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Open Letter from Mayank Gandhi to AAP Volunteers

rajcanada: IAS officers in Delhi report to LG who is central government's representative which is unlike any state where IAS officers report to state government. If orders come from "above" to stall the work, what will the IAS officers do?
zindabad: Again Kejriwal is on Dharna ... SOONER KEJRIWAL GOES THE BETTER. All is now in the hands of Delhites. A person with nuisance value is highly accepted in Trade Union and Politics but when it comes to governance, such persons are required to be shown the door.
Garvo Gujarati: Dear AAP volunteers, Hi, our quest for alternate politics is over. Like in 1977, the leaders have once again betrayed the aspirations because of unbridled political ambition. Time to go back to whatever we were doing, feeling sad and violated.

Foreign Indicia - CRS & FATCA declaration . Should I say Yes or No ?

goldeneye: I have been asked the same as well. if we do not respond they will mark our accounts un documented it seems
MITRON: I guess NO should be the answer. Am I right ?
MITRON: So I have been asked for the CRS declaration by Indian bank for NRO/NRE accounts. There is a question regarding "Foreign Indicia" - Yes or No ?? The question preceding that is, Are you

Sell Property with Aadhar Card being required

Smiley: Great link .. Thanks
Many: 20% plus some small cess.
Smiley: Do you know what the TDS rate is for an NRI ?
Many: It helps to have a real-estate agent to execute a sell-buy transaction. He takes care of all required formalities for a consideration of course(commission). Yes there is TDS for an NRI (Mumbai experience)
Smiley: Thanks for your Info I need to sell and not buy ...
Full House: Here is what I heard today. So, please verify the same as soon as you can. Reason is.: That the Real estate Transaction is an illquid asset with low yields and high cost of sales transaction. It is not so easy to find a buyer.

RRSP after returning to India

Full House: It is always a privilege to be of service to you. Hope it helps you a little bit. Now taking into account that the interest that you pay there for Principal borrowed, you will do better by just taking
goingbacksoon: I am a Canadian with OCI status. I will be leaving for good in a few years. I will be returning in my 40s so I assume the age related deductions you referred to won't apply. I expect I will need to withdraw my RRSP amount (could be close to 75K) within an year of arrival to buy a property.
Full House: I know that you are an NRI. Are you a Canadian Citizen with an OCI Card? Are you leaving Canada for Good or just moving out for Six/Seven months of the year like the SNOWBIRDS do. Knowing that you are
goingbacksoon: Thanks for your advice. I also looked at the avenue of finding an accountant, who deals with such things but an hour of google search didn't lead me anywhere. I think it confirms your statement that it


Latest Replies

OACETT or PEO(CET or P Eng)?

Peter Jackson: Hi, I already gave PPE exam for CET. PPE exam is necessary for P.Engg. and CET. So just want to know is the exam is same or different. Thanks
Toronto2018: I am preparing for the OACETT PPE exam. Do you have any suggestions/tips for the exam? anybody has past exam papers or questions by chance? Any help will be highly appreciated. thanks
boserabindranath: Congratulation missoncadelin. Yes, follow requirments. Hope you will get P.Eng soon. This is easy in Canada. To write for P.Eng in India you need 7 years experience compared to Canada. To get chartered engineer in UK, you need UK Master degree (not bachelor degree) and no writing now-a-days to get C.Eng.
missoncadelin: I also have an engineering degree from India and passed successfully all 3 technical and 1 non-technical exams (last year and this summer). Also recently gave PPE exam and now waiting for results. So guys, accept challenge(s) and move on. cheers!!

Disney Parks + Cruise to Bahamas

Delhite: If you have 2 weeks time, you can plan both together - it will save your flight expenses if you are not driving. Go to Disney first and Cruise in the second week. In Cruise, you can skip the external excursions or keep them relaxing. Basically, on the Cruise, you only eat, relax, sleep and occasionally participate in any activity.
goldeneye: hi I agree with Ashwani's reply Go to Disney . and separate the cruise for another time "Which parks are good for kids age 10 and 15? Order of preference will be appreciated" 1. EPCOT 2. HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS 3. MAGIC KINGDOM ( this is a must regardless if you have boys or girls) people with girls spend almost 2 days on this park alone if you have time go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.
AshwaniG: I would strongly suggest you to revisit your plans to combine Disney parks with cruise. Disney parks are extremely tiring and you need to take a day break after doing two max of two parks in a row. Only Jungle theme can be skipped but some parks may require upto two visits in order to cover main rides.


elmer fudd: Do not trust Canadian judges in enforcing contracts. They routinely nullify them. Prenups are not worth the toilet papers they are printed on.
Full House: Your idea is one more that I now will have to add to all of the other ones. You must have a good knowledge about the separation cases to go with it. As you call it `The Truth`It will be nice asking you about the other cases and the dollars and cents that go with the settlements to get a complete handle
Blue_Peafowl: Divorce - Painful , Only when you have kids... or else its just the process, We man mostly lose to women because of our Ego. We are foolish . TOUGH FOR LOGICAL SOLUTION: If you don't have kids then simple thing to do is... stop working, go on social assistance. work under table ( Only Cash)
GlobalIndian: Just out of curiosity: Did you try to amicably negotiate about asset sharing and support arrangements? There seem to be plenty of cases in which the parties argued and settled what is acceptable to both and then went to divorce court on pro bono type of arrangement and minimized the further asset loss to lawyers.

Giving Power of attorney to someone in Chennai from Vancouver

samna1978: I had the same situation few years back and gave POA to my mom for the sale of a property. The POA was prepared by the lawyer in India and i just signed and notarized it from a lawyer here. All went well and no issues at all.
Full House: Most of the Lawyers are good. They all know what it is that needs to get done. But all of the required details are there at the Indian End. The requirements at Chennai are specific to that location and area also. So, I would advice you to follow a procedure that will fully comply with their EXACT requirements and there will not be any short comings when you follow it to a "T".
acestar: Thanks for above detailed information you provided me. So basically i need to get a POA letter prepared from India by a attorney and sent over here for me to fill up and execute it through Indian high commission. I thought maybe i do something from here. So this POA, is it always fixed to one purpose like in my case, I am currently looking for selling a apartment.


cdn_dude: - Though it is recommended that you should answer all questions truthfully, you are under no obligation to volunteer any information that is not specifically asked. Your previous visa rejections will most likely be obvious from the stamps in your passport.
Full House: Please don`t mention anything about other applications, if it really not necessary. You are O.K. I have not seen the APPLICATION Form that you have. Needless to say, Your application to USA for f1 Visa is very private and the PRIVACY Laws will protect you, if you do not disclose this to Canada. The Canadian Government cannot access your Immigration DATA from another country.
Help: Hello, I have 4 times USA f1 rejection, now I am applying for Canada for higher studies. should I need to mention how many times I have previous rejections, no of times, or else what will happen if I don't mention all rejections like I want to mention only 2 times is that fine. Will Canadian Embassy check US database (or) Will Canadain Embassy have US database.

Newest Posts

Need help with break even analysis

victor6799: How does HST Payable play into BEA ? IS it considered a variable costs or does not play any role in the analysis ? I'm trying to conduct the calculations for a software development firm (mine) and need someone to help categorize the following expenses as fixed costs or variable costs. Wages Salaried Marketing Expense Rent Insurance Taxes Payable Utilities Loan Repayment Sales (HST) Tax Payable

ExpressEntryNEW. EDIT 9

Full House: Are you the lucky one !! Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has invited 2,000 candidates in the Express Entry pool to apply for Canadian permanent residence in a draw that took place the morning of Wednesday, November 8. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of the lowest-ranked candidate issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) was 458. This latest draw, the 77th to take place since Express Entry was first introduced in January, 2015 and the 27th so far this year, is the first draw to operate under a new procedure whereby in the event that multiple candidates have tied CRS scores, profiles are ranked according to the date and time of submission of the profiles, with profiles that have been in the pool longer being prioritized for invitation over newer profiles. This tie-break policy was first unveiled by IRCC as a possible future strategy last June.

Tougher penalties for Impaired Drivers,,,,

Full House: SO, do not Drink and drive. If you are a PR, please respect the laws of the country. LINK

SUMMIT JUNE 12. & What we can expect at their first meeting, an Opinion. & STOP

Full House: Moon-Kim meeting revives hopes for June 12 summit South Korean President Moon Jae-in's meeting with leaders of North and South Korea give the proposed U.S.-North Korea summit new life. Stephan Haggard joins CNNi to discuss. Source: CNN LINK FH. What North KOREA is all about. LINK - FRIDAY the 13th April. If you don't, one of these days you will get caught. Then your goose is cooked. Don't forget, you are leaving a DIGITAL Foot print and it is traceable. One of the biggest relationship deal-breakers is cheating. Whether it was a one time fling or a long-term love affair, significant others

Diamonds. Edit - 2

Full House: I wish to compare all of the newcomers into Canada to a diamond in the rough. The reason being, they all have stood up and helped others in their own way and currently shine bright like a diamond. Now we enter into... The age of Prosperity. Why the Albatross .. Nothing symbolizes this pioneering spirit like that of the albatross. These birds travel very long distances around the world, undauntedly, all while maintaining a special connection to their place of birth. Their life is a journey worthy of noting and comparison. Being constantly on the move, albatrosses use their formidable wingspan to cross oceans and fly for hours without rest. When they do land, they do behave like sociable creatures that enjoy the company of others. Like all of the desi's here, Albatrosses also have to face the challenges of an itinerant lifestyle.

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