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Opening bank account in a branch in India

zindabad: check on bank's website . Account opening form is available there . Contact customercare number , i think you may be able to fillup the form from here . They just need your residency proof , identity , PAN card ..
Full House: You SHOULD and MUST BE able to open an ACCOUNT with PUNJAB and SIND Bank itself. Ask your Parents to visit the branch that they have account with and get the Account Opening papers for an NRE account with them and The SECOND Set of forms to open an NRO account also.
captainbeam: Thanks FH. Punjab & Sind Bank is a large bank with many branches in north India. it is not the same as Punjab National Bank. anyway...it sounds like I should open NRO account in India. do you know if NRO account can be opened at a specific branch or is that an account located centrally?

Child travel with OCI on old Canadian passport

cdn_dude: We do it ALL the time - never had an issue. Do not bother about getting a new OCI booklet just to have a new passport number. Try minimizing your number of interactions with the Indian Consulate.
Full House: I found a good link for you to browse and ask them for details. FH. LINK - xxxx EDIT.: Bureau of Immigration ( India ) Guidelines regarding OCI Card holders. 1. ...
konax: Hi, Can someone with actual experience or confirmed knowledge please let me know if my 8-year old daughter would be able to travel with her existing OCI booklet that has her old Canadian passport number?

Open Letter from Mayank Gandhi to AAP Volunteers

Full House: India risks US sanctions following $5 billion Russia defence deal. : Russia, India set to sign $5 billion arms deal New Delhi (CNN)India could soon be faced with the threat of US sanctions following
Full House: ARM TWISTING OR IS IT GOING TO BE A THREAT? Mattis and Pompeo to Seek India Accord Amid Threat of Sanctions Tony Capaccio September 03 2018, 7:00 AM September 04 2018, 6:28 AM (Bloomberg) - U.S.
rajcanada: IAS officers in Delhi report to LG who is central government's representative which is unlike any state where IAS officers report to state government. If orders come from "above" to stall the work, what will the IAS officers do?
zindabad: Again Kejriwal is on Dharna ... SOONER KEJRIWAL GOES THE BETTER. All is now in the hands of Delhites. A person with nuisance value is highly accepted in Trade Union and Politics but when it comes to governance, such persons are required to be shown the door.

Foreign Indicia - CRS & FATCA declaration . Should I say Yes or No ?

goldeneye: I have been asked the same as well. if we do not respond they will mark our accounts un documented it seems
MITRON: I guess NO should be the answer. Am I right ?
MITRON: So I have been asked for the CRS declaration by Indian bank for NRO/NRE accounts. There is a question regarding "Foreign Indicia" - Yes or No ?? The question preceding that is, Are you


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Landlording Precautions / Tips

mrpandya: Hi Blue_Peafowl I also need lease form . please send me on pandya71461@yahoo.co.in Thanks
Shookt15: LINK
Blue_Peafowl: Renting basement is technically illegal ... so no matter what paper you signed you will still be in hook. Best simply go with new students... keep them for thier one or two term... they will move out get new students... keeping student is most safe and easier process... yes but keep eye on them, they tend to get durty ...
pendse: Credit report from Equifax/TU can easily be faked by them. So you get the Credit Report, not them, with their SIN. 2 People can have the same name. So SIN is the best way to identify them. Electronic transfer of money is fine. Its better if you PULL the money from them, than they PUSH money from their side.
Fido: Guys, I am getting interest from potential renters .. Being the first time, unsure about something - Should I require the SIN mandatory or make do with supplied credit report from Equifax / Trans Union. Also 1st & last being good, should I insist on post dated cheques for the remaining months as some people express that they wish to do cash / email transfers.

A question regarding OCI part B form

mrpandya: Thanks FULL HOUSE
Full House: Generally the date of acquisition of the Canadian Citizenship is the day on which you make the swearing in and OBTAIN the Certificate, Which is the Oath Taking Ceremony. That date always remains as the acquisition of Citizenship. So, please use that date. Even when you apply for a Passport they will ask you for ORIGINAL of this certificate to verify your Oath Taking Ceremony.
mrpandya: Hi In OCI part B form , Question no.19 Date and method of acquisition of present nationality, In this ,which date i should used ? The date in Canadian certificate or issue date in canadian passport?? Thanks Mac

Which trades person - Electrician / Landscape / Handyman ?

Shookt15: LINK
Fido: Thanks a lot FH Sir.
Full House: a. It will cost you twice as much if you have to remove the OLD AL wiring. So, they just trim the ends and cap it, there by isolate it all together. It seems there was a Copper based system initially, then there was an add on, which I believe is AL wiring. The OLD COPPER is still good as GOLD, and now to the renovations, if you want to cut corners you can just ISOLATE and Lay new Copper wires, one circuit at a time and bring it up to Specs.
Delhite: For D and E, call your city to know if there is any specific building code your city have or not. In Brampton, if the height of the deck is over 18 inch or so, there is a building code and the deck should be made as per the code. LINK I think for the wood stairs you need to follow the building code.

credit counseling society in bc

Full House: YOU Can make a PROPOSAL and let it ride first. If the Banks and the Creditors ACCEPT Your Proposal, then you can settle the payment issue, for pennies on the dollar. NO STIGMA Attached to you proposal Bankruptcy is a Last Straw and I suggest you consult a FREE CREDIT COUNCILLOR after filling out the right application.
tamilkuravan: One of my friends tried the Bankruptcy route in 2009 during financial melt dowon. He has $ 49,000 debt, all loss of shares. It is just a one day process and once you say that you have declared bankruptcy, all collection calls will stop. Try to save 2 months savings before you declare bankruptcy.
MITRON: Very good advice given to OP. White people use bankruptcy all the time to live a good life and to get rid of debts. Immigrants should do the same. Credit counselling and debt consolidation companies are a joke. They make more money of you, they are not there to help you.

On OCI - Can i sell my property in India

Full House: Here is some additional help..: It must have taken you Good Three years to fill in your stay here to get the Canadian Citizenship. Then a year for the processing. So, you must have a minimum of FOUR Good years under your belt here in Canada. BASED UPON THAT. You landed here in 2014 some time or earlier.
tamilkuravan: Yes. There will be no problem in selling. There is a recent memo from the Govt. detailing how an OCI or a Foreign citizen can sell property. Aadhaar, which is essential for Indian citizens to register property is excluded for foreign citizens. Kindly Google for the memo. Murali from Chennai
MITRON: Yes you can sell your property after OCI and Canadian citizenship. Some taxation issues and repatriation of money to Canada might be different depending upon whether you are a Canadian citizen ( with OCI) or Indian citizen. Consult a CA about that. But selling property itself won't be an issue. Also you need a NRO or NRE acc in India after you get Canadian citizenship.

Newest Posts

CPA coaching

nari: Does anyone has any experience with prepformula or PASS that helps with the CPA capstone 1 and 2 + CFE exams? Thanks!

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch - December 2018

sanjeevm: Hello dear Canadian Desis, Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) released the Annual Statistics for 2018 for the residential transactions done through TREB MLS system. Highlights: - There is a decline of 16.1% in sales in 2018 as compared to 2017. - New Listings have also declined in 2018 as compared to 2017 by 12.7% - Overall average selling price was down by 4.3% in 2018 compared to 2017. - However, in December 2018, the average price increased by 2.1% in comparison with December 2017 price. - Prices for Detached properties came down whereas it went up for Semi-Detached, Townhouses and Condominium apartments. May be it's Good time to upgrade from Condo / Townhouse / Semi-Detached to a Detached property. If somebody wants report pertaining to any specific area of GTA, please get in touch with me and I can share the report. ___________________________________________ TREB RELEASES RESALE MARKET FIGURES AS REPORTED BY GTA REALTORS TORONTO, ONTARIO Toronto Real Estate Board President Garry Bhaura announced that Greater Toronto Area REALTORS reported a total of 77,426 residential transactions through TREBs MLS System in 2018.

'Mama' - not so terrifying

Ranea: Horrors are my favourite movie genre, I like this special atmosphere and sometimes quite funny moments.But this film a little disappointing me, it is absolutely not scary and very boring, I began to fall asleep at the very beginning of the film.Good thing I didn't go to the cinema when he was shown.

PEO Technical Exams

juniorengineer: Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if someone can help or guide me in the right direction. I have a Civil Engineering degree from an accredited university in another country but unfortunately the PEO are still insisting on me doing exams. I need to sit the exams this May so I was wondering does anyone know where I can get solutions to the exam papers because as far as I know the PEO will not provide detailed solutions. I have a rough idea of which exams I plan to take but also my decision will be effected on what solutions are actually available as I have never sat exams in Canada so I also need the solutions to give an idea of what type of standard they expect and what way the exams are marked etc. Thanks

Canadian REITs. Is it a good investment?

gollu: Hi Is this a good time to put some money into Canadian REITs for long term appreciation and also for some monthly income? Is it a good investment? What are the disadvantages/pitfalls that I should look out for before putting money into this kind of investment? Any feedback would be appreciated. Regds

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