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Canadian Desi

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Advertising Rates

Banner Ads
Page(s) Banner Size Rate Per Month
Home Leatherboard (728x90) $950
Home Medium Rectangle (300x250) $800
Discussion Forum Leatherboard (728x90) $950
Discussion Forum Medium Rectangle (300x250) $600
Discussion Forum Skyscrapper (120x600) $800
Classifieds Leatherboard (728x90) $400
Classifieds Skyscrapper (120x600) $200
All other pages Leatherboard (728x90) $800
All other pages Skyscrapper (120x600) $800
Single Page (excluding Home, Discussion Forum and Classifieds) Leatherboard (728x90) $50
Single Page (excluding Home, Discussion Forum and Classifieds) Skyscrapper (120x600) $50
Monthly Newspaper Sponsorship
    Flat rate of $800 per Newsletter
Dedicated E-Blast
    Flat rate of $1,000 per E-Blast
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