/National HD channels. Unfortunately, I can't install Dish due to the housing restrictions. Now, if anybody has already used it and provide some feedback please? Any other options? Is Jaadu TV better?

Canadian Desi from Hamilton, ON wins the 2014 Medal in Mathematics

Vandematram: LINK

Top Discussions

Stormy end to Baba Ramdev's fast

ramar2005: Yesterday, Time Now reporter spoke to Baba Ramdev in his Haridwar Ashram. Baba says recovery of black money may not be as fast expected but Modi will definitely do a honest job to recover the money.
ramar2005: Yesterday, Time Now reporter spoke to Baba Ramdev in his Haridwar Ashram. Baba says recovery of black money may not be as fast expected but Modi will definitely do a honest job to recover the money.
puttoo: So any news of Baba G ..... is he planning on getting the black money to India or is he enjoying the fruits of his labour !!!
ramar2005: Finally Jaitley had to give in to the SC orders to disclose the names of people who had illegally stashed wealth abroad. Of what use is their names when already we see people like Hasan Ali and others roaming in this country. The illegal wealth
ramar2005: People called him Rakhi Sawant of Indian politics. It has been more than 3 1/2 years since he rattled Delhi with plans of his fast that a group of cabinet ministers from the UPA turned up at the airport to dissuade him. But he still went ahead, only to

Moving to Mississauga as IT PM

Gurram: Well ... TK .. I do not agree with your poverty figures. It is not 1% or 2% but you need to say 10% or 20% ( lower side) . I am happy that situation is improving in India and relatively better in South, but poverty is widespread in North East side of India starting from Orissa.
tamilkuravan: Chandresh : I think you don't know much about shelters. These shelters are a haven for drug addicts and Homo's. So it is not safe for an IT software engineer to use these places. While talking about free shelters, a fellow CD can give 2 weeks of free
chandresh: With main stress on "Free" Free ROM, Free Groceries, Free Food (soup kitchens and Gurdwara) (I wonder why shelter homes are missing here - free shelter and healthcare!). Actually Sasi can do with $500pm expense I think if he "exploits" the free things in calculated manner and intelligently!
san-hugo: lol Finally ! TK couldn't hold back for long - his famous 11 pointer ;-)

My experience moving back to India

ramar2005: You are very right. We are going through a transition period. Especially, politicians must recognise this and reinvent themselves. People now have access to cable tv and internet and any wrong doing news travels fast even to remote villages. With
adamthorat: Ache Din Aane Wale Hain
tamilkuravan: On a related note, things are getting better in India these days. The multi billion coal 'gate' scandal has been exposed and the coal allotment cancelled and now the Hon. Tamil Nadu CM, conviced by a bengaluru court after 18 YEAR long court case. Jayalalitha may be conviced anywhere inbetween 1-7 years.
tamilkuravan: Good. Looks like Chandigargh is really cheap (could guess it from the comparitively low wages offered there for IT people). I live in a similar place. Low salaries (except for me) and dead cheap cost of living. I also pay Rs 5 for parking in downtown
crish: Today I had gone to RTO for collecting my RC and parked my car in parking. The attendant charged 10/- meant for commercial vehicle and when I countered him he paid 5/- back. So, the learning which I kind of forgot was that double check what you need to pay :).

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