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Aadhar Card

smiley1: What about linking phone sim card to adhaar.
smiley1: What about linking phone sim card to adhaar.
Smiley: As a foreigner and somebody who did not stay in India for the past 6 months , I think we are not eligible to apply for a Aadhar card anyway
MITRON: Nope its not Mandatory if you are a foreign citizen or foreign PR holder. If your account is NRO or NRE there is no need to link Aadhaar card to the bank account. If its an ordinary resident account, the bank might be on your Ass to link it.
new_migrant: Can anyone please confirm the last date for linking Aadhar Card with bank accounts in India. I understand the date has been extended to 31st March 2018 from 31st December 2017. Is Aadhar card mandatory for NRIs.

Indian Bank : FACTA declaration

gollu: Just received a FATCA notification from ICICI Bank where I have a NRE/NRO acc. Is this now mandatory, even for Canadian citizens with OCI? This looks like its more targeted towards the US citizens with
soberflier: Hey Fido, Did you work or have a mailing address in the US ever and share that with that bank? Cheers
Many: Thank you Pendse Saheb.
pendse: NRO/NRE account guys, irrespective of which country they reside in. They should only be sending it to US citizens, US Green card holders & not NRI's in other foreign countries. So ignore the letter. When
Many: If I don't comply with the FATCA requirement (sent by my Indian bank); Can the Income-Tax guys stop my Refunds? Thus far I get refund for the TDS on my NRO deposits after I file Indian I-T returns.

Shut down OR Melt down.

Delhite: My client is a leader in consumer products in North America. The IT support work is outsourced to an IT giant in India, with a budget of over 500 million USD. The data center, which is currently located in Bangalore, needs to be upgraded as an initiative for next 5 years planning.
Delhite: Indian IT industry is going to get a big blow in the next 5 years. The new trend it automation for IT processes similar to what happened to manufacturing in Eighties. Existing 30% jobs will go away due to automation when all support repeated jobs will be automated.
pendse: I don't feel sorry for software drones at all. They made hay while the sun shined and made enough money, so don't feel sorry for them. Lot of them are Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Electrical

Repatriating money from India

MITRON: No you don't. With online banking you can do it. They have a button for repatriation. Also any documents can be faxed or emailed to them (bank) directly either by you or your CA to the bank. Or even couriered.
gsrnew: Thank you @rajcanada and @mitron. My other query is that do i need to be in India to start the process of funds transfer. I am in Canada right now with no plans to visit India. However, i need the funds before the end of this year.
MITRON: Repatriating from NRE account is far easier. No CA required or Income Tax clearance required. With a click of button you can transfer the money. From NRO , generally you will require a CA. Plus you have to show the bank & IT dept.
rajcanada: Contact a CA registered with Income Tax Department in India. They will explain the process to you.


Latest Replies

Help!!Suggestions for buying a home in Barm-West(missisuag Border) area

san-hugo: MITRON and househunter Do not come to Brampton anymore. We do not want low IQ desi bugger like ya no more who hate their own. lol . .Stay Away, ya'. No use no own brain, you go by wat other people say, thats the culture I heard.
househunter123: I just figured out the house no. 2 is re-listed at 665,000 on this webiste. This price looks really good considering the age of the house and other factors.. LINK They have open house this Saturday and Sunday.
MITRON: , not just the listing price of all the similar houses ( semi-detached ) in the past 1 year in that area. It will give you an idea of, what offer to put in and whether you are over paying or under paying for the house. The RE agents have an access to that data from the MLS - Realtor website. General public is not privy to that information.

Job Opportunities and consultancies

poorme: If any FOOL takes a decision based on a single poster who is lonely as hell and went back due to failures than this fool gets what he deserves Lets see what most successful Global Indian who hauled crores of Rs from here has to contribute.
goldeneye: Hi All Right now there is a good demand in IT for the following skills especially in the GTA market, Front end developers, Angular JS, JSON, Automation - build/ deve automation Devops Test Automation Selenium tool for test automation Mobile Data warehouse, big data, basically somethng with a speciality.
MITRON: Racism & discrimination in Canada is very subtle & under the radar . You won't even know what happened was racism & discrimination until later on. This is right from being rejected at a job interview, to going looking for a rental apartment, to going shopping for a big ticket item like car, to going to a bank for a mortgage :)

Visitng India after half a decade -Things to know ..?

MITRON: India has changed for the better. Canada for the worse. The traffic, pollution, population is still there in major cities - but corruption is definitely down. Also things are more modern than before like Metros ( Subway trains ) , High Speed Internet, Smart Phones, Shopping Malls, Airports are more swanky, Customs don't harass you much, pre paid taxis, OLA, UBER have made transport easier & more safe now.
rajcanada: There is an oral vaccine called Dukoral available in travel clinics to prevent traveler's diarrhea if you are particularly concerned about stomach upset while traveling.
samna1978: I was there in Chennai for my summer vacation and would like to pint out few things: 1. OCI hOlders no issues at all just a breeze to get out of the airport. 2. Phone do not get your own sim at all, its a big hassle and you don't want to divulge your passport details to some shop keepers. Ask your relatives or frnds to get a SIM card in their name and use in your unlocked phone or just get a cheap phone and use it.

OCI application in BLS Brampton / Toronto

MITRON: Anything you have to GIVE them or submit is always in the morning. Anything you have to pick up FROM them is always in the afternoon. So I would advise you to go in the Morning 8-2 . If it just came in today ( Thursday ) , I wouldn't go immediately next day on Friday. I would go next week .
hp2388: Hi can anyone please advise what time we should go to BLS- Toronto to give our passports for the U-sticker . As per OCI status: My application/OCI is received at Toronto on Nov 09,2017 ( today) and i want to get the passports to them tomorrow hopefully but not sure what time should i go in 8-2 or the 3-5 ?

Super visa - Processing time

hchheda: Assuming you applied in India, the standard wait times for processing in Chandigarh is 30 business days currently in addition to courier time. Other processing centers have different wait times. Hope that helps. Hiren
sol4u: Team -can someone please let me know the feedback on my last post!
sol4u: Hello, I need to know how long the CIC will takes a Super visa to issue after receiving the applicaiton? Is the CIC counts Calendar days or Working days? It's more than 10 weeks haven't receive any update yet. Thanks.

Newest Posts

Express Entry.. EDIT 1

Full House: Are you the lucky one !! Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has invited 2,000 candidates in the Express Entry pool to apply for Canadian permanent residence in a draw that took place the morning of Wednesday, November 8. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of the lowest-ranked candidate issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) was 458. This latest draw, the 77th to take place since Express Entry was first introduced in January, 2015 and the 27th so far this year, is the first draw to operate under a new procedure whereby in the event that multiple candidates have tied CRS scores, profiles are ranked according to the date and time of submission of the profiles, with profiles that have been in the pool longer being prioritized for invitation over newer profiles. This tie-break policy was first unveiled by IRCC as a possible future strategy last June.

Toronto Man Becomes ISIS Suicide Bomber

RaOne: ... Toronto man who disappeared 3 years ago surfaces on Interpol list of feared ISIS suicide bombers LINK Dear Canada, you are the next Europe :down:

Harvard is teaching Ramayan and Mahabharat but in India it's communal

RaOne: .... LINK

Patio Stone

smiley1: Looking for any reasonable place to buy patio stone for my backyard around GTA area.

Joke: Everything you wanted to know about Babri masjid issue in 2 lines

RaOne: ... : Tarek Fatah LINK

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