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India Discussions

Indian Railway - Report Card from Suresh Prabhu

metouk: I miss Indian Railway . I travelled a lot in railway in my school , college and initial job days . I learned so many things while travelling in railway . I got tons of imformation durimg my railway travel .
Garvo Gujarati: Thanks for providing some good links. Some trails and underway and soon travels would be comparable to the world's best. Let's hope so. However while doing so, we also should be ready to pay more. Nothing comes as free!
Full House: Thanks GG for a great topic and a fresh new look at the Indian Railways. They are still a lot cheaper and economical for travelers and tourists alike and the Industry will slowly start to boom as people will get to move from place to place on a regular basis.
Garvo Gujarati: Some of the important achievements are: * Commissioned record 2828 kms of broad gauge lines which is 85% higher than 2009-14 average annual commissioning. 7.7 kms lines commissioned per day against 2009-14 average of 4.3 kms * Capital expenditure in 2015-16 was about Rs.

Sisodia catches a govt employee watching movie while at work

san-hugo: Wicket kya sir, team se hee bahar nikal diya. SACKED!! Done with. Enquiry pending. Give me an example from BJP and Congress where a tainted minister was chucked out ?? Reminder to you : CC Patil
Delhite: An interesting video just to be aware of the ground reality. LINK
zindabad: Moral Grounds... The Yogendra Yadav-led Swaraj Abhiyan has raised serious allegations over the issuance of liquor licenses in Delhi. Yadav says while the government claims only six licenses were issued last year, in reality as many as 399 were issued.
zindabad: Woh hame pareshan karte rahe aur hum KAAM karte rahe .....
Delhite: Only a party with high moral grounds can take such step, others can't.

Kejriwal Sacks his Cabinet Minister on Corruption Charges

zindabad: ओलिंपिक में लड़कियों कि सफलता पर ... केजरीवाल
Fido: Obviously you have not been to Delhi and are unfamiliar with Delhites. But the bare fact that you ridicule a population of 2 million , speaks of your frustrated mindset.
dsd: Doctor: " Do you have any history of mental illness in your family?" Patient: " I have an uncle who voted for Kejriwal in Delhi..."
san-hugo: Weak arguments. FYI, feel free to explain me Cow emotions. I have lived and slept among them. I own a farm and family owns all dairy animals in India and have spent considerable time in childhood with buffaloes and cows.

PIO to OCI Conversion

Chamgadad: Its a BLOODY nightmare to switch to OCI What a piece of shit this crap has turned out to be. Nothing is clear on any website. When you actually go to bls office they give you all kind of bullshit. signature
dillpickles: When switching from a PIO card to an OCI card, in addition to filling out an online form, uploading photographs etc. what other documentation must be submitted in person? Thank you!
chandresh: I had reasonably good experience recently for conversion of PIO to OCI. The only trouble I had, and I was happily surprised since I expected more trouble, was: 1. On submission, the guy asked me that the photocopies of PIO/passport had to be self attested 2.
Chamgadad: elmer fudd Thanks for the info
elmer fudd: I recently exited from IGIA and returned to the same destination. No issues with the PIO card (there is no lifetime stamp on my card). I also applied for PIO-to-OCI conversion in India recently. Uploaded


Latest Replies

First & Last name - changes

san-hugo: Can your please elaborate on your bad experiences with BLS ? All my BLS experiences ( barring the fee they charged) were good... one case- one visit type. passports reached home without much hassles. Would like to know more from some personal experiences.
Full House: You only have the Indian Passport. That is the best travel document that you have. So, get that cahnged first. You have proper directions for changing the name change or getting it done on a NEW Passport. A new Passport looks to be the BEST route and you must maintain BOTH the Passports from here on for legal purposes, because you have a stamp on the very first Passport that you have for your landing.
febpreet: Number 2. Why don't you go and inquire with Service Canada? They will all the answers for you. Likewise, pay a visit to the Indian Consular services. But, ideally you should get a Name change cert and then get all the docs done.

Home Cleaning Services

sweetlassi: I know one of my freind who gets this Philipino lady who comes once in two weeks takes $15 an hour Could you please share the contact number. thanks
sweetlassi: Hello everyone, Can someone help with some cleaning lady ...maybe once or twice a month. Thanks A new Canadian :-)
happywoman36: I use this boy Godwin 1-289-218-6207. Few years back, he was my tenant and I used to pay him to keep the place clean. He is good guy frm Bangalore. I used to pay him $200 for a month to keep 3 bhk with 2 washroom clean. Now since my condo is rented to a family, I am not in touch with him since 2 yrs. LINK
prince77: I know one of my freind who gets this Philipino lady who comes once in two weeks takes $15 an hour

URGENT ADVICE: PNP PR Application_No Response: WP Expiring soon ?

Full House: They will send a request for a MEDICAL for the Family. They will give a list of available Doctors or a Doctor in a town close by. The ball starts rolling from then. Please keep in touch. It could be within Six months after the Medical, unless there are other delays and hold ups. (Hope none at your end) FH.
senthilck: Hey guys, The CIC has just taken the money from my credit card for my family However, I did not receive any acknowledgement letter or file number ? Does anybody know how long it takes from here ? -Senthil C K
Full House: BRIDGING VISA..: LINK LINK BRIDGING VISA..: To qualify, you must have applied under the: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled

Long distance call

JRF: Raza is OK too.
lemon925: Hi, You can try lycatalk, ~ 1c/min, quality/clarity wise found it much better than any other service provider.
sudesingh: The G3 rate of 1c is only a promo rate for new customers and for 1st time reecharge only. The normal rate is 1.9c G3 does have a promo on their monthly plans from time to time. Last year they offered me buy 6 months get 6 months. So for $2.50 / month I got 500 mins / month for a year.
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: G3 Telecom LINK Just go with their Pay as you Go plan. No monthly fees, no connection fees, no administrative fees, no maintenance fees, no contracts. 1 cent per minute to India, both landlines and mobiles. Whats App calling is also good, if you have mobiles on both sides and good mobile data plans or Wi Fi connections on both sides.

Sweet Deal for Canadians from Disneyword

RBO: Hi Goldeneye, Cruise is not with Disney cruise but with Carnival cruise. I booked through PVP (Personal Vacation Planner) from Carnival cruise. My first cruise was with Carnival and loved it..so this time again booked with Carnival cruise. There is so many cruise companies in the market but
goldeneye: RBO you mentioned you booked disney cruise next year. can you tell me where you booked , online or agent. for a family of 4 ( husband, wife, 2 kids ) how much we can expect to pay approx. thanks
goldeneye: You can definitely skip Animal Kingdom if you have boys definitely go to Universal Studios to see the Harry potter world plus as a bonus other super hero rides like Spider man, transformers etc.
AshwaniG: Except Animal Kigdom don't miss any park. Universal studio is definitely worth visiting while you are in Orlando.
RBO: Thank you AG for a great sharing. We already booked our next cruise in August 2017 from Orlando. We are planning to stay one more week in Orlando to cover Disneyland. It is first time for us to visit at Disney land. We are a family of Three (kid -15 yrs old). Could anyone suggest what parks should not be missed?

Newest Posts

Sub se Bada Rupiyya....Sab se bada

Kanya: Top 10 Pakistan Exports to India Pakistan's exports to India amounted to 1. Fruits, nuts: $74 million 2. Salt, sulphur, stone, cement: $45.1 million 3. Cotton: $42.4 million 4. Copper: $34.5 million 5. Organic chemicals: $30.4 million 6. Sugar: $27.1 million 7. Oil: $21.4 million 8. Oil seed: $21.4 million 9. Raw hides excluding furskins: $20.6 million 10. Inorganic chemicals: $13.2 million Top 10 India's exports to Pakistan amounted to 1. Cotton: $341 million 2. Organic chemicals: $187.2 million 3. Vegetables: $125.9 million 4. Plastics: $120.9 million 5. Tanning, dyeing extracts: $92.1 million 6. Oil seed: $78.8 million 7. Food waste, animal fodder: $68.7 million 8. Manmade staple fibers: $61.6 million 9. Other chemical goods: $57.8 million 10. Machinery: $57.7 million

Will Hillary reach White House?

ramar2005: Had this to say in Dec 2007, when it was virtually a race only between Obama and Hillary Clinton and when the latter had a comfortable lead in the campaign. "Considering the history of US presidency, where no woman has become President and considering outwardly liberal but otherwise steeped in double standards, it is possible that the American society may not allow her to become President. It will be a pleasant surprise if she wins". Posted on 25 Dec 2007. This time around too, though the media may paint a different picture, Trump may be the winner.

Cricket Players in Toronto

aditya2007: Hi Guy's, We are looking for couple of good cricket players for next season to play in Mississauga(hard ball league) If anyone is interested please call/text me at 9057824155. Thanks A

Fame on social media

rajcanada: People have started doing really risky things to get their 15 minutes of fame on social media including putting their lives and lives on others in danger, all for just to make a video to put it on the Youtube. Recently a guy walked up with his camera on the Hamilton Skyway bridge and he has now been charged. LINK Sometime back another person jumped on the TTC subway tracks to make a video about dangers of playing Pokemon game LINK

junk removal services

sherrycanon: Hi everyone, I am new here. We just did a small renovation in our kitchen last month and now we have a lot of junk stored up in the attic. A neighbor suggested calling in xxxxxx, a junk removal company to haul away the waste. I was wondering whether any one of you have used their services before or is there any other option that I need to look forward to? Thanks

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