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  • TRAVALLING TIPS (DOíS N DONíTS) to montreal by KLM

    By rao vs


    Always keep your pass port, immigration paper n CSQ(certificate de selection Quťbec ) with you only.

    **Immigration paper (1+2 carbon copies) should not get pressed why bcs carbon copies will get spoil.

    Hand luggage can keep up to 10 kgs but if required keep ready to remove something.

    You can keep your small bag also with you. Keep ornaments etc.,
    You keep some buiscets n chips in you hand luggage, also some medicines for light fever cold, cough, head ach, motions, weightings, etc. keep ready for asthma medicine n better one inhaler. If applicable, Just for precautionary only.

    Hyderabad air port

    Just before entering air port, keep pass port n air ticket in your hand.

    Roll the luggage into scanning m/c. give them to scan it. Its very first left side. It takes five minutes.
    After scanning they will tag it n tie the luggage. Tag should not get tear. This is the tag to identify your luggage till you reach Montreal. Ask to tag your small hand bag also.
    Then move to weighing n checking counter of KLM along with your luggage.
    Give your pass port n air ticket to them. they may ask your immigration paper also just show them. If further require show my document also.
    So they weigh the luggage, if itís ok they remain the luggage with them for shipment n they gives you the boarding passes (two for two flights) up to Montrťal. These are most important till your reach Montreal.
    They also give you one paper to fill. Just fill the information as per pass port.
    Then move to inside with your hand luggage there r immigration people sitting side by side. Go to any one of them n show all documents pass port, boarding pass, immigration papers, csq.
    They verify every thing in the system n they stamp on the pass port (it takes 10 to 15 minutes. Usually they donít ask any thing.)
    now you are free, you can just go to toilets if require its near to there. Get fresh up n come back to say bye to every body.
    now again you cross the immigration people barricades. You reach the security people.
    They ask you to put your hand luggage n every thing with you like ornaments, in the scanning machine.
    They check the tags for your small hand bag also here. thatís why you need to tag it with KLM people at the entrance I mentioned above.
    You check all of your documents n belongings like ornaments properly here. There is Chance of skipping.
    Now you will reach big waiting chamber to sit. At least for 1 hour. There you meet air India passengers also. Sit n relax for some time. Now re adjust your luggage if require n keep the immigration papers n csq in a file n keep it in hand luggage. Keep pass ports n boarding passes with your hand.
    There is one telephone booth you just call back to say you r safe n purchase one water bottle here. (They donít allow outside water).
    On your boarding pass your seat noís r mentioned, so have a look n follow the instructions given through mice announcements. Usually they allow people one after one as per seat noís.
    You just follow the line, in between some people verify your pass port n boarding pass, Just show them.
    In the flight
    Now your dream comes to sea the flight. The crew members welcomes you n show you the seat noís, or you can identify ur seat nos easily. Put your luggage in the cabin (above your head like in the bus) properly. Keep small hand bag with your hand only, which should have pass port, cash, ornaments, boarding pass.
    Crew members gives you head set for music as well as sound proof. Watch other people n set it properly. And also adjust your seat also like in bus.
    If require just check out toilets doors will confuse you. Usually push n pull type. No water take care, wet papers available, use it properly.
    Now enjoy the thrilling of flight journey. When it take off bit care full.
    For food, you take south Asian veg. meal n cool drinks you like n of-coarse chocolates. They r very friendly. If you want, enjoy wine also!!
    In the morning you come across alps mountains in Europe, watch them, you feel great excitement.
    While flight lands onto the air port your ears pain like any thing bcs of pressure variation.
    So keep massage to your hands to increase blood pressure it gives some relief
    Amstar dam air port
    So now you reached Amstar dam air port. After the announcement take out your luggage carefully it may fall on head. check all your belongings care fully.
    Follow the line, you reach central part of air port. You just check the bay no like A24 or E12 or etc. with your boarding pass.
    Here A,B,C,D,E are directions followed by bay no`s if you watch care fully you can under stand easily. There r conveyers on the floor just catch them, they will bring you to your bay no. have a look at computer it will say your flight no, destination point, time n bay no. cross check for any changes in the bay no`s.
    So here you feel bit bore, you need spend 6 hrs., for this you need have some food items. Like buiscets, chips n water also. The water bottle you purchased at Hyderabad comes to use at this point. Ok. You ask air hostess to give some ``pappulu`` packets, chocolates, if any cool drink tins in the flight.
    Here you canít purchase any thing , so costly.
    While going toilets take care of your luggage.
    Here you meet some Indian people make friends with them .
    So it will ease to get time pass.
    If you have energy just have a look at air port.
    So get ready before two hrs at your bay no. they will announce to come in queue. Here again keep ready your pass ports, boarding pass, immigration papers also. They will verify n give the seat no`s if any change in it. Just move forward, security check like in Hyderabad. It will finish within 15 min. now u just relax for some time (Here in the every thing open you don`t see any chambers r closed halls), they invite you into the flight..

    In the flight
    Important thing to mention is crew people gives one form to fill. You just fill the information as per pass port , address given below. Put your signature. Thatís it. You donít worry about unknown information. Just leave it blank. So if require they will fill at Montrťal air port. This is to show at Montrťal air port only.

    Rest all things like you experienced in the previous flight. Take care about food only.

    Montreal air port

    You just follow the line it takes you to big queue. If it is rush it may take 30 minutes in the queue.
    After reaching counter show the (boarding pass,) pass port, immigration papers, they just verify n show you the direction to immigration people. Itís visible but in a chamber. So you go there n wait for few minutes. They invite you to their desk. They wish you n welcome you very politely n friendly. They check the documents. . They fill up the immigration paper (1+2 carbans wala). They ask for the address n`s. and money you are carrying. It will take 15 minutes. She gives back you last copy of immigration paper n all your documents. Just check the immigration paper for visibility (bcs of carbon paper) n any mistakes. Then they will direct you to one councillor, who wishes you n gives you information book lets n appointment to meet some immigration people in their offices. And he gives you your PR NO. (permanent resident). And show you the direction to go out. Check all of your documents properly just not to forget. Keep pass port, immigration paper, csq n the paper filled in the flight, in your hand.
    Just got down from the upstairs, You will see big luggage conveyers rollig around, ask any one official roaming around for KLM conveyer. Since there are 5 to 6 conveyers rolling. Identify your luggage KLM people might be waiting for you. Just check whether you received all of your four bags or not. If you miss it complain them immediately. (It happened to SOME PEOPLE). They will trace it n call us later. Donít worry about it.
    You just call the who person came to receive you from the public phone boxes, available there. Here you need 25 cent coins (1+1) for each call. there is no time limit for this call.
    Now you take two trolleys n keep the luggage properly on it. Here you have to take pain to roll this trolleys abt 50 mts.
    You reach two security people, they just check pass port n direct you towards custom clearance. Here you don`t feel tension, they looks serious but friendly. They ask for the luggage, gold, money, you just show them money n gold. Regarding luggage, just say majority clothes, utensils, snacks, and some gift packs of dry fruit items. They fill out one form n and ask you to put your signature. They count the money. If they ask, you show my documents also. It will take you 15 to 20 minutes.
    If you finish just come out, you can see different colors after gr8 anxiety n excitement..


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